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  1. Got to agree, this ball seems to have changed my game. Hope they don't ruin it!
  2. Will check it out, thanks. Bri
  3. Yeah, that's how I am at the moment. In the groups that I play in I am a bomber! But quite often get beat by guys who hit a lot shorter than me but are more accurate. Bri
  4. Is there anyone online who has got this Doug Tewel thing working well? I am playing with it at the moment but not too much success yet. Bri
  5. Thanks folks. Exercise it is then! Bri
  6. I am getting on a bit and getting a bit stiffer in my movements. I am Having trouble with body turn with the driver. I am tending to fade the ball and lose distance. However I have found that if I really belt the ball the weight of the club helps to get me a better body turn with the result of a much better drive. I don't want to be belting it all the time though. So, has anyone got any tips to help with this please? Bri
  7. Ok thanks. But will have to wait until we are down at the range again. But looking at the one we have done..........straightening my back leg seems to push the club out a bit so that I am coming over the top if that is the term or outside to in. Bri
  8. I have developed this slicing thing after being a good driver for ages. I tried all the suggestions on this post with variable results. But I downloaded that app V1. Took a picture from behind. The only thing that was obvious to me is that I seem to be straightening my back leg on the backswing. Will that cause this problem? Bri
  9. The videos etc explain what I am doing now. And it does not seem to be a bad thing. I am going to try some of this stuff in the week tho and will see what happens. Bri
  10. Thanks for the input everyone. I am studying the info now. Bri
  11. Driving has always been a better part of my game. However, lately I have been fading and slicing it. But I have found a temporary fix by playing the ball all the way forward off my toes! Before the ball was opposite my heel. Has anyone got an idea what has happened here please and how I might go back to my old ways? Bri
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