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  1. No i wouldn't buy one because I have no need for stamps in my club+ I like the 200 series and the spin milled. I wouldn't doubt it.
  2. I beleive Anthony Kim is overated because people are saying he's going to be like Tiger and i don't see that happening.
  3. I like the rescue because you can get it out of the rough easier than the burner 3 wood.
  4. Graphite have more whip to them so you hit it farther but not as straight. Steel Straight but not quite the distance as a graphite
  5. shsgolfer#1


    I know Luke Donald and Gary Orr does. i have a freind that plays mizuno and he hits them good. I think they have good feel
  6. Oh yeah if you see whats in my bag it says 54* wedge I have more wedges that I switch out
  7. Get 10* bounce and that will still make it easy to hit flop shots and bunker shots. i have 14* bounce on my 56 and I can hit a flop shot pretty easily and if I catch a sand shot fat i can still get the ball out of the bunker.
  8. Mine was today. I was on 18 put my drive on durt and i thinned the ball and it hit into the hill where the green is(Elevated Green) and slowed the ball down and left me a 5 inch yes 5 inches for birdie.
  9. Yeah man get blades thats what i use and I am hitting the ball farther, higher, and straighter. Don't get the Titleist zb their crap. Get the mizuno mp 67's.
  10. pshhhhhhh Golf LOL. I don't know i bet he is a well rounded athlete
  11. Yeah man your probalby thinking your coming inside and leaving the face open when your probably having an outside to inside swing path. With your irons just keep your head down and maybe scoot a little closer to the ball. Good Luck!
  12. Yeah man i feel you. That happened to me in a Tournament and ended up shooting 86 for a sixth place finish. I was fuming.
  13. Definately Titleist. Love the 905R. You can control it so much. Sadly I don't have one yet. I am about to buy one!!
  14. I hit mine a good 210-215 but I never keep them low so when I have the wind in my face I'm out of luck.
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