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  1. Brandt Snedeker -8 Hunter Mahan -7
  2. That is true. And didn't even think about the ball marks hahaha. If the green is wet the ball will probably just sink 2 feet under
  3. 70 bucks to play 18 or 1000 to play this hole? While it is quite cool, Ill stick with the standard 18
  4. I usually like to putt out. I only pick it up if I'm playing with people I don't know and it is within a foot, or if I've already played terribly on a hole. It feels really nice to hear the ball hit the bottom of the cup for birdie or par.
  5. I understand the rules don't change. What I was trying to say was since neither of us knew the correct ruling and there was literally nothing on the line so we just let it go. While something like a foot wedge is against the rules, I'm sure you would care a bit more on a match for $100, than if your buddy at the local muni did it when you were just out to have some fun.
  6. So I was at the range yesterday and noticed something that now seems to be helping me make much better contact. I'm setting up with the ball closer to the heel of the club rather than the middle. I noticed that for some reason on my down swing I tend to pull the club in a little, which in the past has led to me getting more of the toe than I would like. Has anyone else expierenced something like this? Also I know standing closer would probably be a viable alternative, but it feels really uncomfortable and awkard. Also should I just go with this and really make it my setup/swing? Or would it be better to iron out the underlying issue in the swing (pulling the club in a bit) Thanks
  7. I feel like the only way this is possible is through make a wish or a whole lotta $$$
  8. Thank you sir, looks like he will be switching his dreadful 52 to a 53 haha
  9. Not really feeling the hats, but I LOVE the visor. Any left/ will there be more?
  10. Hey I was playing with my friend yesterday and we came across an interesting situation. He sliced a ball that eneded up in some tall grass. We went over and the ball was sitting quite high up in the grass, well above his feet. So he took his swing, managed to swing completley under the ball, removing all the tall gras and the ball just dropped right in the same place. He never made contact with the ball. Is this a penalty? We just played it as if it was a pracice swing since we were not playing competiviley or for money or anything like that. Thanks
  11. This is a really interesting tournament, really gotta capitalize on heaven day it seems as i doubt many are breaking 90 on hell day.
  12. Ya walking usually isn't the cause of slow play. From what I've seen its usually people sitting in the tee box taking 15 practice swings to just shank one OB and then play another ball.
  13. Ok, this is an interesting little theory, will defenitly be trying it out next time out.
  14. I hate the shots where I'm just far enough off the green that I can't hit a good lag putt, but close to the point where you really need nice touch on the wedge. I always seem to either get scared and tap it 2 yards or put too much mustard on it and end up same situation, other side of the green.
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase a driver from ebay and found a good deal on a Nike Dymo 2, but it is a senior flex. I'm not really sure of my swing speed, but I'm not that big of a guy and judging by the average distance of my drive I by no means hit the cover off the ball. Will the senior flex work for me? If not how much does it usually cost to get a replacement shaft? Thanks -Scrilla
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