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  1. My favorite is one that I cook, caveman style, over a batch of mesquite coals. It must be formed from a mix of 73% lean, 27% FAT. It must be allowed to slowly absorb the flavor of some fresh ground black pepper, bathed in a shroud of melted cheddar cheese, propped up on a smoketoasted sesame seed bun and served with cottage cheese, dill pickle, green olives and a brown ale!
  2. I asked my "mathy" 17 y.o. to describe a parabola. He said, "It is an arc" and added a hand gesture to clarify. I then asked how it might be used to describe my golf shots. He responded "Well, Dad, I only know how to do math on a 3-D level, but you do hit a flat parabola fairly regularly!" So I take your 70 yards and add 20, then subtract 2 strokes, then add a 3 putt and realize that a round of 100 is a fine day for this old man!
  3. Hi everyone. New to the Sand Trap and fairly new to golf (probably less than 20 rounds in my life) I play in the wind of course, if you don't play in the wind in the Oklahoma Panhandle, you don't play at all I have enjoyed reading about this silly game we are obsessed with on this forum. I am looking forward to learning a bit more!
  4. Just to be fair - I don't have an average. My drives generally carry around 200 yard, but if I could straighten out the parabola, I'm sure it would add 50 yards! Mainly I whack my 3i around 180 or my 5i around 140 and stay on the fairway.
  5. I always wear either my prescription glasses with photogray lenses or contacts and sunglasses. My biggest issue is not the light, but the wind here in the panhandle.
  6. I am a high school agriculture teacher. I am adding horticulture and turf management classes to my program next year, so this actually playing golf and surfing this site could be considered research! I am a husband of 1 and father of 3 (both full time jobs). My oldest is a member of the HS golf team (#3) so playing with dad is sort of like practice. Golf is my newest obsession, followed closely by bicycling, banjos, guitars and metal fabrication. Troy