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  1. Just played Big Rock at Indian Springs and got my first no six round to complete this challenge. Hope to post a couple more in the coming weeks. Three bogies, two birdie, no three putts, 73.
  2. Golfers are commonly superstitious. I have been under the impression JT is one of these superstitious guys when it comes to Golf. Having someone around putting that negative stuff out, must really effect his confidence when playing. I think he did what he needed to do, and unfortunately for the anti-fan, JT had the power to do it. I don’t think there should be any referendum about fan conduct, but as a spectator, one should take this as a learning experience of what not to do, unless you want to possibly get kicked out.
  3. I would really like to go back to Industry Hills. This time play the Ike.
  4. Not going to make that one. I need at least two weeks notification, so I can request the day. I work an irregular schedule, but it’s flexible.
  5. Practicing hard, like a second job. Making a serious attempt at tournament golf.

  6. Bechambo


  7. Late to the party. We looking for outing dates? I can get most any day off, just need to know in advance. I’m also up for Coronado.
  8. I have used woods as my primary driving club now for a year. I can't imagine going back to a driver. They are just easier to hit. I have a cobra bio cell plus 3-4 wood that can be adjusted down to 12 degrees. These clubs are cheap now. You'd just have to get fitted for a shaft.
  9. Shot 69 (-2) @ McCall Golf Club. Decent round. Tee and approach shots were good, with a couple missed edge putts. 3 bogs, 3 birds, 1 eagle.
  10. I started at 13 as well. I didn't reach single digit handicap until 27 though. I would say, it is a combination of having the necessary abilities (body coordination, strength) and the motivation, as well as the resources, that have lead to what may seem like very fast improvement. Keep this up, as well as get some professional help, and you will be on your way to sub-par rounds.
  11. NM, Thanks Michael Hepp! https://thesandtrap.com/b/thrash_talk/post_mortem_on_the_dan_plan
  12. Won several tournaments on the Golf Channel Am Tour in 2015, 2014. Broke Par (71) with @tristanhilton85 at Morrongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon, Legends course Broke 70 (69) at The Golf Club at Terra Lago, South Course Participated in several TST SOCAL events Eagled some holes (most recent, Rupert CC, Rupert, ID) Member reviewer (reviewed some golf balls and other stuff) < is that legit?
  13. I searched up some keywords on google and one site that resulted in that search was 'The Dan Plan.' His ticker is at ~4,000. However his blog is gone, there isn't any new content on his site. Anyone know what became of that guy. His last index is in 2015, in May I believe, and it had him up to 5.5 which was two points above his last month. Did he finally just get fed up with it?
  14. I think I am better in the sense of the way I play and practice. I have been a better scorer a year ago, but I think, if I may use a metaphor, have found the end of my plateau and found a higher mountain to ascend. With other things now finished and taking away from my energies toward golf, I can now really become a good golfer and ambassador of the game. P.S. I'm back on the forums and am going to contribute to this community much more frequently than before.
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