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  1. I wonder if it works. Also why use a real club? I think I'd use some kind of soft substitute so I don't take a big chunk of the wall.
  2. Fowler Playing With Untucked Shirt

    Agreed - HI shirts are un-tucked by definition. This is a non-controversy.
  3. I just saw an ad on Golf Channel for this. I like the basic idea of a built in speedometer on a club. Anyone tried this ? https://www.supersonicgolf.com/get/supersonic-x10pb/
  4. How to search...

    Yes that works. Could you build this into the site as some kind of custom Google search window ?
  5. Drivers I have loved...in the past.

    You should try it. Maybe it would bring back some memories and give you some kind of psychological advantage. I golf with a guy that use some ancient kind of putter. It look like basic metal rectangle of brass. I'm sure he' attached to it,
  6. Drivers I have loved...in the past.

    I did some searching and don't see "Delta T" but do see some Delta brand clubs. Here i one oldie from eBay, is it similar ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Delta-Titanium-Matrix-Driver-10-5-G119-/180724505389
  7. How Much Did You Spend in 2017 on Greens Fees?

    It's a relatively cheap hobby for me. I estimate 25 x $40 or $1000.
  8. Learn to Play Golf the Fastest

    This was covered years ago when this guy had just 2 days to learn
  9. Crowds and slow golf are making me quit the game

    Losing balls is my hobby.
  10. Crowds and slow golf are making me quit the game

    OK so now I'm starting to agree with you (not about quitting golf - just about short tee intervals). In fact somewhere on this board is a long thread I started about the fallacy of the 8 minute tee time. Yeah - if you were to fill a course full of foursomes at 8 minute intervals you have a massive traffic jam.
  11. Etiquette

    Best solution!
  12. Crowds and slow golf are making me quit the game

    That's not likely to work IMHO. you really can't change people behavior on a large scale. Ozzy, with all due respect you seem pretty down on golf and I doubt any of us will have a suggestion you are going to like. Maybe you should at least take a break for a while?
  13. Crowds and slow golf are making me quit the game

    I don't know about LA but here in San Diego there are so many choices that if quick play was my priority I could find it. Maybe I'd tee off super-early or super late. Or pick a course that wasn't highly popular. Is this many courses you are talking about ?
  14. Favorite Christmas Song Thread

    Julie London is good. I don't think I've heard that before.
  15. What Christmas Golf Gifts did you Get? 2017 Edition

    Presents to myself include a bunch of AAA used bright orange MOJO balls. Some things just to specific to expect from Santa Claus

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