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  1. I'm not prepared to post that publicly.
  2. That's pretty much what I do, try tricks, try willpower. Not for me. When I can manage a full backswing I hit a lot better. Could be described as an involuntary need to start swinging the arms forward. Probably closer to your 2nd option.
  3. I know I've described this previously as "rushing" or "good practice swing... bad real swing" but this is a more precise description: I can't do a full backswing with a ball present. Without the ball I can easily and smoothly bring the club back to horizontal or beyond. Put a ball there and some kind of mental reflex starts slowing me down or stops me somewhere before 3/4 back. I can force it in some kind of slowmo. My instructor could talk me past it, but that didn't help me past the range. The reason I stopped taking lessons is that I see no point until I overcome this demon on my own. Anyone else have this mental issue and how did you get past it?
  4. Is it a security issue? The flag is in and Trump seems to be driving over so someone can hand him a club.
  5. It would be nice to get an explanation.Even if you were the laziest golfer in the world there is no real reason to put the cart on the green itself is there?
  6. I've seen a couple that use their own sites and I'll go there rather than pay the somewhat higher fee at Golf Now. Even Golf Zing is a better deal.
  7. Well put. I think I could mix and match like crazy. I just don't want it look like I bought the set and different garage sale.
  8. I don't know about 4x, but I do see the value. I can hit pretty well during the lesson on the range. It's a totally different world on the course.
  9. There are people that make a job out of eBay. Your clubs might end up sold online. I'd be surprised if some random want to be golfer comes and buys them. But on the other hand I see nothing wrong with what you did. Although you didn't say, you probably don't use them anymore and needed to de-clutter.
  10. Sorry I caught this late, but then it doesn't matter since I agree with the REAL consensus which is that you screwed up by letting your trip be co-opted into some couples trip. I hope it worked out. I think this thread is a lesson on how to stick to your plan and lay out the rules clearly and early. Just wondered - if your wife and girlfriends do anything on their own?
  11. Nice to see you appreciate San Diego's beer out there in the east.
  12. Maybe @CoryOlsen just likes Michelle.
  13. I wanted to give Tecolote credit for the way they handled the closure and eventual reopening. I got this email Sunday Your Organizer, Tecolote Canyon, sent the following message to some members of The Players Club at Tecolote Canyon: Hooray! The range is open and its HAPPY HOUR ALL DAY for players club members!! Come down, hit some balls and enjoy a beer! Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your business!! To visit The Players Club at Tecolote Canyon, go here: https://www.golfzing.com/pctecolotecanyon
  14. Yeah they can go far. There was a vacant parking lot and property near the Costco that I tried to use for my "almost golf" range. Not at all like the YouTube experience. Picking up the balls was too much work. Good idea. It's a bit more of a commitment. Maybe I can just play for an hour and head back.
  15. When I first started I saw this video on "almost golf balls" and though it looked so fun I bought a huge bucket of them. I could never find a place that worked out so well like the guy in the video.