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  1. Range-->Course

    This is somewhat circular reasoning. It's like saying if you want to get better get better. Maybe explain what you mean by this "variance" and what causes it.
  2. San Diego area golf round soon anyone?

    Agreed. I didn't mean to confuse I was just curious about OC vs SD. I'll join you one of these times when I feel more confident.
  3. Leave the Driver in the Bag?

    Maybe you're like me. I hit the driver pretty good - once in a while, on the range ha ha. On the course I need to aim way left to keep it in the fairway. Sometimes close the face a little too.
  4. San Diego area golf round soon anyone?

    Thanks for the mention. I see you guys talking about San Clemente and I'm thinking isn't that Orange County?
  5. I don't know about his earlier stuff but here's a recent one I can not stand because of the format. 3 or 4 minutes in and he's talking talking talking without getting to the content. As far as how to do a good YouTube check out Peter Finch. Those videos are just as long as they need to be and he starts right in with what you want to see.
  6. At a crossroads in golf

    It seems the people at your current club are just idiots. The other part I don't understand: are handicaps fixed for life or something? What if you get better - or worse - later in life for whatever reason?
  7. How 'bout them Korean women on the LPGA tour?

    So if it's so nurtured where are all the Korean men champions? Or is it a sport favored by women in Korea?
  8. 7 Iron has lost its lustre

    Actually I think it's a club head speed issue.
  9. 7 Iron has lost its lustre

    Kind of. For me the 6 is much more difficult than the 7, and the 7 is a bit harder than the 8. I sometimes line up the 7 and 8 next to each other and puzzle why.
  10. How 'bout them Korean women on the LPGA tour?

    Agreed. Not sure what the question or point is here. I think it might be interesting if we can get to it though.
  11. 7 Iron has lost its lustre

    I'm not clear. Are we talking only about hitting into a net?
  12. Is your Summer slipping away?

    It looks like Spokane has chilly nights even in summer. http://www.rssweather.com/climate/Washington/Spokane/