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  1. Would You Change the Golf Channel?

    Good topic. I have really only one complaint I think. Sometimes in the evening they'll be replaying some secondary tournament and not the biggest event going on in the US. I'd like to tune in every night, starting Thursday, and fall asleep with replays...
  2. I Saw a Woman Playing Alone

    I forgot about this post, glad it got bumped. The title of the thread would make a great poem. I saw a Woman Playing Alone....
  3. Got tired of white noise apps, made my own playlist.

    I'm not sure what this audio content is.Are you talking about the random people hitting golf balls? TV announcers ?
  4. Highest Price You've Paid For Green Fees

    I think Torrey Pines is in the $55 to $60 range for San Diego residents. I target $40 or less if possible. People seem less pretentious at the cheaper courses too.
  5. Good Day Bad Day Crap

    Golf gods are bad gods.
  6. Good Day Bad Day Crap

    Yes. Agreed. And I usually have NO idea why during a round. I suspect it's a combo of feeling anxious and fatigue. Nothing stings like hitting a ball of to the side. Agreed. Ever rolled a ball on to the green from far away? It's just OK.
  7. Good Day Bad Day Crap

    Nice. I like an #existential point of view.
  8. On a couple of recent rounds I hit almost every drive fairly straight. Not far, but good enough. Today I hit most of them far right into the OB, topped it, popped it up, etc. I remember reading some post here that just when you think you have the game under control, the "wheels fall off" and something like this happens. Why do we have good days and bad days ?
  9. 160 yards to break 90?!

    That's what I was thinking. Me and my golf buddies have a variation: "don't do anything stupid". Here's another one. Just hit every shot very straight and far. LOL
  10. Costco Kirkland Ball

    How would you guys actually the the difference between Costco 1.0 and Costco 2.0. I'll admit that I am not consistent enough to judge if extra yardage was just a better hit or the ball.
  11. John Daly

    When do we see this guy play these days?
  12. Right. And correct HIM next time. It's terrible etiquette to critique other golfers. Put him on the spot. Say something like.... So how long have you been playing? I'm surprised you're acting like this is your first time on a course. Seasoned players would know not to go on like you are ..... It will get under his skin. Now that you put things in perspective - definitely you should have mentioned his other errors.
  13. Maybe this guy really bugged you. Because what if you had informed him,then what? He takes 3 clubs out? He's disqualified?
  14. Awww, screw putting practice

    I think the theory is the practice green gives you the feel for that course on that day. But you know what? It has never helped me either.
  15. I wonder if it works. Also why use a real club? I think I'd use some kind of soft substitute so I don't take a big chunk of the wall.

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