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  1. Just the left the range on a perfect Sunday evening in San Diego. I hit maybe 25 balls. My rule hasn't changed. If I'm hitting well I'm outta there.
  2. gregsandiego

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    Damn - I didn't know that . I've played there - liked it What's worrisome is this: are there any NEW courses coming on line? If not this might be like drive-in movies. (Well hopefully not that bad)
  3. gregsandiego

    TFCC Tear

    I recently was on "injured reserve" myself, so I can sympathize. Was this a golf injury?
  4. gregsandiego

    Worst golf tip you ever received

    Rotate your wrists as the club face nears the ball. I forget what technical term the instructor used for this but I could rarely do it without way OVER doing it and hitting some crazy shot.
  5. gregsandiego

    Toys R Us Closing A Good Thing for Golf

    Thanks for sharing. Surprised to hear PGA golf stores are doing well but glad. There is one near my work with indoor practice simulators that I use every day. The deal is so good I almost don't like to share it.
  6. I haven't sold but a huge fan of buying. Used golf balls for one. And when I need to replace one of my old Taylor Made iron I can usually find the exact item for cheap on eBay.
  7. gregsandiego

    Is Phil Mickelson Going Nuts?: Hitting a moving ball at US Open

    It did kind of look like hockey. Or maybe Phil can transition to foot-golf?
  8. gregsandiego

    Limited time, play or practice?

    I didn't mean that. It's just ironic when all your planning goes astray.
  9. This chasing the putt move is what I've done when I've pretty much given up on keeping score....
  10. gregsandiego

    Limited time, play or practice?

    That i something funny about our sport. How about this. You pull out the range finder, check the wind, etc etc an then hit it fat for 50 yards. (hole is 200 yards away)
  11. gregsandiego

    Shotmakers - New Golf Television Competition at Topgolf

    It's one of the most boring shows I've seen - and this from someone who thinks watching golf is just fine. I'm amazed it's still running. Golf Channel please replace it soon.
  12. gregsandiego

    Your First Car

    Good topic. I think some of us would like our 1st car back - youthful nostalgia. What happened to this jeep ? Would you want it back if you could? I learned to drive a clutch on one of those.
  13. gregsandiego

    Your First Car

    1965 Mustang. When I moved to SoCal from Detroit (1977) I was amazed to see these things still on the streets. I purchased a used one for $1200. I sold it for a profit to fund college a few years later. I still remember the license # and saw it on the street maybe 10 years ago.
  14. gregsandiego

    Driving Range Only

    Thanks Marv. Ironically (maybe) now that I think about it. It's probably practicing and not the actual game that caused an injury. It's at the driving range where you do too much repetitive stuff. I'll severely limit time at the range after this. That sounds good.
  15. gregsandiego

    Driving Range Only

    Like a lot here I practice as a 2nd choice and to support the "real" golf which is 18 holes. Where i practice in San Diego there are a few regulars I've heard referred to as "range rats". With my shoulder injury right now I don't think I can play real golf so the most I have been doing is a bucket of balls with my 58. Exactly the same for me. I pay $30 per moth for "Players Club" which gives you 2 buckets a day! I don't come close to using that. More like 2 buckets per weekend.

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