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  1. I notice you're from Nevada. That sounds like betting strategy.
  2. Driving Range Etiquette

    Some of the examples above are the reason I usually hit the range with sunglasses and an earbuds. I do NOT want to see or hear anyone else - just too much distraction.
  3. Probably you are right, especially when hitting badly. When hitting good I'm worried I'll go off the rail again and "lose the feel".
  4. I know I do. If I hit 50 balls without a serious crap shot I'm outta there - in hopes against hope that the feeling will stay and carry over to my next round. On bad days I go up and get the 2nd bucket.
  5. Greetings from So Cal

    "South OC" is a challenge for us to guess right ? San Clemente ? I'm not sure what you mean by "resident golfer" but San Diego has a lot of affordable options for the weekend golfer.
  6. Greetings from So Cal

    And I'm in San Diego. Is that Isla Vista as in north of Santa Barbara/Goleta ?
  7. This one seems kind of elaborate. What is it designed to fix for the kids?
  8. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thank you very much Rnadall. I didn't even know that date was on this forum!
  9. Hacker James is exactly right. Let's not discuss that part of the thread anymore.
  10. Very interesting. That's a new idea. If I go really slow the my body turn seems to get messed up. My arms will keep going without the shoulder turn. Yep. Thanks for sharing. You didn't show with the ball which is what the team here was asking me to do.
  11. It's too bad this thread went somewhat astray but I'm bumping it because it's still my biggest issue. I noticed nervousness is a big piece as well. If I'm golfing with someone new and WANT to hit the ball far - guess what? Mini back-swing demons hit even worse. It's not really the ball per se. I can put a ball down on a mat in my backyard and do more than horizontal back swing right over it. No it's not really the ball, it's knowing that I'm about to make a real, going to count in an actual game, golf shot. I've written down many of the suggestions in this thread to take with me.
  12. which club is more difficult for you?

    Of course. Same here and I thought all of was would give an unanimous THE DRIVER !
  13. I know right? What's up with all the trees on golf courses. If I wanted trees I can go to the forest. Seriously though sounds fun. Was this a full size course and how long did it all take? $21 is fantastic.
  14. Good old Aimee. I do that swoosh drill sometimes. So I make a swoosh but I can't tell if it makes me swing the real club any faster. Aimee if you are reading this please private message me.