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  1. Yes it's a double-edged sword.I think the ideal would be a wife/girl-friend that SOMETIMES plays. I've seen couples that look like they always partner on the course. I think it changes the dynamic - and not in a great way.
  2. I knew that but didn't want to appear like some kind of wine snob LOL
  3. Same here . Must nice to worry about them wearing out ! 😁
  4. It's an interesting piece of golfer self analysis - yet still somehow confusing. I get you are not sure if you should practice with old driver before taking the new driver out. But not sure I understand, or even agree with your clearing the pallet metaphor. Come on it makes some sense....
  5. Totally a campaign - might as well be tweets from @McDonalds our @SouthWestAir. Just look at the number of recent replies with clever videos and snarky comments. I'd much prefer his own content. At least Ian Poulter does his own (so much so he'll fight with the public).
  6. I was at best ball event last week and it was my turn to putt from about 12'. I talked jokingly through the putt , pretending to be a sports announcer. It was the only birdie I made that day. You may be on to something.
  7. Good post and an interesting idea about talking through your own shot.
  8. I see your point And you know what? If you want to play with historic old clubs I most golfers would think that was cool. And it's still cheap enough. I can probably find a twilight round for $25 in San Diego. That's not expensive for 4.5 hours.
  9. It's always weird when the OP leaves an initial post then never returns.
  10. Never ? I don't do this intentionally. My point is those that get all bent out of shape as if they're putting in the US Open need to face reality of their amateur status.
  11. Agree with you Lihu and I kind of read this post in reverse, i.e. the thing that bothers me most are people that are TOO serious. Why are they allowing themselves to be paired randomly if they are so particular? I think of people that worry too much about where I stand, where my shadow falls, when I talk etc etc etc
  12. Now we are getting somewhere. I think I usually do good on nice fluffy grass and my Cleveland 56 somehow lets me get away with that. I will look for it.
  13. Thank you. It's that "sliding under thing" that I didn't invent. I know I hear it... I knew it! See - some people do say "slide under". If you slide under you are hitting the ground first, right ?? If you find it let me know... I'll do a search. No, sorry.
  14. On the course the 56 is one of my more reliable clubs. But on the mat I seem to have a lot of thin shots and that bothers me. Am I supposed to be hitting the ball 1st? I've heard conflicting advice about "sliding the club under the ball". On the course I think I'm aiming just at the point the ball meets the ground and that works. Whether I'm hitting ground first, ball first, or almost simultaneously, I'm not really sure. Is there something special about the mats with a high lofted wedge that I'm overlooking?
  15. Forgiving Schmorgiving. Is there really such a thing? I spent a lot of money on a new Cobra a while ago (a model like Ricky Fowler uses) and it didn't solve anything. I went back to a Taylormade R5 - something I got for $25 on eBay I think.
  16. What makes yours an interesting case is how it seemed to come on later in your golf career. It sounds like you were about to have the golf event of your dreams and the anticipation of that psyched you out. I'm interested in what Haney said. How do you do this "unwire" ? I never golfed as good as you, but I had to physically force myself for two years to overcome the tendency to rush the downswing - something i never did with the practice swing.
  17. Just the left the range on a perfect Sunday evening in San Diego. I hit maybe 25 balls. My rule hasn't changed. If I'm hitting well I'm outta there.
  18. Damn - I didn't know that . I've played there - liked it What's worrisome is this: are there any NEW courses coming on line? If not this might be like drive-in movies. (Well hopefully not that bad)
  19. I recently was on "injured reserve" myself, so I can sympathize. Was this a golf injury?
  20. Rotate your wrists as the club face nears the ball. I forget what technical term the instructor used for this but I could rarely do it without way OVER doing it and hitting some crazy shot.
  21. Thanks for sharing. Surprised to hear PGA golf stores are doing well but glad. There is one near my work with indoor practice simulators that I use every day. The deal is so good I almost don't like to share it.
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