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  1. I haven't sold but a huge fan of buying. Used golf balls for one. And when I need to replace one of my old Taylor Made iron I can usually find the exact item for cheap on eBay.
  2. It did kind of look like hockey. Or maybe Phil can transition to foot-golf?
  3. I didn't mean that. It's just ironic when all your planning goes astray.
  4. This chasing the putt move is what I've done when I've pretty much given up on keeping score....
  5. That i something funny about our sport. How about this. You pull out the range finder, check the wind, etc etc an then hit it fat for 50 yards. (hole is 200 yards away)
  6. It's one of the most boring shows I've seen - and this from someone who thinks watching golf is just fine. I'm amazed it's still running. Golf Channel please replace it soon.
  7. Good topic. I think some of us would like our 1st car back - youthful nostalgia. What happened to this jeep ? Would you want it back if you could? I learned to drive a clutch on one of those.
  8. 1965 Mustang. When I moved to SoCal from Detroit (1977) I was amazed to see these things still on the streets. I purchased a used one for $1200. I sold it for a profit to fund college a few years later. I still remember the license # and saw it on the street maybe 10 years ago.
  9. Thanks Marv. Ironically (maybe) now that I think about it. It's probably practicing and not the actual game that caused an injury. It's at the driving range where you do too much repetitive stuff. I'll severely limit time at the range after this. That sounds good.
  10. Like a lot here I practice as a 2nd choice and to support the "real" golf which is 18 holes. Where i practice in San Diego there are a few regulars I've heard referred to as "range rats". With my shoulder injury right now I don't think I can play real golf so the most I have been doing is a bucket of balls with my 58. Exactly the same for me. I pay $30 per moth for "Players Club" which gives you 2 buckets a day! I don't come close to using that. More like 2 buckets per weekend.
  11. Yeah I know it's old but bumping this thread because it seems like one of the better ones focused on this exact issue: Rotator Cuff Issues I haven't been to the doctor yet - going next week - but I'm hoping he'll say I can keep playing like the guy in this thread: caniac6
  12. I am though I hate that this is Memorial day weekend and I can't hit the course at all.
  13. Yep. Just out of principle I won't buy new balls. I'm not good enough to use them.
  14. My whole problem in golf has been too short a back swing. I think I was finally getting it LOL. Update : this sucks. I took 2 weeks off of my daily little practice sessions to recover. My arm feels a better but my hitting ability has really suffered. Not as far, not as straight.
  15. I'm spending roughly 50 cents for "AAA" used balls on eBay. My recent upgrade is to all orange MOJO's. I used to just pick a random assortment but I got tired of everyone asking " what are you playing ?". Also don't have to mark my initials on them anymore. These orange MOJO's are the easiest ball to spot on the range . (Even if it's the wrong range )
  16. Interesting post. I hear some mixed messages. Mostly your are frustrated because you can't reach some very high level I think. I'm not sure the coaching was the real issue. I do believe you feel burnt out. The last statement is most interesting. I wonder if the pros feel like they are "having fun". Except for the few at the top of the leader board I bet it feels more like pressure than fun. Maybe playing a fun game and a "career game" (PGA) are two different things? I don't know - just some observations. I appreciate your post and hope you take a break and give it another shot.
  17. Without any judgement about the family I will guess this: Glover will play a lot better if he attends the next PGA without them all.
  18. I can see turning this on while doing some task around the house. But mostly I think I'd prefer to watch video. I'm using YouTube TV now and it has a really good DVR in the cloud. I can always find something to watch.
  19. Carmel Highland golf was a nice easy and low cost option. I think it's still sitting there vacant. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/golf/sdut-carmel-highland-closing-golf-2015feb16-story.html
  20. Thanks Patch and glad that what's important - playing golf - still gets done. I use "Aleve" which interestingly enough shows up in the Amazon advertisement on the right of my screen right now along with other related products. What do you take ?
  21. Your green dot is correct. If you mean during the swing, my arm never stays perfectly straight like the pros. At this point I think it's too hard to tell what bending more would change - I'd feel it either way.
  22. I have a new kind of left arm pain - for a few weeks now. I've been working very hard on a FULL back swing and I think it comes from that because I can feel the pressure/pinch at that point (fully rotated during back swing). It's about halfway between the shoulder and elbow, on the outside of the arm. Oddly it doesn't bother me that much when hitting balls. But later, especially at night, it starts to ache. Anyone else experience this ?
  23. Good choice. And I challenge that you'd appreciate such advice. Really ? Even amateurs can probably spot swing imperfections. I bet I could watch you swing and find something wrong. I bet you'd hate it. Because I'm not pro, and have zero idea how to help you. Well said. I've had this happen. My reaction was that these guys just did to inflate their own ego.
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