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  1. I'll hate to see this course go away. It's one of the few good centrally located courses. https://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2018/apr/11/Radar-condos-pay-pol/
  2. Exactly what I was thinking. Sometimes I get "magic" from my 56 - and sometimes not. I bet the 60 would feel about the same.
  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I remember searching YouTube and finding a lot of conflicting advice. I basically just center the ball and think of it as a "mini-swing". Some of the second order tips (shift weight, stance, open face etc etc) just confuse the hell out of me.
  4. Not at all. Look at this way - if golf was easy and repeatable maybe we'd all get bored with it. Have you tried going from range to course? That is the harder transition in my experience.
  5. That's a fascinating thread - well beyond PW's short participation. It's all about "feel" vs "real".
  6. Paul Wilson by the way I find unbearable. He stares into the camera and talks and talks and talks without any golf action. I just don't get it.
  7. If this is her I liker her YouTube video. Short and gets to the point.
  8. That espn piece is quite interesting.... like a sports novel. And the Leadbettter piece? Self serving and would have been better to keep that private.
  9. Thanks Bill, but that's not what I meant. I just wonder if the typical amateur looks like that - not that I'd necessarily emulate it.
  10. Am i that unique? I'll start paying more attention to the other amateurs, but I don't recall them all finishing with that toe just barely touching the ground thing....
  11. Probably not. One of my instructors was always nagging me to basically force it.
  12. So dos mine, just not to that extent. I can rotate without coming up on my toes.
  13. I notice most good right handed golfers end up with their right foot on it's toe a the end of the swing. Mine doesn't end up like that unless I artificially force it so. Is this important to do?
  14. Yeah I did that too. I have some old notes about how to pitch, where I wrote down what was common.
  15. I know one good business reason, at least for me - customer entertainment. It's more inclusive and takes less time than full golf. Plus I can expense it.
  16. What fascinates me is your you-tube methodology. I remember when I was looking for some pitching advice and found so many contrary postings. How did you decide who to trust? I do like Golf with Aimee -short and sweet advice.
  17. There is no real "game' i.e. drama to watch. It is truly one player after another making a simple swing to a target. Some might critique golf as boring to watch, but hell, this is closer to bowling - first frame only - to watch.
  18. I agree. I'm only looking for simple tips, Anything that would be a major swing change, would probably screw me up.
  19. I enjoy this show and pick up some valid tips. What do you guys think? Side-topic: My wife doesn't believe Blair O'Neal got the job as co-host based on her golfing ability. I assure her it was strictly merit based.
  20. Time to bump this thread ? He's back.
  21. I started with Sony VUE. Their web interface and support drove me nuts. Account wold get killed for various reasons and would take me an hour to retrieve it. DON'T.
  22. YouTube TV allows 3 devices. It actually seems to run smoother on a PC. It's not as polished as NetFlix on ROKU for some reason.
  23. I'm using YouTube TV on a Roku and it works pretty good. Still not as easy as the old Cable TV and a remote but good enough. I didn't even realize they raised the price already.
  24. Seems like most of us knew that answer immediately. What club speed does it take anyway to make it work? I noticed the stats table from the OP doesn't show that.
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