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  1. That's not likely to work IMHO. you really can't change people behavior on a large scale. Ozzy, with all due respect you seem pretty down on golf and I doubt any of us will have a suggestion you are going to like. Maybe you should at least take a break for a while?
  2. I don't know about LA but here in San Diego there are so many choices that if quick play was my priority I could find it. Maybe I'd tee off super-early or super late. Or pick a course that wasn't highly popular. Is this many courses you are talking about ?
  3. Julie London is good. I don't think I've heard that before.
  4. Presents to myself include a bunch of AAA used bright orange MOJO balls. Some things just to specific to expect from Santa Claus
  5. Merry Christmas all. I was searching for the other threads on this topic. I know there were some longer ones but can't find them. Even using a Google search.
  6. 10 years seems about right. At least at that age the clubs seem to look different.
  7. Not in any easy way. It's completely ambiguous. Although I see others here provided some ideas on how to figure it out. Or I guess if it's playing well it doesn't matter either way.
  8. Time to make a statement and our next move. Start playing with regular balls indoors.
  9. I'm surprised that nobody (unless I missed it) stood up for the latest and greatest.
  10. I've been known to play with a range ball. Only the new shiny ones. I get a kick out of the reaction I get.
  11. I really need a 5 hybrid. The latest Cobra is about $189. Fmax I think. But if I go with the older Fly Z, even brand new, it's about $50. Any reason to spend the extra money on the latest?
  12. OK I get you NOW. Shorter is the key word. I golf with a woman who never hits it long but usually does go straight. She hits a lot of pars.
  13. I'm not exactly sure what you mean. If you could play with one ball and not lose any of course your score would be better because shots into the water, out of bounds, in the trees etc are missing. Isn't that almost like saying just hit straighter?
  14. When I google search all I find is golfing simulators. Is there a name and model I can look up?
  15. Every night before I hit the bed I do a few practice swings - outside - in the cold to wake me up. My issues is rotation and not rushing the down swing. The first couple are without a ball. I then place a ball on a mat and make sure my rotation is just as full. This has actually been helping quite a bit. I then go to bed and drift off to sleep by imagining I am playing through one favorite course. Off topic - but a great way to fall asleep! That's dedication. What do you mean by club simulator ?
  16. If you take away the gratuitous violence I find his films actually are boring.
  17. Normally I'd say you guys slacked off. But since you did it in the name of charity I applaud your efforts and holiday spirit.
  18. Interesting - I've never seen these. What is the advantage of this over the rubber tee?
  19. I'm with you. I think the whole Black Friday thing is marketing hype. I'd rather pay full retail than stand outside in a line for a discount.
  20. Well if you treat it like the pros that can take a long time! It's not the putt it self.
  21. My prototype was a success on the range. It's hard to tell form the photo but that's a standalone rubber tee holding the ball, a donut weight, and some basic twine with slip knots. It's pretty quick to re-tee.
  22. Her buddies should have said that's a gimme. I never have to putt those. You know - because you don't want to hold up he group behind you, it's a given , etc....
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