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  1. That's pretty close to what I'm thinking. I like the idea of a weight at the end of the tether though. It seems easier. And also my home course has one continuous strip of mat with no holes.
  2. It's been very liberating dropping the glove. I joke with my buddies that the glove is for amateurs trying to look like professionals. Seriously it doesn't seem necessary in drier California. When I'm in Texas there are times I could use one.
  3. Interesting new idea. The weighted rubber stand alone golf tee. No tether. No clamp. I am not quite sure what you mean by "short rubber tees that hold a wooden/plastic tie" Do you mean the hybrid tee made for the mat?
  4. I don't see that it will stay put. In that video the guy puts the tee in the claw, and the claw is anchored to a tether. After he hits the claw goes flying but doesn't get lost because of the tether. So I don't see the advantage of the claw since it becomes un-clawed. I'll have to try some proto-types to be sure.
  5. Yeah I think this is a logistical nightmare. One idea would be to divide up SoCal into a few regions and have a few meets. You could attend all if you want or just one. Something like North, Central South.
  6. No I'm thinking of tethering these rubber tees to a weight. No screw down clamp required. I'll let you know how it works .
  7. I live in central San Diego and work in OC. I'm not sure if this topic has specified a definite date or even week yet ?
  8. Thanks, now I remember that thread. I think I can come up with something simpler though based on the tether with a weight concept like my example. I'm thinking of these standalone rubber tees. If I can just place them on the mat without the trouble of screwing down that claw thing wouldn't that be easier? http://amzn.to/2hxKoqc
  9. My local course has one long continuous strip of mat that won't hold a golf tee very well. They placed it over concrete so the tee can be inserted only about 1/2 " deep. As a result, the tee goes flying almost EVERY time you hit. Some of the regulars have resorted to designing their own anchored systems. I took a photo of one below. Is there a commercial version? Or if not maybe i should just tie some fishing line around a golf tee and make my own. I think I can improve on this design...
  10. I googled Mevo and see an expensive camera - not a golf tool. How does that measure swing speed?
  11. I get it. We actually think the same but you have made it a challenge to get past. Good idea!
  12. Really? That's kind of ending the meal with a bad taste in your mouth. Or going to bed angry. Or (a million other metaphors....)
  13. Some of the examples above are the reason I usually hit the range with sunglasses and an earbuds. I do NOT want to see or hear anyone else - just too much distraction.
  14. Probably you are right, especially when hitting badly. When hitting good I'm worried I'll go off the rail again and "lose the feel".
  15. I know I do. If I hit 50 balls without a serious crap shot I'm outta there - in hopes against hope that the feeling will stay and carry over to my next round. On bad days I go up and get the 2nd bucket.
  16. "South OC" is a challenge for us to guess right ? San Clemente ? I'm not sure what you mean by "resident golfer" but San Diego has a lot of affordable options for the weekend golfer.
  17. And I'm in San Diego. Is that Isla Vista as in north of Santa Barbara/Goleta ?
  18. This one seems kind of elaborate. What is it designed to fix for the kids?
  19. Thank you very much Rnadall. I didn't even know that date was on this forum!
  20. Hacker James is exactly right. Let's not discuss that part of the thread anymore.
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