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  1. Kind of. For me the 6 is much more difficult than the 7, and the 7 is a bit harder than the 8. I sometimes line up the 7 and 8 next to each other and puzzle why.
  2. Agreed. Not sure what the question or point is here. I think it might be interesting if we can get to it though.
  3. I'm not clear. Are we talking only about hitting into a net?
  4. It looks like Spokane has chilly nights even in summer. http://www.rssweather.com/climate/Washington/Spokane/
  5. Sounds like a movie along the line of Karate Kid. And this guy sounds like the exception to the rule based on this thread.
  6. Paige is cleverly co-opting the issue to get a little free publicity. Smart marketing.
  7. I know we've seen this (type of) post before and I'm always fascinated by it. It would seem to me it comes down to simply do you enjoy it or not? If the answer is no, then why play? I wish I could get just a few GIR's per round. You are probably way better than me but I never consider quitting. Did you really mean that?
  8. I'm sure you understand the physics better than most but I so what. Golf really isn't a physics problem we can solve on paper. 1st order physics: hit he ball with a fast and straight club face in the sweet spot. Next problem - how can we do that repeatedly?
  9. The thing I don't get about evolver is the slowness of the feedback loop. If you give some advice, and the student doesn't execute it right between videos, that seems counter productive. With live it's instantaneous to say "not like that, like this".
  10. That's good. It doesn't seem like these Korean women should retires so young.
  11. I know one instructor (not mine) that give you ONE THING to work on. He is one of the most popular around.
  12. Inbee Park retired? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inbee_Park
  13. The golf swing is extremely complex - lots of moving parts in 3 dimensions. I've read explanations on here about how to change a swing and have no idea what is being said. I've had a few instructors and they usually seem OK at the basics: stance, grip, basic motion etc. But say I'm doing some unique things wrong. The instructor probably sees it but has a difficult time describing it, and even more so explaining to me how to fix it.
  14. Could the whole thing have been a ruse to get more people to tune in to see what they are missing ?
  15. I think we get that. LOL A for a total non-sequitur, I know a lot of people like that lecture guy. I'm a engineer usually looking for a 10 second answer. When I get 5 minutes it drives me crazy.
  16. No I think the video on hand depth addressed different issues then I experience.
  17. This is kind of funny. Can i try? @Buckeyebowman The video in this thread had NOTHING to do with my (OP) swing. The "STILL" is not me, has nothing to do with the issue.
  18. Like some others in this thread I'm not qualified to give pro tips. But I am fond of experimenting. I see no downside - what's the worst that can happen? And couldn't you buy just 2 or 3 blades to test your theory?
  19. I didn't catch this, yes you sound like me. Too bad your on the East coast or we could get together and compare. Maybe form our own support group. Different issue. I'll be happy to back it down a bit when I can do that consciously.
  20. Use charcoal otherwise you're just moving standard methods outdoors. I do think Weber might be a little over-rated. I have some cheapo square grill with a very easy removable charcoal bucket and the the whole thing is just a lot easier to clean and use than those awkward round things.
  21. There are also places around that seem like a complete total rip off. I can't imagine where it is worth it to pay $100 + for a round but I know people do.
  22. North County inland courses are probably worried about weather in the 90's affecting turnout. I've also noticed golf isn't so much a big holiday deal. Maybe because so many are retired anyway?
  23. i didn't know Game Golf could keep score. Is it that easy ? Or do you have to attach stuff to yur clubs.
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