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  1. On 4/23/2018 at 9:56 AM, allenc said:

    Very few mid handicappers can do something “magic” with any of their clubs.  But if they can take their lob wedge and do exactly the same move as they might do with their sand wedge, then the ball will go higher and shorter, which is what they want.

    Also a 58 and a 60 are pretty close to the same thing.

    Exactly what I was thinking. Sometimes I get "magic" from my 56 - and sometimes not. I bet the 60 would feel about the same.

  2. On 5/28/2015 at 10:12 AM, mvmac said:

    I'm sure we've all run into the advice that when we have a short shot around the greens that we should play the ball back in our stance. I heard it the other night when I was watching the NCAA women's golf. The thinking is that playing it off the right foot will help you strike down and ensure solid contact. Only one of those things is true. Solid and predictable contact around the greens, especially when it comes to pitching, comes from having a shallow angle of attack.

    When you play the ball back your angle of attack becomes steeper (left pic), you bring the leading edge more into play, and you take loft off the club. We want to be able to utilize the bounce and loft of the club for pitch shots.


    Note how the path into the ball is more vertical on the left than on the right. This isn't something we want for pitching because this will encourage the leading edge of the club to dig into the ground. A steep AoA with pitching can result in fat and thin shots. With pitching we want to use the bounce or the glide part of the club. On the right you can see how I have a longer "flat spot" coming into the ball. This engages the bounce which gives me a wider margin of error, I can even hit slightly behind the ball and be fine. I play most of my shots around the green with pitching mechanics. Even when I chip I try to make sure my AoA is shallow .

    Quick video comparison. Other than ball position and that I take a divot with the "ball back" swing, notice how my hips have to stall in an effort to "save" the shot. This wasn't something I was consciously trying to do but my pivot stops in order for me to manually throw the club to try and shallow out the strike.

    Much different with the second swing where the ball is just inside my left foot. The pivot is gives me speed to work with so I don't need to "force" the wrist angles to come out at the last minute. I'm turning back and through and the ball just gets in the way.

    All I'm really trying to do with the second swing is set up with the shaft close to vertical (I always end up with a couple degrees of lean), pivot back and through while brushing the grass. I'm not taking any turf. For more on good pitching technique, go here:

    There are some circumstances where you have to play the ball back for a shot around the green, under a tree limb, or out of a muddy lie but for the vast majority of your short shots you'll find a lot more success by playing the ball forward (middle of the stance to off the lead toe) and using the bounce/glide rather than the leading edge.

    Thanks for the tutorial. I remember searching YouTube and finding a lot of conflicting advice. I basically just center the ball and think of it as a "mini-swing". Some of the second order tips (shift weight, stance, open face etc etc) just confuse the hell out of me.

  3. 18 hours ago, Rykymus said:

    I hope you're all happy. My groove didn't follow me back to the range the next time.:cry: Oddly enough, I was hitting stuff with a greater variety of "bad" than ever before. Fat, thin, topped, shanked, hooked and sliced. Out of 100 balls, I probably only had 10 good contacts.

    Yeah, I tempted the golf goods something fierce, didn't I. 

    Maybe I need to watch all those videos again before going to the range each time.

    Not at all. 
    Look at this way - if golf was easy and repeatable maybe we'd all get bored with it.

    Have you tried going from range to course? That is the harder transition in my experience.

  4. 19 hours ago, nevets88 said:

    I'm dizzy trying to keep up with all her changes, still getting through this. Interesting Leadbetter said she's not the greatest athlete.


    Here is Leadbetter's rebuttal to above piece.



    That espn piece is quite interesting.... like a sports novel.

    3 minutes ago, gregsandiego said:

    That espn piece is quite interesting.... like a sports novel.

    And the Leadbettter piece? Self serving and would have been better to keep that private.


  5. 5 minutes ago, billchao said:

    Oh no, not at all. That doesn't make what they do correct, either.

    Looking at other random golfers and emulating what they do is the exact opposite of how I would approach the game, but if you're happy with your game as it is, just keep doing what you're doing.

    No shame it that :beer:

    Thanks Bill, but that's not what I meant. I just wonder if the typical amateur looks like that - not that I'd necessarily emulate it.

  6. 5 minutes ago, iacas said:

    You cannot rotate and get forward while staying flat-footed.

    You've never posted a Member Swing topic. You list your handicap as ∞.


    14 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Yes, it should get there kinda naturally. The right hip pushes forward and up with the hip slide and rotation.

    You likely don't get quite enough of either.

    Probably not. One of my instructors was always nagging me to basically force it. 

  7. 10 minutes ago, Rykymus said:

    Same way I figured out my own BBQ sauce. Look for the common denominators, and if someone gives contrary advice, see if they have a good explanation as to why. Then experiment.

    I fully expect that my next day at the range, I'll be shanking stuff all over the place. But at least now I know what I'm supposed to be doing, and can identify what I did wrong when I screw up.

    Yeah I did that too. I have some old notes about how to pitch, where I wrote down what was common.

  8. 11 hours ago, billchao said:

    Topgolf uses limited flight range balls according to just about every review and comment I've read of the place.

    Still can't find a good reason to go to one.

    I know one good business reason, at least for me - customer entertainment. It's more inclusive and takes less time than full golf. Plus  I can expense it.

  9. 3 hours ago, Rykymus said:

    It took me a while, but today, I finally found my groove. 

    I have yet to take a lesson. I have been watching tons of You Tube videos and reading articles and forums. In particular, I like Mark Crossfield, Golf with Aimee, the lady from More Pars Golf, and Paul Wilson Golf.

    Today, a few changes brought me swing in to a groove that worked on every club. Not only that, the contact felt unbelievable good, and ball flight was perfect. And for the first time, I had proper distance gaps between each club. Heck, I was even able to nail my hybrid and my fairway woods!

    Although I'm sure everyone is different, this is what did it for me.

    1. More shoulder and hip rotation, and less arms.
    2. Smoother take-away with better tempo
    3. A more neutral grip (I was way to strong, because I had been trying to correct a slice)
    4. Remembering to set a bit of lag at the beginning of my downswing
    5. Allowing my club head to "swing" instead of trying to push it through with my arms
    6. Seeing the arc that my hands are tracing, and bring that arc smoothly all the way around

    After about 20 swings, all of them hitting correctly, it just started to happen naturally. I still had a few fat shots, and a few shanks, but with each of them I immediately knew what I had done wrong and made sure to correct it. Out of probably 150 balls, I'd say at least 130 of them felt terrific. I was even jumping around the bag at the end, instead of ending with just the driver. (I usually start with wedges and work my way through the bag up to the driver.)

    I finally understand "how" to hit. Now I just have to work that groove into muscle memory, so that I don't have to think about it, and can then start learning how to "shape" my shots when I need to.

    Love this game.

    What fascinates me is your you-tube methodology. I remember when I was looking for some pitching advice and found so many contrary postings. How did you decide who to trust?

    I do like Golf with Aimee -short and sweet advice. 

  10. On 4/10/2018 at 6:57 PM, iacas said:

    I watched the first episode, and am halfway through the second.

    So boring.

    There is no real "game' i.e. drama to watch. It is truly one player after another making a simple swing to a target.  Some might critique golf as boring to watch, but hell, this is closer to bowling - first frame only - to watch.

  11. On 4/15/2018 at 4:04 AM, winninggolfer said:

    I think the best way to improve your golf is to focus on a particular part of your game and complete a structured program of practice with a defined start and end which provides a real solution to a problem part of your game. Otherwise you can easily get distracted onto other areas and never properly focus.

    I agree. I'm only looking for simple tips, Anything that would be a major swing change, would probably screw me up.

  12. On 3/29/2018 at 8:52 AM, NCGolfer said:

    Playstation Vue.  Big and significant enough that DirecTV uses them as a comparison.  Don't know of anyone that uses them though.

    I started with Sony VUE. Their web interface and support drove me nuts. Account wold get killed for various reasons and would take me an hour to retrieve it. DON'T.


  13. On 3/29/2018 at 5:53 AM, dennyjones said:

    @gregsandiego,  Does that work with multiple TVs within the house?  Can I watch one thing in the den and my wife another in the living room?  Each of my TVs has a Roku.

    YouTube TV allows 3 devices.  It actually seems to run smoother on a PC. It's not as polished as NetFlix on ROKU for some reason.



  14. 2 hours ago, Archie Bunker said:

    YouTube TV streams your local networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, etc) plus has Golf Channel and a lot of other sports and cable networks. Their cloud DVR is fantastic, with unlimited storage. Was $35 per month until March 14, now $40. Watch on any device (laptop, phone, ROKU streamer. Can't wait to get home and cancel my cable TV ripoff service.

    I'm using YouTube TV on a Roku and it works pretty good. Still not as easy as the old Cable TV and a remote but good enough. I didn't even realize they raised the price already.


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