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  1. 10 hours ago, Patch said:

    I use those stand alone rubber tees. I insert a fishing lead weight in the bottom so they don't fly too far.

    I have 5 of them for my driver.  After the 5th one is used, I go pick them all up, and start over.  They are usually no more than 3-4 steps a way. The cleaner I hit the ball, the shorter they fly. 

    As for heigth, I just trim them down with a pair of scissors. I probably have 20 of various heights, in my practice bag. 

    Interesting new idea. The weighted rubber stand alone golf tee. No tether. No clamp.

    On 11/15/2017 at 2:36 PM, Hacker James said:

    @gregsandiego  being the consummate tinkerer that I am (and an abuser of time); A compromise of sorts would be to take the tee claw, stick one of those short rubber tees that hold a wooden/plastic tie on top of it. The inserted tee holds the assembly together, and the rubber tee helps prevent from snapping off the wooden tee. Albeit, this would seem to defeat the very purpose of the claw tee, it does tend to solve the concern and I have personally done so, but I am still a bit cautious/apprehensive of using a driver with my net set up in any event. 

     Fwiw, the tee claw is available from Walmart a lot cheaper than other online sources.

    I am not quite sure what you mean by 

    "short rubber tees that hold a wooden/plastic tie"

    Do you mean the hybrid tee made for the mat?images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSRU-Rd7Dz-15iHzALL5oO

  2. On 11/15/2017 at 5:54 AM, iacas said:

    People love to waste their own time, I guess… The Tee Claw has other uses, too. And will basically stay where you "claw" it.

    I don't see that it will stay put. In that video the guy puts the tee in the claw, and the claw is anchored to a tether.  After he hits the claw goes flying but doesn't get lost because of the tether.  So I don't see the advantage of the claw since it becomes un-clawed. 

    I'll have to try some proto-types to be sure. 


  3. 6 hours ago, mvmac said:

    Sounds good to me. I'm good going to Mile Square again or searching for somewhere new. The desert would be fun. 

    I just played Coronado in a tournament and it's a good, fun layout, the fairways and greens are in great shape. Only problem is it would be a ways away for everyone.


    Yeah I think this is a logistical nightmare. One idea would be to divide up SoCal into a few regions and have a few meets. You could attend all if you want or just one. Something like North, Central South.

  4. 14 hours ago, iacas said:

    They'll fly away too. The Tee Claw is a pre-built solution for exactly this thing. I'm not sure why you'd under-value your own time as much as you seem to.

    You can also just put the Tee Claw in and use the string to tether your tee. You don't have to put the tee in the Tee Claw itself. Though that's what it's built for, of course.

    No I'm thinking of tethering these rubber tees to a weight. No screw down clamp required. I'll let you know how it works .

  5. 2 hours ago, iacas said:

    There are several Member Reviews there too.

    Thanks, now I remember that thread. I think I can come up with something simpler though based on the tether with a weight concept like my example. 

    I'm thinking of these standalone rubber tees. If I can just place them on the mat without the trouble of screwing down that claw thing wouldn't that be easier?





  6. My local course has one long continuous strip of mat that won't hold a golf tee very well. They placed it over concrete so the tee can be inserted only about 1/2 " deep. As a result, the tee goes flying almost EVERY time you hit.

    Some of the regulars have resorted to designing their own anchored systems. I took a photo of one below. 

    Is there a commercial version? Or if not maybe i should just tie some fishing line around a golf tee and make my own. I think I can improve on this design...




  7. On 10/26/2017 at 12:23 PM, Slowcelica said:

    Mostly swing changes, but I still need to make a lot but also stretching, range sessions where I swing as fast as I can, since I got a mevo I use that to see how fast each swing is.

    I still have a lot to work on in my swing so I have not done "overswing" training, I have the super speed golf system I just have not used it much yet because I feel like until I get my swing in a good place I will just be re-enforcing bad mechanics.

    I googled Mevo and see an expensive camera - not a golf tool.  How does that measure swing speed?

  8. 18 hours ago, RussUK said:

    No for two reasons.

    1. I think you need to be able to deal with bad shots and/or dissapointment so if my last balls are crap shots them so bit it, thats just life.

    2. If i spend £4 on a large basket im going to get my money's worth! :-D

    Really? That's kind of ending the meal with a bad taste in your mouth. Or going to bed angry. Or (a million other metaphors....)

  9. 24 minutes ago, allenc said:

    I'm never outta there after 50 balls...  because I just buy a 35 ball bucket.  There is a case that what you do is the opposite of what you should.  Why stick around and "practice" hitting them badly?  When you're hitting them well then buy a second bucket to get more experience with the good swing feeling.  OTOH perhaps you want to practice figuring out whats wrong and righting the ship for when that happens in a round.  Who knows what's best?

    Probably you are right, especially when hitting badly. When hitting good I'm worried I'll go off the rail again and "lose the feel".

  10. 7 hours ago, islavistan said:

    I’m in south OC now, but was in IV for 4 years. I’ve heard San Diego has a great resident golfer program. 

    "South OC" is a challenge for us to guess right ? San Clemente ?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "resident golfer" but San Diego has a lot of affordable options for the weekend golfer.




  11. 11 hours ago, islavistan said:

    Hey everyone, have seen a few posts from here over the years and enjoyed them, thought I'd finally setup an account.  The first time I swung a golf club I was 10 years old.  My dad had a spot in our apartment where he would hit wiffel balls off the carpet into a curtain.  I remember immediately loving the feel of a golf swing and in particular the sound the club made when it grazed the carpet just right.  I would play for hours in our improvised hitting bay and, although I didn't play anything resembling actual golf until much later in life, I consider that the genesis of my obsession with this great game.  I played the game casually for 10 years, then a few years ago began taking it more seriously and am now a certifiable golf nut.  I think I'll fit in nicely here.  



    And I'm in San Diego. Is that Isla Vista as in north of Santa Barbara/Goleta ?


  12. On 10/17/2017 at 2:19 PM, Lihu said:

    I can see why you are nervous about posting a swing here.

    It really sounds like a mental issue. I doubt a video will help you out of the gate anyway.

    Hitting a still ball is not a obvious thing to everyone. For some, it really is a mental issue. You have to get into your brain first.

    My son used this drill for the kids and it's a fun game. Try just rocking your club back and forth like a pendulum without a ball there. Have a friend who's facing you drop a ball towards where the club bottoms out and try to hit it without moving your body too much. Just wait for the ball to get to the spot where the club bottoms out. Once you get good at this, practice some chip shots with that same motion. Put 10 balls in a row, walk up to them and chip them. Walk up to each ball setup and swing with that same pendulum motion. Gradually increase the distance you hit a little bit at a time with the same relaxed motion.

    Eventually, you'll be ready to learn how to make full swings without any of the "ball hitting" apprehension.

    I heard it works well with adults as well. I'd be interested if this helps you reduce your ball apprehension.

    This one seems kind of elaborate. 

    What is it designed to fix for the kids?

  13. 48 minutes ago, Hacker James said:

    @Buckeyebowman et al...You guys are confusing me.  The OP @gregsandiego Has NOT posted any videos, or stills, or anything. It was @Kalnoky who posted a DEMO video that was made by @iacas  The OP @gregsandiego was only stating that he had trouble completing a backswing with a ball present, and that is the reason for my little video, agreeing with him. The OP and I are on the same page.  He has not confused anybody that I know of, but they can speak for themselves.  Or maybe I am the one confused,  I think I should call Bud Abbot or Lou Castello up from the ethernet and ask.

    Hacker James is exactly right. Let's not discuss that part of the thread anymore.

  14. 12 hours ago, Lime Shark said:

    Sing a song.

    Find a song that goes well with your swing (say "Born to be Wild").

    Start singing it as you address the ball. Always start your backswing at the same point in the song; always end it at the same point; always start your down swing at the same point in the song.

    This will give your swing a consistent rhythm. You won't shorten your backswing, because it will feel wrong compared to the song.

    An added bonus is you will be focused on the song instead of the ball.

    Very interesting. That's a new idea.

    2 hours ago, JonMA1 said:


    You know, a lot of us have a similar issue. For me, I was able to achieve a "better" swing hitting into a net, but absolutely could not repeat that swing outside... for  a few years!

    I was finally able to take that "net swing" out in the yard. I'm not describing a good swing, just a tiny bit of improvement on key #2. It's just so damned hard to break bad habits and so easy to slip back when we do. Regardless of any success I've had practicing, it only rarely carries over to the course. But I'm trying to remain optimistic and patient.

    Regarding your issue of not making a full backswing or rushing to start the downswing, it's something that plagues me as well and it's disastrous. It's almost like I have to find some way to get to the very top and either pause or really, really slow down just to give my lower body a head start. Then, I try to come into impact moving my arms very slowly, or at least methodically. But even if those things worked all the time for me (they don't), they won't necessarily work for you.

    Using a nearly full backswing, would you be able to swing the driver at 30% speed or effort while playing a round of golf? Not care if the ball only flies 150 yards - in fact, try to hit it only that far?

    If I go really slow the my body turn seems to get messed up. My arms will keep going without the shoulder turn. 

    1 hour ago, Hacker James said:

    ditto...I just made another video of practice swings without a ball. Looks not so bad, near full turn, near parallel at the top (not that is something that is necessary), all in all, a better(for me) swing. Put a ball there, add a camera from DTL, and looks like shit if there is a camera running.


    Yep. Thanks for sharing. You didn't show with the ball which is what the team here was asking me to do.

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