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  1. I think the biggest complaint I have when I play, and I haven't heard it mentioned here, is why the grounds crew refuses to cut short All the grass and just leaves that nice patch down the middle!
  2. Think of all the time a person wastes by stopping the cart, selecting their club, addressing the ball... you could make up some of that time just driving by and hitting it polo style! Lol
  3. I recently attended a Bridgestone ball fitting. I played my typical Pinnacle gold for about 5 shots in front of their launch monitor and then they analyzed the data and fitted me with an E6, told me I would have more distance and less side spin. Great! I hate the damn thing, can't hit a decent shot with that ball to save my life! So I'm back to the Pinnacle and happy again. I say go with what you are comfortable with and with what works for you.
  4. First off, I agree with the majority of what you've said along with the rest of the comments on this thread, and kw purp i'm not trying to single you out or anything... but putting on a headcover? That takes all of what, 4 or 5 seconds? I usually walk and I don't like to hear my driver banging around against the other clubs not to mention I then have to find a spot to stuff the cover in the bag. Reading putts when it's for bogey, as you can see from my handicap, most of my bests putts are for bogey or worse... just because I'm not going to par a hole doesn't mean I'll concede the hole and just pick up or smack it and hope it goes in. Parking carts away from the green, with this I'm assuming you meant a considerable distance away as most places I've played require you to stay away from greens and tee's. As I said before, I generally walk and with an open course i can get through 18 in just under 3 hours. I walked 9 last night in about an hour and 15 minutes. I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best golfer on the course but I wouldn't say I don't know how to play properly because I replace a headcover or line up a putt for bogey.
  5. Usually when I take my kids out in the cart with me they argue about who gets to carry my putter, rake the sand, hold the flag, etc.. They enjoy it. Shame they lose interest and get bored after about 6 holes. Then it's "Dad is this the last hole? I need to use the bathroom. I'm hungry." Lol
  6. I'm up in the northeast, in Kirksville.
  7. My club has a kids night every friday night through the summer in conjunction with couples night golf. The kids take over the pool area and there is pizza and ice cream provided. Lifeguards on duty and supervision to watch the kids. They usually get a really nice turnout.
  8. Not totally current, I think I was down a little in the last last couple revisions to 31.7, several scorecards in my bag that I need to post though and that should get me down into the 20's . :) USGA official though...
  9. I've tried that and I still can't break 100. Lol
  10. Lol, I'll never understand girls fascination with socks :) Welcome!
  11. I wish I could pin it down to one specific aspect of my game that's holding me back but it's usually all over the board. Some days I drive well and can't hit an approach shot to save my life. Other days I'll blow up with my driver and my irons are the strongest part of my game. It's rare that I actually three putt a hole anymore but two putts are quite common. Usually when I drive decent my ball carries around the 200 - 220 yard range. I have to agree with RayG about the hero shots... just the other day I was coming up the 9th hole and landed in a stretch of trees, rather than playing a safe shot and putting the ball back in the fairway I saw a gap I thought I could hit through. BIG MISTAKE!
  12. There's nothing wrong with being ignorant, I'll be the first to admit I'm ignorant on all sorts of topics and issues. Being stupid however, well... not much you can do for a person there but to just stay the hell out of their way... Lol. I think what the OP was trying to get at is he's finding all sorts of ball that should have been easily located had the person who hit it had the common sense to know where to look. I've hit several shots where i missed it coming off the tee or where i'm playing over a blind hill or something. 9 times out of 10 I'll still find the ball because I know the distance I generally hit and unfortunately how bad i generally slice it (hence the name). Just leaving a ball laying because you're looking 100+ yards away from where you should be looking... don't know if I'd go so far as to call that stupid, but it would be close...
  13. LOL, I'll bet next time you guys will get extra crackers...
  14. I've been chased by a baby skunk before... that's as bad as I've had it so far. Had to get a picture, he was cute. Lol
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