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  1. Shot at 125 today, my first time ever playing 18 holes, and the 2nd time ever being out on a real course. I hit a couple really good tee shots, and the short game was good on some holes, and had a couple excellent putts. Never really put it together on one hole though. I got really excited when I had a chance for birdie on a par 3, but ended up 3-putting for bogey. Going to continue to practice and read up and hopefully can keep improving.
  2. Today was the first day I ever set foot on a real golf course. It was a 9-hole executive course, which I figured was appropriate since it hit 99 degrees here today. I shot a 69 on a par 35. It was really frustrating at times, but looking at my score from a few holes, I made 2 bogeys and a double on three of the holes, but completely fell apart in the middle. Had 40 strokes on 4 holes, and 29 on the other 5. I knew my first time was not going to be great, so I just wanted to make good contact w/ the ball, get it in the air, keep it relative straight. I did lose 7 golf balls, and it was frustrating, but I really enjoyed it. I know I can improve alot, especially if I can start hitting my driver. I reluctantly used it 3 or 4 times, and that is where alot of my penalty strokes and lost balls came into play. Need to get some practice in w/ the driver and keeping it straight. I am currently taking lessons, so I look forward to improving.
  3. Just starting out, about halfway through my set of lessons. Been going to the driving range in between lessons, just trying to get a feel for my new clubs. Really struggled with swinging the driver today, as my lessons have been all irons and wedges. I guess just trying to improve the mechanics of my swing so I can hit the ball consistently enough to be able to tackle a real course.