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  1. i right now play the taylormade r7 draw. this was when i always hit a fade or when i mess up slice ball. i've completely reworked my swing so i don't hit the slice anymore. since i have fixed my slice, whenever i play with this driver i have to open the face at address in order to not hit a hook. it seems to me that every time i line it up square at address, the ball seems to hook. when i used my friend's nike SQ 5000, i would hit a draw or it would go straight. i bought the r7 draw for $140 when it was on sale. i was looking at titleist drivers. i use titleist 695mb's and i like titleist products. so i was wondering if i should just save some money and buy a used 905R or should i drop $230 bucks or wait till the price goes down since titleist is coming out with a new driver next month and get the 907D2??
  2. also i forgot to mention, maybe trying out the cleveland hibore. the original not the XL.
  3. yeah nothing but good reviews about this ball, definitely picking up a dozen at golf galaxy this week
  4. ahhh sorry i didnt know you were in england. another club i would recommend is the callaway hyper X driver. that club gets you the distance even if you mishit it. but the burner is a really solid club. if you are looking for a cheaper driver, go with some 2007 models.
  5. try the nike SQ2 (the square one) i tried hitting it once, alot of forgiveness and pros use it like KJ choi, Paul Casey, and i'm pretty sure trevor immelman used it but i could be wrong. so if pros use it, you know it has some workability. when i tried it i didnt really try to work the ball so i wouldnt really know about workability for this driver but like shindig said try alot of drivers so you can be sure which one is the right for you.