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  1. Seems that the "On Par" gps keeps track of distnace and club. Has anyone used this unit?
  2. so is there a unit (or add on software) that can store distance and club used for each shot?
  3. will this unit also store the club associated with each shot and its distance
  4. Is there a GPS unit available that will track the distance of each shot and the club used so that one can summarize over time the distance for each club? if not, is there software that can be added to existing GPS units?
  5. how was the golf buddy pro?
  6. I am interested in others experiences with currently available GPS Caddies. I have tied the Sky Caddie (Model 5) and although nice, it appears to lack the ability to add new marks to a hole, keep score or show the layout of the hole. I have also read about Sonocaddie (V300) that allows everything above that the Sky Caddie lacks. Since both have the course I primarily play, I am leaning to the Sonocaddie. Anyone thoughts on either these two products or others would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
  7. I play at MiamiView in Ohio. http://www.miamiview.net/
  8. I work within the pharmaceutical industry, conducting clicial research