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  1. Yesterday, I was playing at a nearby municipal course, and on a short dogleg right par 4 I was debating between my 5 wood and my 4 iron off the tee. I went with the wood and forgot to pick up the 4 iron on my way back to the cart. Around the green, I always leave my wedges between the hole and my cart, but I normally don't take multiple clubs to the tee. I didn't realize I was missing hte club until after the turn, so by the time I went back to look for it was gone. I checked with the clubhouse staff and left my contact info with them in case it turns up. I know it's dumb to get upset a
  2. Shot a 92 today. I couldn't putt to save my life on the front nine, but settled things down coming back in.
  3. Great to hear! I just got a set of MP 62's for the range to make my swing more consistent. Not quite ready for true blades yet. I still plan on using my AP1's on the course though.
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