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  1. Instructional overload

    Always try to focus on 1 thing, not i need to think i do this and don't do that. And try to reconstruct what you did wrong. You start learning i my experience if you can feel what you do wrong. I know the first month i had no idea what you do wrong, you see a ball go far to the left and have no idea how it got there. Sure you know you had the clubhead open but how dit it happen at what part of the swing.
  2. Stroke and distance vs pace of play

    Hmm seems the handicap system is a lot more different in Netherlands or I just don't know the stableford rules that well. In our country when you want to lower your handicap you just walk a Q-card which require you to have more then 36 points to lower your handicap. So if you don't follow the rules on a hole you can't score there and simply can't just put down a 7 on a par 5 on the card. Or am i missunderstanding something now.
  3. You have in mind what kind of things you offer to those who donate to the project? I mean would it be something for 30 you get the book for 50 you get it signed and that sort of things? Or is this something you still are thinking about.
  4. Course Management Discussion

    I think the biggest problem with higher handicap is that you often can't shoot 9 out of 10 balls in the same direction and if you take a club which you can shoot futher it sometimes give you some nice distance on the fairway but you will also find yourself often in trouble if the ball goes left or right directly when you hit the ball and then you hit it pretty far in the woods, rough or whatever is at the sides of the fairway. I'm also struggling at the moment with what kind of club should i hit a shot with. I know what distances i can shoot with but i still have often i rotate my hand and leave the club open and my ball go way right and then im in big trouble. I notice if i hit a ball with my 7 iron i for some reason end up with nice straight shots so at the moment i use that most of the time and hoping to hit a bogey or double bogey.
  5. And don't assume that everyone who are on the golf can actually hit their balls good 9 out of 10 times. Even those who have 20-30 hcp have their bad days when they shoot a lot of their balls in the trees and cant make a good pitch or putt. I know the first week when i started playing the 18 holes i didnt want to play with others cause i thought i would hold them up, ofcourse if you miss the ball 5 times without hitting it you would hold people up but if you still do that you should still be on the drivingrange. If you play with others just keep some things in mind: 1 hit your ball quick, meaning pick your club look at where you want to aim your ball at, most of the time it won't go that way but that doesnt matter and hit it and start walking again. 2 Don't piss of your playingpartner by saying how bad you hit that ball or ask each time what did i do wrong, you have a pro for that.. 3 If you need to hit your own ball more then 3 times without reaching the ball of your playing partner just pick it up, walk with your playingpartner let him make his shot then walk again and drop the ball at the next spot where his or her ball lies. That way you can still make some shots and don't hold that person up. Same goes if you want to pitch, chip or putt. Just hit it a couple of times then pick it up. 4. Like the other person said in the thread if you hit your ball in the trees just leave it there and play a new ball, just buy some cheap lakeballs if you don't want to spent a lot of money on balls, 5. If you see people behind you just let them through but that is also something your playing partner should keep an eye on as you probably need all the time to fix on your own game. Just have fun, everyone started the same as you so most will understand and have patience.
  6. Would rather buy some big mushrooms that are white, cant count the times i thought that there was a ball when it was a freaking mushroom...
  7. The club were I play have besides the normal 18 holes another 9 holes that is the par 3 course. Those holes are ideal to start learning to golf and also good to work on your short game, 9 holes par 3 costs around 40-50 minutes to complete so if you want to work on your short game that course is ideal for that. I didn't play very long on the par 3 cause i got my club hcp pretty quick, think it took me total of 3 weeks to get access to the 18 holes course. Once i could play the course alone i try to do that often, since a lot of people play with 2 or 3 ball you can easaly play 1 ball and don't have to worry about people behind you who think you play slow and if for some reason get a group behind you simply let them true so you can play alone again without worrying about others.
  8. Who do you hate the most on tour?

    While i don't know any players i personally dislike players who dress themselves as clowns. Don't think I need to call out any names. I find it odd that pretty much all golfclubs have rules about how to dress but everyone is ok with people dressing themselves in the weirdest outfits. Just odd in my opinion.
  9. Sun in your eyes rule?

    The drop is always the option it just is the question if you want to move back to the teebox to do the shot again. I play a lot alone myself and it is annoying but for me best solution on the couple of holes it is really annoying is to just shoot it short, if you play alone scoring isnt the biggest factor for me anyway it is about if i make the shots good. Or if you don't want to loose the balls just don't play that hole but i'd imagine if you have several holes facing same way it is a bigger problem. At the club i play there is only 1 hole and driving range when you look straight in the sun at certain times...
  10. Golf Stats, Important to Amateur?

    After some advice from a couple of people here i track my stats with oobgolf now, Just after each hole i make a note if i hit the fairway or miss it left or right. Amounts of putts, bunkershots and penalties. Not only do i find it usefull for myself but also for my pro who is teaching me. This morning i had a meeting with him and could show him the progression and were we should lay our focus on in the upcoming weeks.
  11. Slight change in Iron position in set up

    Well if you are new to golf like me there are so many things that could go wrong. Topping the ball could be that you stand wrong but could easaly mean your head and body comes a bit up when going forward with your swing. It is something you need to feel yourself I think. Else ask someone else to look at your swing often somebody else notice things much qucker then you feeling it. Also if you if your body moves sidesways in your back and forward swing that could also result in topping the ball or hitting the ground first. As to were you should have your club from the body I believe it should be that you could put a hand between the club and your body.
  12. Your golf handicap trend ... up or down, why?

    How did you fix the work-related problem stopped working. :) I'm currently stuck at 32 as im playing like handicap 36. Started few months ago with my best 9 hole round a 58 but now im glad if i could do a 68 on 9 holes. For me the problem lies that distance is better then a month ago but more distance now often means futher in the woods at the right... Oh well nothing a pro can help me fix in the upcoming months. Have set myself the goal that i want to hit around 27-28 at the end of september or something.
  13. Fun video - Hockey players... Pffft :-)

    It looks so easy wonder how many times he had to do that shot to do that exactly,
  14. Which club do you chip with?

    Well im still new to golf but I chip with either sw or iron 9 most of the time.Depends a lot on the distance. sw when i want almost no roll when landing and a 9 if i want the ball to roll a bit till a lot futher.