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  1. If you were to choose between Miura, PXG or Edel which would you have custom made? Why?
  2. Thanks for all of the differing opinions, I am leaning towards comfort and away from practical, ie minivan. My kids are getting older and I want to ride in comfort when I travel to play golf with them. I am leaning towards the Infinity or Lexus but my interest were piqued by the Toyota Sequoia.
  3. Not sure if this is the correct location for this question. I am looking to purchase a new vehicle and need a vehicle to carry at least 3 full size golf bags, my children's and mine, and I am looking for a luxury vehicle. Just to clarify I don't want to spend more than $75,000 and I don't want a truck. Any ideas or suggestions?
  4. Thanks, I will make a trip up there later in the year and get fitted.
  5. I also would like to get an answer to this question. I live in the Rio Grande Valley and I either have to go to San Antonio or Houston, which is 2 hours more away.
  6. I am a Border Patrol Agent. Currently assigned to the Border Patrol Academy as an instructor.
  7. Today I shot a 111. I pretty happy with it since it's my first round in 11 years.
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