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  1. Instructional overload

    This happened to me two weeks ago. Shot a worst round after a month of lessons and probably 50 hours of practice. Not to mention videos, articles, forums, etc. Took a day off from golf and went back out there. Spent a whole hour just doing mini swings with no plan, expectations, or thoughts. Then I started full swings with the same mindset. Didn't even look to see the ball too much. Just getting a feel. I just needed to clear my head. Played again 10 days later and took 22 strokes off. Just clear your head (easier said than done).
  2. I just got a pair of the Sensei. Very roomy in toes. Size was dead on for me at 12. Much more comfortable and I can wear them anywhere.
  3. I played with Noodles quite a bit and could tell a difference in the softness. Good for beginners like me. There was a great thread for a guy who went from the 130s to 80s and how he got there. One of his steps was to use the same ball every time. Perhaps when I get much better, I will be able to see a significant difference in types. For now, I am content with getting used to the same ball every round. Takes any second guessing on the feel, spin etc and forces me to just work on my swing. I am playing Nike Crush. The only reason is that is the ball he used in the post I mentioned above and I can find them very easily under $20/dozen.
  4. Has Tiger changed his demeanor?

    I would after watching his interview after the 3rd round. He has seemed petulant at times. Definitely a different vibe. Seemed pleased at his position and game. I was hoping for a little more confident tone he could play from behind, but he seemed more realistic/humble. I thought there was a feeling of gratitude too. Nice change of pace. Definitely agree with you WilsonEdgeMan. It is good to see the change. BTW, love the avatar. 10th Mtn vet myself. Many friends in the 25th.