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  1. Thank you.. Mizuno: 355 Dynamic gold s300 taper tip Taylormade: 355 TT Dynamic Gold S300 taper tip - 4c1m/5c1m These are the specs i could find, it looks possible after all :-)
  2. Hey guys I hope you can help me out. I recently bought some re-stocked Taylormade tour preferred mb , with d ynamic gold SL300 steel shafts (standard lenght) . The problem is that i normally use x-stiff shaft and 1' longer. My old irons are the Mizuno mp58 with the KBS TOUR X steel shaft . I had them re-shafted the about 4 months ago a my local pro shop. My question is: Is it possible to use my "old" shaft from the MP58's in my new Taylormade irons? I'm not a big shaft guy but i've heard that there are a ton of different tips and i want to make sure that they are the same. Andreas.. :-)