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  1. McPhee made some puzzling picks last night Las Vegas could have had a better team on paper but instead made friendly picks to get draft picks Looks like they want to tank and build up from the inside.
  2. Look at Billy Mayfair putting stroke on youtube. There's no doubt that is a cutting motion Weather or not the ball actually has cutspin is matter of debate But in my mind I trying to cut the ball by deliberately opening up the face at impact No a good thing to do with a flat stick of any kind weather it be a driver or putter
  3. So I played about 20 rounds without a slice then suddenly out of no where I have this awful slice to OB My opponent in league play ribs me about it. The only explanation is that just prior to driving I had this tough left to right putt been having difficulty making and taking the widest path imaginable I cut the ball rather than pushing the ball and this thinking infected my drive on the next shot
  4. No watching Spieth earlier when it was really windy and definitely a draw pattern on shot tracker. Guess these guys hit so high takes some on the side spin off that it's so controllable in cross wind
  5. With heavy winds , notice some players still drawing into a par 3 even with right to left winds. Ball goes so high draw goes 5 yards at most How the ball not go more than that with those winds?
  6. With a hybrid and a 6 iron just off the green been using this "decell " tip and seem to be able to putt really well and hole some. Works particularly well if above hole and judging speed to be critical not to overshoot the hole
  7. Lee Trevino says all he can read when he tries plumb bob on the green is "true temper" But seriously there's a guy who I play with who does it all the time and very good putter but when asked why he doesn't have an answer. I suspect it's like how some people like to tap the putterhead on the ground. It part of a comfortable routine for them. Not so much reading the green
  8. Don't feel like watching hockey. It's already June! Was interested in last two rounds but couldn't care less now Like the Preds but feeling Pens will find a way to win They always seem to pull the plug on the other team in game 7
  9. Darwinism. Fittest survive. Fit males want to spread their seeds as plentifully as possible to try to generates many offsprings as possible. Almost like the old Mormon code. Mormons are Christians.
  10. Some golf instructor should tell Ernie that feel is not real
  11. I line up the ball on the green with my eyeline and no longer position ball off my stance. For longer putts I setup with the shaft and position the ball off my lead armpit. Preferably slightly ahead of my left armpit but if I'm off the green then sometime behind and try for a "skid and run"
  12. Put MAF back in goal for game 7 I think he deserves it even though he likely wouldn't be back with the Pens next year
  13. Been overthinking this. This is a good simple explanation Had a situation where the pin was at the back and normally like to lob as there is some roll to my lob shots but the green was running away from me and not much green to work with as it was an old style course with small green A flop shot with no roll would have the better option Also been using my 60 degree for both The major difference is I open up the blade for the flop and aim for the landing spot for no run
  14. I generally like taking only 1/2 swings with a 60 wedge and like to use it when I play ball below my feet and downslope lies inside pitching distance. I don't seem to have good control full swinging my wedges anything higher than 52 degrees
  15. I play my wedges from 100 yards and further away with a full swing or a knockdown type swing Inside 90 yards I tend to use 1/2 swing and fade the ball with a 52 or 60 wedge most of the time. If the lie is awkward and I am closer to the green say for example 30-40 yards on a upslope without any elevated green then I use a 9 iron and play more of a pitch and run