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  1. Read a few threads about this topic and I really don't understand why it is describe as body vs arms? shouldnt it be arms&body swing vs arms swing? If I just use just my arms ball generally goes shorter The most maybe 60 yards before my rest of my body gets involved The more I get my body involved and synch with my arms the further the ball travels I never been able to move the ball with just a so call "body" swing Maybe a body swing mean arms + rest of the body swing as that makes more sense to me
  2. What are you doing for the total solar eclipse?

    Will be driving across the border from Vancouver BC to Salem Oregan Just hoping the traffic isn't too bad
  3. Here is How to move the hip

    I didn't read all the posts For me I play better when I feel like I'm turning my hips and the lateral hip movement happens after ball impact as a result of a "pulling" feeling from my upper body than purposely shifting my hips laterally I get this feeling primarily from the driver swing With the irons it feels like I'm turning "in a box " My hips do move laterally but not as much as a the driver and I feel more of an upward as well as a lateral pull with my upper body
  4. Ball position for putting

    Overthinking this topic Now for putting I set up the ball on the intended stroke path So whatever feels comfortable though my eye alignment, shaft angle, grip and prior proper green reading are all equally important for me to set up the ball
  5. How did you fix your slice?

    Look at Billy Mayfair putting stroke on youtube. There's no doubt that is a cutting motion Weather or not the ball actually has cutspin is matter of debate But in my mind I trying to cut the ball by deliberately opening up the face at impact No a good thing to do with a flat stick of any kind weather it be a driver or putter
  6. How did you fix your slice?

    So I played about 20 rounds without a slice then suddenly out of no where I have this awful slice to OB My opponent in league play ribs me about it. The only explanation is that just prior to driving I had this tough left to right putt been having difficulty making and taking the widest path imaginable I cut the ball rather than pushing the ball and this thinking infected my drive on the next shot
  7. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    No watching Spieth earlier when it was really windy and definitely a draw pattern on shot tracker. Guess these guys hit so high takes some on the side spin off that it's so controllable in cross wind
  8. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    With heavy winds , notice some players still drawing into a par 3 even with right to left winds. Ball goes so high draw goes 5 yards at most How the ball not go more than that with those winds?
  9. With a hybrid and a 6 iron just off the green been using this "decell " tip and seem to be able to putt really well and hole some. Works particularly well if above hole and judging speed to be critical not to overshoot the hole
  10. plumb bobbing

    Lee Trevino says all he can read when he tries plumb bob on the green is "true temper" But seriously there's a guy who I play with who does it all the time and very good putter but when asked why he doesn't have an answer. I suspect it's like how some people like to tap the putterhead on the ground. It part of a comfortable routine for them. Not so much reading the green
  11. Tiger Troubles - DUI Arrest

    Darwinism. Fittest survive. Fit males want to spread their seeds as plentifully as possible to try to generates many offsprings as possible. Almost like the old Mormon code. Mormons are Christians.