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  1. Please Let me know which cuss words are more acceptable.
  2. Its such an individual thing. Why mic golfers and expect there would be no cussing. It happens in every profession sports and probably more so in other sports if football players or baseball players were mic up. Why are we putting golfers in a different category?
  3. Ball position of the left armpit. I’m sure it works for some pros Advice that seem to make sense and I tried to practice this concept for a couple of rounds and then developed shoulder strain and adhesive capsulitis of my left shoulder. Could not play golf for one year because of it. Problem is that left shoulder moves freely in the swing. And when I was forcing and fighting my shoulder muscles it was very unnatural for me It was tightening when it should be loose during the swing The head cover tucked inside my left armpit does not work for me
  4. It’s interesting topic. I believe that the “forward press” in putting has a better chance for the ball “hug”to the ground sooner and thus roll forward sooner Dont see as much with modern golfers as much the older timers For me when I forward press in chipping it’s just to get the rhythm going and just getting the ball to bounce as soon as possible on the green In putting I don’t forward press any more but I do believe in setting the hands as far forward as comfortable Especially for uphill putts I want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible
  5. That interesting. I was about to say simply I position the ball off my right hip. But now reading that explanation, On most easy lies and off the tee , I position my right hip to the ball and for more difficult lies (downhill and ball below my feet) I position my mid pelvis to the ball
  6. dchoye

    Putting Tips

    I have trouble with 8-10 footers with break running away from me I find it difficult to roll those types of putts. Been using the line on the ball and keeps my eyes sharp and bit easier to roll right to left using the line
  7. When I started playing golf Most of my short putt misses are pushes and when I started using the line on the ball the pushes disappeared Short pulled putts happen more now and when it does I agree the poster about over active left arm. Just use the forehand only to putt with and relax the other arm
  8. Glad to see Tiger compete today Watch the Open just to see how he did
  9. Had a look at my video swing from 5 years ago and notice I tend “not to swing my arms” Falling back to that pattern when I grip too tightly with my thumb and forefinger and lose strength my upper back and neck and losing posture Guess I have to stretch and contract those muscles between my shoulder blade Will have to do that as daily exercise
  10. Is it me or does it seems like he’s not compulsively wiping the putter blade as much as he use too?
  11. I try to use the putter for uncomplicated lies in the light fringe. Any time the ball is sitting up or nested inside deeper grass around the green I take out the wedge. Sometimes I will take out the hybrid if ball in in light fringe and I have to roll the ball through multiplable crests and trough toward the hole
  12. I dont have all the answer but something has to be done. It’s ruining the game . I think it’s unfair when one player slows up the entire group. There should be a stop clock on every single player and posted so everyone knows who the slowest player is
  13. How about we let the next group play through and reset.
  14. How about we let the next group play through and reset. How are they doing it at the European tour?
  15. Like this idea Everyone should get X amount of time to finish the round. Get maybe 2 special “time outs” if OB or really difficult lies to figure how to proceed
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