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    Putting Tips

    I have trouble with 8-10 footers with break running away from me I find it difficult to roll those types of putts. Been using the line on the ball and keeps my eyes sharp and bit easier to roll right to left using the line
  2. When I started playing golf Most of my short putt misses are pushes and when I started using the line on the ball the pushes disappeared Short pulled putts happen more now and when it does I agree the poster about over active left arm. Just use the forehand only to putt with and relax the other arm
  3. Glad to see Tiger compete today Watch the Open just to see how he did
  4. Had a look at my video swing from 5 years ago and notice I tend “not to swing my arms” Falling back to that pattern when I grip too tightly with my thumb and forefinger and lose strength my upper back and neck and losing posture Guess I have to stretch and contract those muscles between my shoulder blade Will have to do that as daily exercise
  5. Is it me or does it seems like he’s not compulsively wiping the putter blade as much as he use too?
  6. I try to use the putter for uncomplicated lies in the light fringe. Any time the ball is sitting up or nested inside deeper grass around the green I take out the wedge. Sometimes I will take out the hybrid if ball in in light fringe and I have to roll the ball through multiplable crests and trough toward the hole
  7. I dont have all the answer but something has to be done. It’s ruining the game . I think it’s unfair when one player slows up the entire group. There should be a stop clock on every single player and posted so everyone knows who the slowest player is
  8. How about we let the next group play through and reset.
  9. How about we let the next group play through and reset. How are they doing it at the European tour?
  10. Like this idea Everyone should get X amount of time to finish the round. Get maybe 2 special “time outs” if OB or really difficult lies to figure how to proceed
  11. dchoye

    Putting Issues

    I gone entirely too much with “playing “ putting stroke instead of focusing making putts when I am at the course I like practising 5-10 footers ,learn the speed of the green , accept that I can’t will all of the them into the hole I want to be fast at putting so there’s less chance to freeze up however I know I weak on the left to right breakers so I spend a bit more time preputt routine to imagine the hole going into the hole in my mind
  12. Random tips that have worked for myself Greenside bunker . Splash the ball and sand out. Make sure the butt end is pointed away from my body at address. For longer bunker shots that tip doesn’t apply just hit a normal fat lob shot Long putt make sure the butt end is pointed at my belly button the longer the putt the longer the stroke Strong left forearm hold for more power Slide right hand closer together for more precision inside 140 yards Weak left forearm grip for lobs Hands further apart for more leaverage over 50 yards
  13. I don’t like using full swing for anything under 140 yards i have better accuracy starting with 3/4 knockdown type swing say 8I for 130-140 yard 9I knockdown for 120-130 yards PW knockdown for 110-120 yards GW for 100-110 The difference is i don’t swing as wide with 3/4 swing and finish lower. Try not to get too narrow. Tricky distance for me is 60-100 yards i use one club usually it’s a SW or GW close to 54 degrees try to flatten my swing by looping my swing It’s mostly feel for that distance I pre close the club face to amount of height and distance I want to carry as it translates to degrees of closure
  14. Remember a playing lesson with Jim Furyk on the Golf Channel and when asked how he loops his swing. He simply says that he doesn’t feel it loops even though it’s very obvious to others watching him He says that his swing “FEELS straight back and straight through “
  15. I suppose I guess for me body means everything ARMs, trunks , legs. ALL need to be coordinated to produce a good golf swing A pure arm swing means the trunk and legs stay stable A flop shot would be a pure arm swing for me
  16. I feel my hips actively move with the long game swings In putting and chipping my pelvis feels very passive. Even with lobbing my hips feels passive and reactive to my arms swinging
  17. Played with a young guy who hit the ball over 300 yards a few times from the tees and still a 20 handicap His putting was astronomical bad and wasn’t consistent off the tee (some OBs) He had a couple of impressive drives but that was about it.
  18. Agree There are certain lies and stances though that make it harder for me to do a 1/2 swing so generally good advice but there exceptions for me when I will try to hit extra high PW or 9I full swing inside 140 yards when the lie/stance is difficulty for 1/2 swing Simiarly I have to 1/2 swing a hybrid inside 200 yards when the lie and stance is too difficulty for me to swing fully with an iron The beauty of the hybrid is that with the 1/2 swing the ball stays high and stops I find that if I hit anything higher than an 7iron with a 1/2 swing ball stays low but doesn’t have the backspin to stick on the green. For me
  19. A rule is a rule. But doesn't change the outcome of the hole. Rules needs to be update and amended to keep the game fair to the players.
  20. I bend over from the hips and with soft arms and play it from there. If im too far away I start feeling I will early extend and my butt moves to far in if Im too close my elbows start touching my chest too comfortably and I start moving my head backwards. It will be a feel thing there probably 2-3 inches that I can adjust for it doesn't have to precise but not 6-7 inches off
  21. Good thread that I reread once in a while. I notice good putters "hold their finish" or have a short follow through I prefer to think of slowing down or coasting rather decel. Though probably means the same Decel seems like I excessive brake whereas slowing down or coasting, I just release the brakes and slow down more naturally
  22. I get confused by the interchanging terms of "release" and "swing" i can get how I can swing my arms but not release the club I can also get releasing my arms and club together with just turning my body but not swinging
  23. When the swing is all arms for me I feel like the rest of my body is just there for alignment It hard for me to develop synch though sometimes I could and when I do then my arms don't really "swing " but" release" with the club as one unit and my body doesn't swing My body turns and my arms and clubs swing in synch When I feel like it's only arms swing with no body turn or pivot then the club doesn't not release naturally with my elbows or wrist The face is generally held off or the at the shaft angle
  24. This is my second total solar eclipse I have seen and it was awesome experience just like last time. We drive to Salem Or from Vancouver BC and traffic was not too bad getting there. Leaving immediately and driving out after the eclipse was another story though. Bumper to bumper on I5 almost all the way to Seatle Still well worth it for me .We lucked out on the weather. The skies over Salem was clear blue for eclipse day
  25. Read a few threads about this topic and I really don't understand why it is describe as body vs arms? shouldnt it be arms&body swing vs arms swing? If I just use just my arms ball generally goes shorter The most maybe 60 yards before my rest of my body gets involved The more I get my body involved and synch with my arms the further the ball travels I never been able to move the ball with just a so call "body" swing Maybe a body swing mean arms + rest of the body swing as that makes more sense to me
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