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  1. Pulling for Tiger

    Tiger every single time. I was at Muirfield yesterday and watching his ball flight was a clinic. I've never seen anyone make it look so easy. A lot of people don't actually rate his swing, a lot of pundits don't rate it either but let me tell you, in person it is so damn fluid it's a joke. When it's slowed down by TV you can see flaws but in pure viewing terms, in person especially, you really do feel privileged to watch such a player. I genuinely feel for the tour when he leaves because the guy is a super star, probably the most famous athlete ever and any sport would struggle losing that. Despite the love in for Tiger I probably have a group of other guys I really pull for as well, G-Mac probably the most, I just love the bloke and it seems like he just loves the game. When he gets asked a question at a press conference and ends up speaking for about 5 minutes, it's like he gets lost in the game. I have also developed a liking for McIlroy and Scott this last year and who doesn't like Luke Donald? Man I'm really excited for Jordan Spieth as well, that kid looks dynamite. Seen him at the Walker Cup in '11 and he was quality, didn't lose a game. Sadly didn't really get to see him much at Muirfield yesterday and when I did he made bogey on 17. But he does look the real deal! But you can be sure this weekend I'm only rooting for one guy and he's the best player ever.