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  1. My miss has always been a pull hook, but also I have inconsistency in every aspect of impact. Im not DJ yet so Im still trying to improve. So you're saying I should feel like Im swinging with my arms and get them to the ball before I even feel like I start my body. Maybe try to get the hands out and in front first? Ive tried something similar before but my body likes to move on its own. Ill try that out next time I get to the range.
  2. Does anyone know any drills or feels to get my hands in front of my sternum to start the downswing. I feel like everything in my swing is near perfect, but at the point where my body is in position for impact, the club is still parallel to the ground. Its the initial move to start the down swing where my right elbow drops and separates from its buddy where i feel the issue is. Halp
  3. I'm pretty certain I figured out what was wrong today. One of the things I have been working on has been a later release. Before I had been playing my driver at the 8* setting and had left it there. I brought out my old driver today with a 42.5" stiff Ahina shaft and was hitting it consistently again, but still the super high and spinny shot that I have seen with all the other ones. I think that because the loft/launch was so much higher that It was just having less speed going in the side directions if that makes sense. It seems to be more of a high consistent fade rather than a low screamer
  4. They are different?? I go to David Ayers lowcountry golf quite a bit but have never been custom fit. I didn't think he would be able to let me hit shorter shafts close to what I need but I guess I should ask him. Heres some swings from this summer and here is one from a month ago. Ive been working on some stuff since then to improve it and it starting to look a little better and a lot smoother. Ill try and post those tomorrow.
  5. It doesn't spin much with my current driver, only with the ones I try out. I'm 90% sure I don't hit down on it, but I haven't had any way to measure that. A quick hook and sometimes a slight toe block. But also just varying trajectories and just the way the shot and swing seem to look. Its hard for me to explain. With the ones I've tried out every single miss has been right which is what I want. I was not. Its hard for me to get fitted because I am on a very tight budget and nobody I know in my area has the means to let me hit different shafts that fit me at different lengths.
  6. Hello, I've recently been changing a couple of things up in my swing and game for a couple of reasons and it has been moving along nicely, however I am having trouble hitting my driver. Everything in my bag up to driver I am getting consistent results with, albeit not always what I want. My driver however seems to be very inconsistent in terms of dispersion and flight, moreso than I think it should be relative to the consistency of the rest of my game. I play a Taylormade R15 with the stock Speeder 661 Tour spec in X flex with a larger midsized grip and cut down to 42 inches. It is also t
  7. 7I recently bought a set of irons off ebay with stiff KBS C Taper .370. I plan on tipping them to try and get the flex, launch, and length closer to what i need. I currently play kbs tour stiff and hit the ball high and short and im hoping to get a little less spin on my iron shots and maybe a little more distance because ive lost alot as of late, but that is not the biggest priority. My question is, how much can ypu tip a parallell c taper? Is there a way to judge how much room i have before i run out of the tip section? Also, how significant would it be if i tipped it to say a 6.5 -7.0
  8. 8iron today Driver today I can not figure out how to embed the videos so there is the link. Both shots were not great. No warmup.
  9. Im on a high school golf team and this last season I created a website that ranks the team based on performance. It was pretty fun for us and increased our conpetition to play well but I am still not sure of the best way to do the rankings. Basically I took the score differential from each round played and adjusted the course rating to accomodate for the conditions. Then we averaged the differentials and ranked for that. However, matches, tournaments and playoffs were all weighted differently. We do qualifiers to get into each event so not everybody plays the same amount. There was some anger
  10. I got to play this course right after he was suspended. The people there are a little bit up tight even though the course isnt that great. Its more about the history of the club. Also the first hole is so steep it would be difficult not to want to race down it atleast once.
  11. I dont really have bad days. Im usually very consistent from round to round. Usually its month to month. Ill have a few months in a row where i really struggle then a month where im playing great. But all my scores are similar. It honestly all comes down to the driver.
  12. You mean the war they are fighting with north korea and probably elsewhere idk, why else would they need mandatory service. [quote name="Shorty" url="/t/83386/golfer-bae-sang-moon-in-the-army-now/0_100#post_1182048"] It's fine to be a dumbass at 17. It's not acceptable to sound like an ignorant racist, bigoted 70 year old Republican. [/quote] thank you for comparing me to the wisest most sucessful class of americans. It really makes me feel good. I guess i am just better than you
  13. Hes not above the law but the law should either be a good law or no law at all. I can garuntee 500,000 USD would go alot farther towards their war efforts than one scrawny little asian dude
  14. He should be allowed to buy himself out of it
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