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  1. I actually finished in the top 10 Very fun game, I was actually in first one time before, for a whole 2 shots drained the first 2 with clean baskets.
  2. The last tournament that counts towards the money list is Children's Miracle Network Classic which ends on Nov 15th.
  3. Balls, Tees, divot tools, ball markers, set of all different colored sharpies, pencils, rain coat and pants, bag cover, water bottles, rain, winter and normal gloves, athletic tape, spike wrench, extra pair of socks, reflector sticks and then whatever I have in my pockets before my round like change and my phone.
  4. Is this supposed to be binary for 54? I use Callaway tour I balls and they have the 6 deeper dimples that are spaced equally apart across the ball and I put a green dot in each. Makes mine distinguishable no matter how it sits.
  5. I guess I got a steal at $150 for an individual then $50 for each family member after, until 4 then it's free after that. I broke even real quick considering a large bag of balls is $10.
  6. I love the tour i and just to let you know gppgolf.com has a way better deal $35 for 18 balls
  7. I would have to think Yao Ming would have to be big just because all of the Chinese fans. And when you start putting in names from years back you lose a lot of possible people just because the worlds population has grown by almost 2 billion (increase of over 40%) in the last 20 years. The worlds population has almost doubled since Ali's & Pele's days.
  8. See if you lived farther north you wouldn't of got that snow . I have around 8 or 9 rounds in this year granted a few a have been with snow on a few holes, and there still is some snow on the course where the trees block the sun but that's only one hole. Personally I just wish it would stop being so winding. Today isn't bad almost 50 and sun shine going out in 30 mins. Josh
  9. I use Tour I's and put a green dot in the 6 deeper dimples.
  10. Here is ours but since the season hasn't started there isn't much. http://www.graylingcountryclub.net/leagues.html Normally there is the schedule of who you play and the scores of every team. Josh
  11. I have Michigan St., Memphis, Pitt and UNC Championship game Memphis vs UNC and UNC winning it all. Maryland is my only wrong so far.
  12. I have no clue where it would make a difference and actually how hard the ball would have to be. When there talking a soft and hard ball there really isn't that much difference between to two. It's not like you can squeeze the soft ball in your hands. And then it's not like a hard ball is a solid piece of steel. That's why you can hit almost any ball hard or soft and they will go pretty close to the same distance. It's not like one is 10% farther than another even if one is the hardest and the other is the softest. And at 105 I don't think any ball made would be to hard. Maybe at 50
  13. A firmer ball will only go further to a certain point and then you wont be able to compress the ball enough and the lack of compression will affect the amount of time the ball stays on the face of the club and will then in turn affect the amount of energy transferred from the club to the ball. Too hard of ball will decrease distance just like too soft of ball will decrease distance. You need the ball to be in contact with the face of the club to transfer energy and compressing the ball allows for more time which will allow for more energy transfer. Up until a certain point when the ball has
  14. Good commercial here is the link to it on Clevelands website http://link.brightcove.com/services/...tid14154722001
  15. I should be playing Pilgrims Run in less than a month, then Egypt Valley Country Club the Valley Course a few weeks after and then hopefully will play forest dunes later in the year. Then maybe some other nice courses in Michigan. Here is a picture of forest dunes and a link to there site http://www.forestdunesgolf.com/ It's a beautiful course out in the middle of no where. But I live close, only about 15-20 mins.
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