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  1. I've heard they've got other facilities similar to the TMP but not "brand specific" perhaps they have one close to you?
  2. Ugh, I feel your pain, I've been there.. It's almost as frustrating as driving multiple tee shots on the same hole in the drink...
  3. He told me to try and hit a hook :) I'm a lefty, so he said imagine there's water ALL down the left side and try to hook the ball. It worked and I've been hitting some nice straight shots. The problem now is I'm actually beginning to hook sometimes, so now I've gotta back off a bit :) Yeah, it's not cheap, $400 bucks retail, If you're in Orlando, mention the blog and it'll be $200 bucks. I believe they are, compared to clubs from the 90's anyway. :) I believe that the new Burners are longer than today's standards too.
  4. If you're looking for a really awesome evaluation of your swing, you should check these folks out. Last week, I went out to the TaylorMade Performance Lab out at Grand Cypress and had a two hour custom club fitting. It was ridiculous! You enter this vault type room, they strap on 26 sensors all over your body and every aspect of your swing is captured by nine high speed cameras. Anything you wanted to know about your swing will be discovered in the session. It was probably the coolest experience of my golfing life. Once the session is over, they combine all the data gathered and recommend a
  5. I guess it's sort of off & on topic, but the grill room is a good place for it. Check out the link. Sports Genetic Testing for Children Personally, I think this is a bunch of crap and I don't like the concept of it, I'm interested in your opinions on the matter.
  6. Please take a look below and if you can, help support this worthy organization! Odyssey Putter Auction to benefit ALS Research
  7. Funny story about my first round with my dad. I think I was probably 10 or 11 and he let me drive the cart and hit some shots from the fairway. One hole he told me to drive close to the ball and he was going to lean out and pick it up. I did as instructed and as I neared the ball he started yelling, "slow down, slow down!" I depressed the brake pedal a little harder than I anticipated and my old man went tumbling forward out of the cart catching his tenders on the way out. :( I remember him yelling for me to get the hell out of the driver seat and help him up, I, of course was in stit
  8. I'm with DrFro, I wish they'd ask. :) I tend to leave it to the fates as to whether I'm tipping someone or not. I treat it as a pregame warmup, When I arrive at a course, if the bag drop is manned by a bagboy, I'll park the car and walk my clubs up. If I get there and it's unattended, I'll drop my bags and if by chance, by the time I park and return someone is loading my bags on to the cart, I'll give them a tip, usually $5 bucks. Same thing applies to the club cleaners, I'll try to avoid them, but if I get tagged, I'll let them do their business and another $5 bucks. I'd rather not t
  9. I didn't achieve any scores really worth bragging about, but I've seen some significant improvement in my game this year, so I'm grateful for that :)
  10. Anyone know what the initial amount of the contract was for?
  11. Check out this article. Looks like California will be getting taxed for golf. Tax on Golf
  12. Ugh, I think I suffer from the malady as you gents. I think my average is 245-255 now, but I know that I CAN hit 280, so usually the round starts out, good drives at 245, than if I don't consciously remind myself to keep it slow and steady, I'll find my swing getting faster and faster and my balls start heading more left or more right and soon I've lost my swing for the round. So we must resign ourselves to our average drives until technology can help us carry more :)
  13. Yup, I think Yoga is the ticket. I've started a program that I think is going to not only help get me in shape but improve my game. Check out the link: Yoga & Golf Seems like Golf & Yoga have a few common traits that once honed, can be beneficial to both activities.
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