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  1. Hey folks, I came across a situation a couple weeks ago that I've been thinking about thoroughly and can't come to a conclusion. So my buddy and I were out for a round of 18 and were paired up with a husband and wife. My buddy is just starting to learn the game but he was courteous enough that when he didn't hit a great shot he'd advance up the fairway to drop and didn't spend too much time looking for stray hits. We had a threesome walking behind us and around the 14th hole they hit up on us as we were on the green. The gentleman apologized but it made me wonder about the etiquette in the situation. My group was averaging a good pace of about 12 minutes or so per hole, give or take a couple minutes per hole. Basically my question is what is proper etiquette when it comes to waving a group ahead? My conclusion is that if a group is maintaining good pace at about 12 minutes a hole then they should not waive up a group to play ahead, regardless of the pace at which they're playing? Of course it would be different if a single were to be playing behind. Your thoughts?
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