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  1. If I try to improve the speed of the downswing, I cannot control the club anymore and miss the ball or hit it very badly. Is this due to a lack of muscle?
  2. Most of you are already playing golf for years, some for decades. But at the beginning you may not have the same driving distance you do have now. So when did your driving distance improve? Do you have an constant driving distance from beginning to today? Or did your driving distance improved consistendly to some point during the time? Or did you had breakthroughs and your driving distance improved abruptly? I just begin to golf and I hit with an iron 7 about 80 yards. Its a not very satisfying distance. I wonder if I should work on my swing, correct it or will it get better with
  3. Hey everyone, I am very new to golf, did an beginners course and really liked it. So it becomes my new hobby. I am 24 years old and doing my master degree in mathmatics in Munich. I like the theoretical approach, the technical side and I like to think a lot about the golf swing, the physics behind it etc. and sometimes I do also practise :) In Germany you need a license if you want to play golf on a golf course, so you have to undertake an practical examination for this license, otherwise you arent allowed to play on a golf course. So I am preparing for this examination no
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