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  1. The main difference between other products and PING though is that other products are not exclusively custom fit. Every PING club sold is supposed to be custom fitted. If PING didn't enforce prices people would go to a real world retailer, get a fitting, and then order from the cheap place online. By making the price the same everywhere, the sale now comes down to service rather than who will discount the most, or give discounts to certain groups. As has been mentioned PING do actually do a rebate for military. This being the case, things are even more confusing. Why would the shop not just explain about the rebate and let PING cover it? That way the customer gets a discount and the store makes more than by giving there own discount.
  2. Reminded me of this, so I had to post!
  3. Just to add even more to this, not that anyone thinks the site even may be legit. London is one word not 2. 654612 is not a UK postal code as is not even in the right format. WG is not a region of the UK. 44 17722200-111 - This phone number has the UK area code for Preston a town a couple of hundred miles north of London. The phone number is also 1 character too long to be the valid UK format. Also whilst 44 is the dialing code for the UK, 86 is the code for China.
  4. Surefire

    Stupid Question

    I know some of you really dislike Ian Poulter, but his tweets on twitter are actually quite interesting. A while back, on one of them he actually posted some pictures of his yardage book. Worth looking up if you are interested, I'll see if I can find the link too. *EDIT* Found the link. Here is yardage book and greens book. You can also buy yardage books here .
  5. ...in Argentina? ...for cheating and using his hands? If you're going to make the statement, back it up a bit.
  6. For sure, but Bridgestone don't market the brand. I think I am missing your intended point here? Or was that statement not meant to be related to my post?
  7. Of course, because Nike are not known for their promotion and advertising! Seriously, it's not that suprising is it? Given the size of the Nike marketing machine.
  8. But you'd give it? Does that mean we shouldn't trust you? Of course I am just kidding!
  9. Why did my last post get ignored? It could save us a lot of wasted time and typing!
  10. No! Unless I am mistaken the PGA tour has a dress code, for which shorts do not qualify.
  11. Surefire

    All Blacks

    I'm not sure SA will be too strong, although they might be too cohesive. In terms of talent the Lions are very strong, but these guys don't play with each other all the time so the team unity isn't always there. We will find out tomorrow!
  12. I know its early days but does Andy Murray not count? Ok off topic that one so back on track I agree Nick Deserves it. To the people who suggested he didn't deserve it, interestingly I notice none of them are British, what do you think qualifies someone to deserve a knighthood then?
  13. Just curious, and remember I am a foreigner so excuse my ignorance! What qualifies the sqft as heated? Can you not put electric heaters\oil heaters\a bonfire! in the area and advertise the space as "heated"?
  14. I agree with the above. I would think there is a lot the realtor can do without directly getting in trouble. If someone contacts them about a similar property in an area not as nice as yours, they could easily say "ah, we have something that can be as big as this in a better area" or something similar. With the debt situation, I disagree that switching to a lower interest rate is always best. If the loan is short term the arrangement and early settlement fees can be more significant than the interest accrued.
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