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  1. Yeah I know the difference. Maybe y'all don't.
  2. Sorry mufti quote is not working right on my iPad but I am sure it is me. To mvmac last post I can only respond to what I am given. The post I responded to was nonsense as I posted and I stand by it. To saevel25 last post I am not sure how that video shows anything about shoulder dip versus arms moving up. I watched it twice and just didn't see it At iacas last post , sorry but you standing without a club and tilted forward is not a fact about shoulder turn. I haven't seen any facts about that. But this is the final straw dealing with people here I have other logins at different sites and I will just go there. Have fun peddling your products. I live in charlotte if you wanna make some money let me know how much you are for a traveling lesson and we can work out some kind of bet on that amount on a match. I will let you pick the course and tees. You can PM me if interested. If not I am out. Last post. Peace.
  3. So your going to move my post then restrict me. Good move. Guess it ain't going your way. I changed my position about the internal rotation on the post I quoted myself before it got moved here so not sure what you are talking about shoulder sockets for excuse my ignorance but if you explain it I will answer. I won't delve further into the other stuff.
  4. So you think if you force your shoulder down to rotate on a plane it proves something but if you can rotate flat from the same golf posture it is wrong? Okie dokie. [quote name="iacas" url="/t/54540/a-centered-pivot/54#post_1068200"] Nope: [SPOILER=Photo] [/SPOILER] Lifting your arms does nothing to change the shoulder sockets. It's a complete non-starter. This makes no sense at all. Plus, if both arms lift, why would one shoulder go UP while the other goes DOWN? This bit you have about the arms lifting is a complete non-starter. Particularly in light of the photo earlier in this post. NO LIFTING, shoulders on an inclined angle. Yup. Simple geometry. It's what's happening, in reality, in 3D, biomechanically. You may feel something different, but you're feels aren't matched with reality if you feel your left shoulder not going down. (Or, alternatively, you have a horrible, terrible, no-good very bad swing, Alexander.) So can I… when I'm playing T-ball off a very, very tall tee. We are bent over and play golf shots with a ball on the ground, however. One more basic picture, since we want to turn our shoulders in a "circle" that's inclined to the ground: [URL=http://thesandtrap.com/content/type/61/id/108110/] [/URL] [/quote] Wow you had some nice rebuttals there. Seriously? If both arms lift why would one shoulder lift? I don't know maybe because one arm is bent and stuck to the body and the other isn't? The rest of your post is pretty much nonsense. Why do I get the feeling I am discussing this with the same person under multiple names at the same time? And nice shot at my swing. It ain't prefect for sure but I am starting to think I can beat you haha. ;-)
  5. I disagree and think that is your feel. I can easily put my arms across my chest and rotate around my spine without my left shoulder going down and still clear my chin enough. Not sure if you guys are in a shrug position that is causing that(relating to the 5sk video posted previously). What I cannot do is keep my right arm connected and get my arms and hands into the backswing position without the shoulders changing and some rotation being forced. And to the last part I am not sure if it is rotary swing or Herman Williams but I distinctly remember watching a video saying to start the backswing my squeezing your right should blade down(or something along those lines). Not that it is how I start my back swing but my right shoulder blade definitely squeezes down.
  6. Alright I will play along because you do seem like a swell guy. But again as I stated before these post I see the left shoulder drops but I contend thats because the arms lift so the statement the arms go up and down and the shoulders go around is correct. It's obviously just one example of a pro but you don't think Dufner lifts his arms? Is there a quote that shows him saying that? How could he possibly get the club over his shoulder and his arms and hands in that position without lifting them? Are you saying that's all from body rotation? I will address the second part later.
  7. Sorry for quoting myself but I did want to amend it after fooling around. Obviously the left shoulder moves down some but I don't think it is that much. Also I still don't think it's an active movement of the shoulders. As best I can explain it if you stay connected at all then when you rotate around and lift your arms, the the right shoulder has to lift which raises the right shoulder lowering the left. So I still say the shoulders go around and the arms go up is a good tip. I still stand by the rest of the first post about that position.
  8. I am still not sure I am sold on this. Do you have data on how far the left shoulder goes down? I have watched some pros swing videos today but with the rotation it's hard to tell on a static point how much it drops. Plus most of the drop looks like it comes from the left arm pushing up(internal rotation.) I don't have a perfect swing by any stretch and I definitely bring the club back inside but I will say that I actively avoid the end position in that 5sk video and I feel a stretch in my left side not my right side in the backswing. I also didn't see any of the pros swing have that much back bend at the top of the backswing. Is it a stack and tilt thing or maybe just an over exaggeration in the video?
  9. Well you are definitely better at golf than me and everybody is different and I am sure my shoulder level changes some. However any movement up or down by my shoulders is a natural reaction of me rotating them around and my arms lifting. The only time I even pay attention to that is when I start to dip my left shoulder which makes me stop rotating as much and start bending back. That's why I consider it a tip and shared it. I did want to add this is what I think about just for the backswing.
  10. I don't understand. Are you playing a stroke play match or just playing against your group in a normal round? If it's the latter I guess you are saying it's cool for your group to hold up another group to score an 11 as long as you aren't held up. Or maybe it's a quick 11? I carded a 10 once in a tourney because I couldn't pick up but I thought the post I quoted as well as this thread was mainly about normal rounds. The post I quoted even mentioned max score driving new people away.
  11. It's called equitable stroke control. Why would somebody want to card a 10+ on a hole? What makes that more enjoyable? If someone keeping a legit handicap is doing it what reason other than selfishness does a newer golfer need to take that many strokes on a hole?
  12. The shoulders go around, the arms go up and down.
  13. Thanks for sharing. Awesome read and experience. I think I could beat him in golf if I had a better mental game.
  14. I am calling BS that all you find in the woods are ProVs unless you play really expensive courses and that's all people are playing. People look for those. I see a lot of "lost" topflights and won't even pick them up. To the OP why would dicks stop making their balls?(which honestly I didn't even know they did)
  15. Yeah I was just kidding around. Pretty sure at that point I would just do whatever I wanted.
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