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  1. This happened to me last week. The tee box is on a hill and the wind was blowing forward pretty hard, but my tee shot was right down the middle. Couldn't find it anywhere, if I was driving a cart I would've looked longer.
  2. Arms and shoulders today barbell curls military press french press dumbbell lateral raises reverse dumbbell flys
  3. Ok thanks guys. I got a lot of recommendations and eventually I do want to switch to new clubs. Right now I have maintenance on the burners I have to take care of before I sell/trade them, so for now I'm going to replace the shafts with kbs stiff, get fit for everything else, and see if that changes how much I like them. If not, I'll go from there.
  4. When I think of fitting I think of new clubs. Are you saying to get fit to know my lie, loft, etc. so I know what to look for in used clubs?
  5. Hey thanks for the replies, a lot of great info. I went to a small golf shop this morning to see what they had and get some input from them. I explained everything to the guy helping me and he had me hit the mizuno jpx 825 pros, and I will say they looked and felt great on the mat. He asked me to come back with my irons this week so he can see how I hit them, but told me I needed a stiff shaft. With that said they didn't have a huge selection of used, and I still want to try more clubs including the ones you all recommended. Trading in my irons he'd sell me the mizunos for $250, which isn't ba
  6. I gotcha. I would definitely like to have irons that give me good shots over powerful shots. So a little background, I stopped playing for a long time, and just started back up last season. Right now my iron play is the worst part of my game and its mainly because of thin shots, when I hit a good shot I will take a big divot. This year my main goal is to really develop my swing so I can lower my score, and I'll be devoting a lot of my time to it, but am overdo for a lesson or two. So far I've played once and been to the range 4-5 times in the last week and a half, which is more than I'd do las
  7. Hey guys, so I've been playing the taylormade burner 2.0 with a regular flex since last year, and I don't think they're the right clubs for me. I started looking at different irons because the reg flex always seemed too flimsy, and don't really like the offset. So today at golfsmith I hit a few irons with a stiff flex and ended up buying a demo adams idea pro a12 to try at the range(will try it on the course in a couple days). Some of the clubs I hit at golfsmith were ping s59, ping i20, adams cb2(demo), and 2012 taylormade tp mc. At address I liked the thinner irons, even if I didn't h
  8. Ok cool thanks for the replies. I'll get it taken care of.
  9. Is that something I should take to a shop and have done?
  10. The head and shaft are both intact but are separated from each other. So when they break the head goes flying in front of me. The club that broke yesterday didn't go flying, but is barely hanging onto the shaft.
  11. I didn't even think of that. I'll send them an email and see what they say, its definitely worth a try. Thanks
  12. Hey guys, so after not playing for the last few months I finally spent some time at the range. Last summer I bought a used set of taylormade burner 2.0 irons. Condition wise when I bought them they were a 7/10, and in less than a year Ive broken two club heads(one being yesterday). I'm debating if it worth getting it fixed, or just look for a different set. What do you guys think? Also, a few of the clubs are separated at the plastic part between the head and shaft. Thanks
  13. Barbell bicep curls, barbell rows, dumbbell squats, dumbbell bench, tri extensions, sit ups. Besides the sit ups 3 sets 8-12. No cardio usually ever :/
  14. After not playing the last 4 years and getting a late start I'm bummed this season is ending. I really want to take golf seriously and lower my handicap, I'm just happy this year I finally seem to have a consistent swing. Other than taking a lesson or two in a few weeks, I need to improve my putting and thinking about building a green in the basement. I will be getting a full fitting(had my irons cut 1/2"). And I will try to find an indoor facility to practice at every once in awhile to make sure my swing stays consistent.
  15. Quick update. Looked up some swaying fixes and it seemed to help a bit(still something else going on). But the Cobra speed ld offset is incredible, played 9 holes today and switched to the 3 wood instead of my driver. Every time it was straight(maybe a slight slice once) and distance was more than I expected even on a bad shot. Let me say I know a couple good players, and I am nowhere close haha... Played terrible today with a few nice shots here and there. On the 9th 298 to the hole I tee'd this wood up. Hit it to the right and play it safe or hit it straight but leave it short your ba
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