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  1. lol great post, it feels good for me luckily, under pressure will be the acid test thanks hope it works under the gun
  2. hope this double elbow jut, rocking the baby putting technique continues to work for me
  3. lol your way to clever, to be fair I did stumble upon the other post and im glad I did, cant find it anywhere else, just wanted to share to help, I think the elbow out helps both hands push together to neutralise the wrist action which was killing me
  4. ive not seen one instructional piece on the technique im advocating the brain controls pain response
  5. yes the body is sent signals by the brain, so for me its mental issue, and agree the brain signals the body to save the putt at impact
  6. ive neutralised the right hand by sticking both elbows out, this allows the left hand to push back toward the right putting pressure on the palm of the right hand its the impossible to close the club with a yip of the right hand its the brain sending a signal to the body to save the putt
  7. o.k but would you say the majority are caused by the dominant right hand?
  8. but if you find a way to neutralise the right hand that would be the holy grail?
  9. great post I found this cure myself before I viewed your post, but I can explain why it works
  10. the main problem as I see it is impact, the brain refuses to allow a smooth contact point with the ball and the right hand takes over and causes mayhem would you agree?
  11. Hi im a 4 handicap who has gradually been afflicted with the dreaded yips, however ive found a great solution that ive never seen advocated in any golf instruction just wondered if anyone is interested in this topic? putting yips that is
  12. yes I defo choke up, I use my pitching wedge from 70 to 120 yards, full shot 120 then feel comes into play big time grip down and feel it in, in my eyes it needs a lot of experience to get decent at it, I don't like full lob wedges and sand wedges brings the leading edge and out of bounds into play.
  13. yes good post above so yes make the golfer aware of the error on the practice swing ie hitting behind the ball get them to feel hitting/brushing the ground in front of the ball hopefully the penny will drop, cant think of a more simple concept, as you say poor golfers lack awareness more than anything, on greens i see it time after time just plain not appreciating common sense stuff.
  14. well its helped me im level for my last 36 holes iron play much improved
  15. yes ideally you would take a divot but the green keeper would not be happy, so yes, brush the grass but crucially make sure you brush the grass in front of the ball, where it should do.then step straight into the shot trying to recreate the late hit this should help to reduce fat shots.hope this helps.
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