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  1. Recently switched to the NXT Tour after I used one--ONE BALL!!!--to finally break 90. I find it stops and drops for me until about 40 yards in, then on pitches it rolls out only a bit. I do think I've lost a bit on distance with them, though. I have to research that some more. I came off of Bridgestone e6+.
  2. Has anyone else used/purchased this GPS device yet? I've used it for two rounds now, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. It's definitely rough around the edges, and needs work in terms of interface and course database, but the stat tracking and shot tracking is pretty cool. Also, I've learned how incorrect some of the course posted yardages can be. 158 yard par three became a 119 from the tee placement today. Definitely helps the mental game, I find myself swinging more aggressively knowing how far I am, and how far (on average, based on shot tracking) I hit each club. Biggest drawb
  3. I played The Links at Brigantine Beach for the past few summers, down near Atlantic City. Front nine weren't very links-y, but on the back I was waist deep in the fescue. Worth a play if you're in the area. http://www.brigantinegolf.com/index....8&openitem;=298
  4. To the best of my knowledge, AGC no longer owns Vannie, and hasn't for about two years. Three years ago, a 4 millions dollar drainage renovation was conducted, and the course has been pretty good for a local muny ever since. The course is short, save for two 600+ yard par fives and a 220 yard par 3. This summer I've played it about 8 times, and the greens were very good. Not a ton of bunkers, water in play on maybe three holes. It's the oldest public course in America, and the locker room scene in Wall Street was shot there. It's a ten to fifteen minute walk from the 241st Street station
  5. In my first full summer back at this game, I'm happy with the progress I've made, and I've knocked on the door of the 80's a couple of times, but it won't let me in yet. Seems that two things are keeping me back: putting (according to Scorecard) and the inevitable 8 or worse on a single hole. How do you avoid this? I've had runs of 3 or four consecutive pars, fairways hit and greens hit, even a few up and downs, but then, I'll post the huge number that ruins my chance of finally breaking 90. Yesterday for example. I bogey the third toughest hole on the course, and promptly shoot an 8 on
  6. Is there a method for posting stats on a partial round?
  7. A personal best 44 on the front, and 21 through five holes on the back before the rains came yesterday.
  8. Thank you so much for explaining that properly. I couldn't get it the way it was written on the USGA website, but you got it to click.
  9. What is the exact procedure for posting a round when you've played less than 18 holes? I've read the ruling on the USGA website and I just can't understand it with a great deal of certainty. Here's my situation: I had a personal best 44 on the front 9, and had a 25 through 5 on the back. Then God decided to ruin my round and make it rain. The unplayed holes were a par 4, 3, 5, and 4, and handicap rankings were 3, 15, 9, and 1, respectively. How exactly do I finish the round for posting purposes? Thanks in advance. P.S., how do I put these stats into Scorecard? Do they count?
  10. My first hole was recorded by my mother at a small executive course in DisneyWorld, FL. I can't watch it after the three straight dribbled tee shots off the tee. However, I parred the final hole after my chip on sat 6 inches away from the cup. And a new addiction was born.
  11. 45-52=96. But 32 putts! I'm improving from last Scorecard average of just over 38.
  12. Yeah, it can work just as well no matter the syllables. The idea is to just say the name in your head as you swing. I've done it with Scarlett Johansen as well. Hit the top of the backswing at the end of her first name, and throughswing on the last name. Silly, but helps me with my timing.
  13. Sarcasm doesn't translate well onto the internet. Just saying there seem to be alot of rules and reasons one can be denied or disqualified.
  14. I got through about half of that before I realize I an not eligible because I got a parking ticket in Washington DC in 1999. Man, there's alot of requirements. And on top of that, you gotta golf your butt off.
  15. I played The Phoenecian Resort courses three straight days in August two years ago, and it was AMAZING. It's Phoenix/Scottsdale, and wasn't cheap, but wow. Great time.
  16. Took a lesson in Arizona, pro gave me a swing thought for tempo. Take the name of who you think the hottest woman is, say her first name in your head on the back swing, and last name on the downswing. For me it's Salma Hayek. The idea is because it's not a golf thought, it takes you away from the technical aspects of the swing and lets you focus strictly on rhythm. This would not work well if you're really into Madonna or Cher, however.
  17. Hey. Went out today to hit an early morning bucket and only took three clubs this time, the 3 wood, 6 iron and SW. I haven't swung in about a week, little more maybe, and after about 20 swings, something happened, and the hooks and pulls went away and all of a sudden I was carrying my 6 iron 160 (which is alot for me) with a nice draw in thick, humid air. I switch to the wood, and off the deck, was able to sail it over the 200 sign, maybe 215 or so? Holy Crap. Even the wedge was going about 10 yards beyond the 90 yard pin. Now here's the problem, how do I transfer this Bucket From Heave
  18. Alright, I think we've hit the wall here. You comparing people with enough money to golf to homeless people being tossed out of church like a drunken sailor shows how desperate you are to find some justification for your looking like a slob. To quote Daniel Day Lewis at the end of There Will Be Blood, "I'm finished."
  19. I'll throw this out. I got back into golf late last year and had a 7 or 8 year old set of TaylorMade SuperSteel irons. My wife got me new irons, the FIRST ROUND OUT with the new clubs, I broke 100 for the first time ever. Even if it's a placebo effect, it's worth it.
  20. I'm just going by my experiences playing in this part of the country. And I do have every right to decide who I want to go out with and judging from past experiences, I have learned to pick and choose more. As for proper golf attire, I golf probably once a week. Given the laundry schedule between my wife and I, which we do about once a week, that makes for, conceivably, one decent non-tee shirt. I wear suits all week, used to wear jeans and a tee shirt. I was always able to find something decent to wear. As for the mental help, while I may need it for somethings, this isn't one of them
  21. Hehehe. At the public courses around NYC I've played with Jesse L. Martin of Law & Order, Richard Kind (IMDB him) of numerous sitcoms, and the bald, white cop on The Wire. Now this is where things get funny. That bald white cop on The Wire, Domenick Lombardozzi, was also in A Bronx Tale, bit part, which used some kids from my high school when it was flimed. Anyway, turns out we were in the same high school graduating class. I tell him I'm a NYC police Detective, he starts asking me about the show, we start chatting about acting, TV & movies and realism, police work and life, and I think,
  22. Nope, I downloaded the trial version, but of course it doesn't have the course I play most in it. So I'd have to go through the trouble of uploading the course info for them, and I am thisclose to licensing Scorecard, so... Not sure if I should even bother.
  23. Eh. Wish I had that problem. On the range I can tear through my clubs, hit nice, easy swing after swing. Place wedges where I want, and even hit the hit, 20 yard flops. But on the course... Sigh. WHO DECIDED THAT A CREEK BELONGS THERE!? And by there I mean everywhere I hit.
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