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  1. I have had 2. My junior and senior years of high school, so 12 years ago. First one was at my home course. We have a par 3 from an elevated tee so you can see the entire green, probably 150 or so yards was the playing distance. The green slopes left to right, with the pin the the back. I hit a 7I, landed in the middle and hit tracked like a putt all the way in the hole. Funny thing is, a couple weeks earlier, I had put one on the back lip at the same hole and nearly the same pin position. The 2nd was at a team practice round before an Invitational. The team was in 2 groups. I was
  2. I started playing in the 7th on the golf time. My best friend was good and I was interested in playing. That first season, I think I broken 60 for 9 holes once or twice. My biggest problem was putting. I could hit the ball pretty fair and straight most of the time, but couldn't get it in the hole. The second season showed a little improvement at the beginning. I could consistently shoot in the mid fifties. Then, during spring break that year, my friend came over and worked on my putting with me. Actually changed my grip to left hand low. Everything clicked for me then. We had two 18 hole round
  3. I've never hit myself with a golf ball before, not for lack of trying. I have hit myself with my own club head after a shot. In high school, I was playing horribly. I had hooked a shot under a tree on the 6th hole. I proceeded to shank my next shot across the fairway. I tossed the club in the air, it hit a branch and hit me on top of the head. My coach saw it and told me it better had knocked some sense into me, and that I needed to par out not get in trouble. I parred that while, birdied the next and parted the last two to finish the round.
  4. I see no problem with this. I would have no problem playing with with someone playing like this. I don't really see any way you would be slowing anyone down. I would take one suggestion mentioned on this thread. Try playing for different yardages. If you consistently hit the same shot on every hole, that can become very boring and repetitive, to me at least. Maybe instead of 200 yards on everyone hole, maybe try between 175 and 225 to mix up the shots.
  5. My local Fraternity chapter puts on an annual 4 man scramble. My group had won the previous 4 years and looking to make it a fifth. I normally shoot around 80 myself, but I also taught to others how to play as well. Anyway, we only played my shots, except for putts for the first 5 holes. We shot 64 as a team I believe and won by a shot to make it 5 in a row.
  6. I think it helps with the frustration factor in that it takes the pressure off. If you just took a couple months off, there is no pressure to do well so you relax. My brother in law does this about twice a year. He will swear off the game after playing horribly, then a month later we will play, and he will play pretty well for him.
  7. Is there a point to this comment? Yes, I hit my 9iron about 160 yards. I hit my 4 iron about 215 years. I hit my driver about 290 yards and pretty consistent with it.
  8. It was a bit. I normally hit my 9 iron about 160 in normal conditions. I figured it was about as uphill as it was downwind.
  9. From last week. Hadn't been playing very through the first 5 holes, I couldn't a 9 on a par 5. Par 3, with the pin tucked on the front of the green. Uphill, about 160 yards with a good wind at my back. Hit a 9 iron absolutely perfect. As soon as I hit, I said, "that's gonna be tight!" Being uphill, I could see the bottom of the flagstick, but sure enough it was real tight. Judging by the pitch mark, it had to have rolled just over the edge of the hole.
  10. I've found 3 putting to be more about having the wrong speed than misreading the break. Having good speed should get the ball within tap in distance most of the time.
  11. I had actually come here to start a similar thread. I've been fighting a bad hook with my driver. I hit my irons great, straight with maybe a hint of a fade. But I've been hooking the heck out of my driver. Well, I made an adjustment where I kind tilt my shoulders a bit. That seemed to put everything where it needed to be. I don't really swing any different, its all in the setup. Does anyone else set up differently for a driver compared to everyone else? If so, how?
  12. Kinda going through a similar situation. I'm just missing too many fairways. I like my irons, but its tough to hit good shots from the left side rough. I have decided to save and get fitted for a new driver. You already said that you love your irons. I would start with the driver, and see how much that helps, and go from there.
  13. I would go with the wedges first. You will use them a lot more than a 3wood or utility club.
  14. Depending on your price range, I like Titleist NXT Tour and DT Solo. I think you can find both for around $20 - $25 a dozen.
  15. I would check out the new Sun Mountain Hybrid. It's light enough to be a carry bag, but designed to be cart friendly also.
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