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  1. I went into a golf shop to hit some drivers and to just see where my swing was at, and he said based on my club head speed I would benefit from a men's regular flex. I'm wondering if this would apply to all of my clubs or just a driver or what. Still waiting to get into my "groove", and will not be looking into a new set of clubs for some time, but I'm definitely curious as to what I should be looking for. I just got my boyfriend's 56 that he doesn't use cut down to my size on Friday... hit a shot into the bunker with it the same day, and wow, it was like butter. No problem a
  2. I have this same problem. I do have a question/comment about the different flexes. Wouldn't you almost want to have your driver a bit stiffer than your other clubs, since the longer the shaft the less stiff it will be? I've found I hit men's drivers better than women's drivers, but was told that if I get a women's cut to my length it would be roughly the same flex as a men's regular flex.
  3. Okay, something I have been struggling with is hitting shots out of the bunker. (I think) a lot of people have problems with it, but mine is especially horrid, trust me. During my last lesson, my golf teacher let me use his sand wedge, and of course, I hit the ball right onto the green, first try. Then he threw another ball into the bunker, and what did I do? Same thing. Night and day, honestly. We quickly came to the conclusion that I needed to get a new sand wedge, pronto. My boyfriend gave me a 58 degree wedge a while ago, just because he never used it and thought I could use i
  4. Thanks! I've been getting a lesson at least once every two weeks, and I hope to continue as long as my teacher doesn't get TOO frustrated with me :) He's been really great.
  5. Ha a little more believable of a definition, although not quite as exciting. Thanks!
  6. bddarnell, reference to the historical significance golf's namesake... G entlemen O nly L adies F orbidden :) Although it is obviously not applicable now, it's a name that is too tempting not to poke fun at. TJBam... Loudmouth Golf. You'll die of pure joy and happiness once you see their assortment of golf apparel.
  7. Hello Everyone! I've always been the type of girl who strives to keep up with and out do the boys. Yes, I'm a female entering the realm of golf. As someone who loves challenges, how could I pass up on a sport that stands for "gentleman only ladies forbidden"? That incentive, along with the fact that my boyfriend thought me learning how to golf would provide us with an activity we could enjoy together, is how I found myself taking lessons May of this year. I strive to be the best at pretty much everything that I try. I like to think of myself as a natural athlete, and so of co
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