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  1. Two for me. USA and South Korea. I've hit balls on the deck of a cruise ship in various Caribbean countries, but I don't think that counts 😀
  2. As a bowler that would have scared the crap out of me while bowling even when staged in advance. My company did a drone fly through tour through my office building to show to customers. Considering I wasn't engaging in sports activities and knew it was coming, it wasn't difficult to deal with. My company's drone adventure was staged well in advance, so I would think the bowling one was too. Otherwise you'd frighten everyone. Relating to golf, there are plenty of drone course flyovers posted on YouTube. For anyone that has been to Epcot, the Soarin' ride had a flyover of PGA West
  3. Good recommendation with Inesis as well. Not sure too many people know what Decathlon is in the states unless they visited a location outside the US. Decathlon does internet sales in the states through their presence in the San Francisco area. I have a small Inesis bag that is of decent quality that fits a half set, and use their tees and golf gloves.
  4. Even if it is older you may want to give Sun Mountain an email or a call. They replaced the bag strap for me on a >10 year old bag. I have had good experience with their customer service on a wheel issue with my push cart as well.
  5. Here's a couple of pictures of my two clubs for anyone interested.
  6. As I replied earlier in the thread, I have the Divnick All in One Adjustable club and I also have a collapsible hybrid. I have played several nine hole rounds with it, but mostly use it at the range and take it with me to Drive Shack and Top Golf. The main purpose I purchased it was for fun and my current focus with it is to take it with on vacation to avoid lugging my full set with me. The adjustable iron hits well mostly in the 4 to 7 iron range. The club is the length of a 4 iron. Once you start getting into the wedge area, the lie angle is really different and it can be challengin
  7. What's even more amazing is to make the two holes in ones with the covid pool noodles in the cups.
  8. If you were already selected and then they say to go back to the lottery, that would stink.
  9. They still accepted lottery applications for 2021, so would guess they would do the same for 2022 and just reject everyone that they don't have a ticket for. I would assume some people that are rolled over to 2022 may not be able to attend and open up a few tickets.
  10. I'm sure this will cement my 2022 ticket rejection as 2020 tickets pushed to 2021 are now pushed to 2022.
  11. Hola! Welcome aboard! I typically visit Valencia for work a couple of times a year. Beautiful country!
  12. O&H. Nice to find O&H in Trader Joe's, but I need some chocolate! Wasn't aware Bendtsen's shipped, so I'll have to check that out. I'm sure I've had it before, but its probably been in excess of 20 years. I see they have chocolate too.
  13. Me too. Having Kringle delivered tomorrow! 😀
  14. I would suggest verifying the size in some way first if you are unable to try it on. I ended up buying a mis-matched size raingear of a different brand with the top being my normal jacket size, but the bottom a size smaller. Foot joy seems to have the waist sizes posted here: Men's Golf Rain Pants | FootJoy Keep warm & dry with men's golf rain pants from FootJoy, with an elastic waistband & waterproof protection. Shop FootJoy rain pants today!
  15. Been meaning to post my aging equipment in here for a while. Driver - Tour Edge Exotics ESX220 3 Wood - Taylor Made Jet Speed 2 Hybrid - Ping G20 4 Hybrid - Adams Red Irons - Ping i3 O-Size irons (3i - LW) - I take a few out depending on where I'm playing. Putter - Odyssey Works Versa V-Line
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