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  1. Interesting information! That bottom support on the cart was giving me the same trouble with my stand bag. I feel like these manufacturers design stuff for what they like or think is useful, but you're right, there's no standardization going on. I'm kind of used to rotating the bag sideways to make them fit to not slide around; so annoying! You are definitely not alone in having these problems as this problem was similar to mine. I bet that cut out matches the dimensions of the Sun Mountain cart bottom. I did all of my research in a Golfsmith (RIP). But we still have PGA tour superstore and several Edwin Watts stores around that I can try things out down here in FL.
  2. I had a similar dilemma when looking at bags and push carts a few years ago. If you have a nearby golf shop that sells a lot of bags and the cart you want, you can kind of try out the combinations to see how well they secure on the cart. I really wanted a stand bag and a Clickgear cart, but I found they weren't fitting well together for me. I went to a local golf store and fit the bags on each of the carts to try it out. I ended up with a Sun Mountain Hybrid stand bag (like a cross between a cart and a stand bag) that fit well on a Sun Mountain cart. You could tell the bottom part of their cart was designed with their stand bags in mind as the stand lever has a path to slip into. I really wanted the Clickgear cart bad at the time, but I felt like I wasn't going to be happy as the bottom of the stand type of bags don't sit well on the bottom of most carts. If you go the cart bag option, I don't think you will have any issues.
  3. Well that sucks. I don't blame you for being extremely disappointed. I would be too. I hope you are able to give them a call and see what they do for you. Their customer service line is 1-800-227-9224.
  4. I am pretty sure the i3 irons are non-conforming to the groove regulation. However, as stated earlier, this doesn't apply unless there is a condition in effect for the event you are playing. This is what the USGA site I located says: Clubs that conform to the rules that were in effect prior to Jan. 1, 2010 will continue to conform to the Rules of Golf until at least 2024, unless the Condition is in effect. i3 irons have U grooves which met the rules prior to the 2010 cut off; I'm only familiar as I am playing the i3 O-Size irons. I recall that my irons became non-conforming with the newer USGA groove rules. My specific model irons don't appear in the USGA equipment search. There are several i3 models listed in the USGA search tool. You can find it at this link. If I can manage to find where I read about my irons when this all came about, I'll pass it along. https://www.usga.org/InfoClubsDB/intro.html
  5. I have a four wheel Sun Mountain Micro Cart. I went with the brand as when I was looking at them in the store, it was better designed to function with my Sun Mountain stand bag. If it wasn't for the fact it worked well with my bag, I would have gone with a 3 wheel Clickgear just to have access to all of the gadgets that go with it. I've had the cart for about 3 years now and it is still going strong. I had an issue with one of the wheels and Sun Mountain sent me a new wheel promptly. Sun Mountain has been really good to me with any warranty issues on my bags and this cart in the past, so I appreciate their customer service.
  6. Not sure if anyone checked their Masters ticket accounts. Mine already says rejected 😭
  7. I have a pair of Eccos I got on discount. They are great and no issues playing in the morning in South Florida. I do notice they collect more debris in the morning when it is wet as opposed to playing in the afternoon, but I haven't had any issues with traction. I tend to brush them off after playing and rinse the debris off the soles when I get home so I can wear them out of the house for the next round.
  8. I have Ping I-3 O-size irons. Around 18 years old I think. Still look great!
  9. I'm interested in getting fit for an Edel putter and am willing to try either the classic or the torque balanced putters. I live in the Palm Beach, FL area and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a fitter in either Palm Beach or Broward counties. I was also curious if anyone had experience with getting the fitting at the PGA Tour Superstore (they are listed as a fitter on the Edel website) and if there is a vast difference in getting the fitting there versus another fitter. Thanks!
  10. Midsize Pro in navy blue. I was going to go DTX when I first got my grips as I was using cords, but another person in the store convinced me to go with the pro. I like them. Now if I could only run into a display to actually be able to choose. I've only seen these at big box stores like Golfsmith and PGA Tour Superstore. They carry a very limited selection only in black. I'm very tempted next time to have a custom batch made from Pure with my college colors on it.
  11. I bought a bunch of Pure Pro grips at the Golfsmith going out of business sale and bought the installation gun on Amazon. I purchased an inexpensive pancake air compressor from Harbor Freight and the grips installed great even though it was below the recommended capacity. I've installed grips with tape and solvent and this obviously and I really prefer the air installation. Its pretty super easy and changing the next go around will be even easier. Has anyone tried their putter grips? I can't find them in a brick and mortar store to check them out.
  12. I have one of these. It's a pretty cool toy to tinker around with, but I wouldn't use it to replace my set by any means. I tend to take it with me on vacation in case I get a chance to hit balls or play. It's a great club to take on a cruise if there is a hitting bay on board. I have played 2 nine hole rounds with it and have taken it to the range on several occasions. I would say for me that it can be difficult to hit the wedges and the putting is not always the best. On one vacation, I took this, my putter, and a hybrid and had a blast playing an executive type course. if I had to choose buying it again for something to tinker with, I definitely would do so and look forward to playing with this next week on a vacation I am taking.
  13. Looks like Swing by Swing may not be around for much longer: http://forums.getpebble.com/discussion/12393/swing-by-swing-golf/p3 Does anyone have any recommendations for scoring apps for iPhone that work with the Pebble Smart Watch? I was looking at Golf Pad, but they want a $9.99 annual subscription to use the watch app. I like some of the other features included with the subscription, but am curious if anyone else has experience using scoring apps with the Pebble Watch and the pros/cons of each. Thanks!
  14. If I win I'll choose the Blue PURE DTX Midsize to start my 2015 golf season with a Pure advantage! Miguel Angel Jimenez -5 Martin Kaymer - 7 Jonas Blixt -6
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