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  1. I have one of these and a telescopic hybrid that I take with on family vacations and generally leave it in the car in case I need some spontaneous practice like at Top Golf or Drive Shack. My main point in having them is that they are fun to play around a short course when travelling without having to lug the entire bag with. I've taken it in my luggage on a cruise several times as well when there is a hitting bay on the ship. Here is a link to the inventor's website: Adjustable Loft Telescopic Golf Clubs
  2. Not sure if this is helpful, but I have the same issue. Instead of a 2 iron I have a 2 hybrid, which acts more like a 5 wood for me. Rather than permanently benching a club, I alternate between pulling my 3 wood and my AW depending on the course I play. I typically play 2 courses. When I play the shorter course, I pull the 3 wood and play the AW. When I play the longer course, I take out the AW and play the 3 wood.
  3. Washington Park Golf Course in Racine, WI has a 573 yard par 5 opening hole with OB on the right. Its a 9 hole muni with no range. Sliced quite a few OB on the opening hole growing up playing that course. https://washingtonparkgc.com/?subpages/scorecard.shtml Didn't realize I called out the same hole without seeing your post!
  4. Been meaning to reply to this topic as it is a fun one! Can't seem to find much for irons, but here would be my setup: Driver: GX-7 X Metal GX-7 Golf | Official Home of the GX-7 X-Metal Golf Club The distance of a high-performance driver with the accuracy of a fairway wood. Click to order your GX-7 golf club today! Wedge: Square Strike 45 Degree Wedge Square Strike Wedge Putter: S7K Stand it Up Putter Home - S7K Any other entertaining ones out there?
  5. weberd27

    PGA Show 2020

    I'll have to check that out. I'm going to the show on Friday. 🙂 No way I would spend $200 on that when my digital level works just fine for practice. Besides my normal playing partner would kill me.
  6. When my son started off with golf I purchased him a club called the Yard Club from US Kids golf and I matched that up with a small putter. If he ends up liking it though where you want to purchase more, the sets are a bigger bargain then purchasing individual clubs. Training Club Overview
  7. Even though it is probably a pain, I would consider getting legal advice. Based on the attached article, you may be able to investigate if they are negligently operating their driving range by not preventing the range balls from going beyond the boundaries of the range. The Golf Ball Hazard Many Floridians enjoy the spaciousness and beauty of golf course views from their homes. Unfortunately, in these Homeowners’ opinion, this serenity is sometimes marred by golfers who seek, errant balls or by the balls...
  8. I would take the $1000. That's a lot of Rioja my friends.
  9. I have the SKLZ Gold Flex I like it as a training aid. I don't care for the fact that you can only re-grip it with their grip. The shaft under the grip is almost like an alignment stick, probably a fiberglass rod. I would have liked the ability to at least re-grip with a mid-size grip. I also don't like about the SKLZ Gold Flex is how the shaft under the grip flexes. Can anyone comment if the Orange Whip does the same? I'm also curious if you can re-grip the Orange Whip with a grip of your choice?
  10. I concur this is not looking good. I work up near PGA and live down in West Boynton. The whole area is going to get impacted by this unless it stays to the north and hopefully off the coast like Hurricane Matthew. I hope this isn't the end of Boca Municipal. If it gets alot of damage I can't see them investing in it when they are trying to build/renovate the new course. Boca Muni is a great course to get out on without much trouble.
  11. Interesting information! That bottom support on the cart was giving me the same trouble with my stand bag. I feel like these manufacturers design stuff for what they like or think is useful, but you're right, there's no standardization going on. I'm kind of used to rotating the bag sideways to make them fit to not slide around; so annoying! You are definitely not alone in having these problems as this problem was similar to mine. I bet that cut out matches the dimensions of the Sun Mountain cart bottom. I did all of my research in a Golfsmith (RIP). But we still have PGA tour superstore and several Edwin Watts stores around that I can try things out down here in FL.
  12. I had a similar dilemma when looking at bags and push carts a few years ago. If you have a nearby golf shop that sells a lot of bags and the cart you want, you can kind of try out the combinations to see how well they secure on the cart. I really wanted a stand bag and a Clickgear cart, but I found they weren't fitting well together for me. I went to a local golf store and fit the bags on each of the carts to try it out. I ended up with a Sun Mountain Hybrid stand bag (like a cross between a cart and a stand bag) that fit well on a Sun Mountain cart. You could tell the bottom part of their cart was designed with their stand bags in mind as the stand lever has a path to slip into. I really wanted the Clickgear cart bad at the time, but I felt like I wasn't going to be happy as the bottom of the stand type of bags don't sit well on the bottom of most carts. If you go the cart bag option, I don't think you will have any issues.
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