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  1. O&H. Nice to find O&H in Trader Joe's, but I need some chocolate! Wasn't aware Bendtsen's shipped, so I'll have to check that out. I'm sure I've had it before, but its probably been in excess of 20 years. I see they have chocolate too.
  2. Me too. Having Kringle delivered tomorrow! 😀
  3. I would suggest verifying the size in some way first if you are unable to try it on. I ended up buying a mis-matched size raingear of a different brand with the top being my normal jacket size, but the bottom a size smaller. Foot joy seems to have the waist sizes posted here: Men's Golf Rain Pants | FootJoy Keep warm & dry with men's golf rain pants from FootJoy, with an elastic waistband & waterproof protection. Shop FootJoy rain pants today!
  4. Been meaning to post my aging equipment in here for a while. Driver - Tour Edge Exotics ESX220 3 Wood - Taylor Made Jet Speed 2 Hybrid - Ping G20 4 Hybrid - Adams Red Irons - Ping i3 O-Size irons (3i - LW) - I take a few out depending on where I'm playing. Putter - Odyssey Works Versa V-Line
  5. When I play it safe I tend to mess that up in some way anyway, so I'm going for it!
  6. I enjoy watching the Champions Tour as my profile picture shows my interest in why (MAJ). When the event local to me comes around, I definitely enjoy watching in person. Its not as crowded as the local PGA Tour event and more enjoyable as a result.
  7. I've used the Golf Pad app for this on iOS. It lets you enter clubs and then uses the data to suggest clubs as you play. Costs $20 per year subscription. I mostly like it as it works with my Pebble watch. Also works with Apple watch.
  8. I definitely agree with that! More golf the better.
  9. Just received an email from the USGA about this. While the FOX broadcasts have improved over the years, I think this should be an improvement. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/articles/2020/06/nbc-universal-usga-championships-media-broadcast-rights-agreement.html
  10. Thanks @Ccred1992 for the heads up!
  11. I have one of these and a telescopic hybrid that I take with on family vacations and generally leave it in the car in case I need some spontaneous practice like at Top Golf or Drive Shack. My main point in having them is that they are fun to play around a short course when travelling without having to lug the entire bag with. I've taken it in my luggage on a cruise several times as well when there is a hitting bay on the ship. Here is a link to the inventor's website: Adjustable Loft Telescopic Golf Clubs
  12. Not sure if this is helpful, but I have the same issue. Instead of a 2 iron I have a 2 hybrid, which acts more like a 5 wood for me. Rather than permanently benching a club, I alternate between pulling my 3 wood and my AW depending on the course I play. I typically play 2 courses. When I play the shorter course, I pull the 3 wood and play the AW. When I play the longer course, I take out the AW and play the 3 wood.
  13. Washington Park Golf Course in Racine, WI has a 573 yard par 5 opening hole with OB on the right. Its a 9 hole muni with no range. Sliced quite a few OB on the opening hole growing up playing that course. https://washingtonparkgc.com/?subpages/scorecard.shtml Didn't realize I called out the same hole without seeing your post!
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