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  1. I went from 240 to 200... my swing changed. Now I fight the shanks... ever few balls it shoots straight off the hosel. From what I can see... I'm coming through much quicker and the club isnt closing. I've adjusted to a more relaxed transition and it seems to help... it looks like I have lost about a half a club distance though.
  2. Could very well be one of the creepiest threads ever... and I still voted.
  3. Mizuno would be my first choice... Callaway would be my second.
  4. Iomic Sticky's.... they are pricey as stated compared to other types but well worth it. I got mine from fusiongrips.com... standard pricing but best selection, free shipping and a rewards program.
  5. Come on Erik, What do you expect Mitsubishi and Grafalloy to say? When you say that a co-engineered shaft is virtually the same, I agree, but only in paint scheme. In order to change the torque or kick point of a shaft, you have to have a completely new "recipe" and make up to create that shaft. More than likely, a variation of materials used for said blueprint to achieve the desired "tweak" as you put it. That in itself puts the "co-engineered" shaft into a name of its own and totally separate of the "after-market" shaft. Is a blue board co-engineered by titleist a blue board... sure, in name
  6. You do realize they were 3000 ft above sea level dont you?
  7. Enis on this forum swears by them. If you are looking for an Iomic comparative... they are much more firm.
  8. Legacy, Sarasota National, Stoneybrook @ Heritage Harbor, and Waterlefe. I'm sure there are more but those are my favorite in the area.
  9. Did you expect a $3 grip to come completely clean? The materials used in those grips are so sub-standard it's ridiculous.
  10. They are all enrolled and attending class so none of them have "skirted" the punishment. If they were going pro, they wouldnt be in school right now. As for people saying they should get a stipend... I'm pretty sure they already do... in lieu of a 100K scholarship. As for the suspensions... This isn't comparable to AJ Green because he sold to a person that was deemed an agent... a far more egregious action. The NCAA, from what I have read does not have the power, according to their rules, to suspend people for bowl games. Only institutions can do so for grades, disciplinary, etc. Ohio State co
  11. Oregon is a fraud... This is the same crap we heard last year... then they got pasted by Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. They could probably trade punches with Auburn but would get smacked around by Bama, Wisconsin, and LSU... not to mention Ohio State... again... because those teams can control the clock and pace of the game with something called defense.
  12. Tell that to my XCG driver that they refused to replace for denting it while hitting off the deck.
  13. Keep your elbow tight to your body during the entire swing. Put a glove or headcover underneath your armpit and hold it there throughout. This will teach you to stay compact and not allow your elbow to fly. Also... the reason DJ maintains his lag so long and brings his elbow in so far is because of his extreme bowed wrist at the top. The more closed your face is at the top... the more you have to hold on and come from the inside on the downswing.
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