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  1. What is your average Driver yardage?

    I am a 61 yr. old newbie who started playing about this time last year. Hence, if you add up the months, excluding the winter months where no playing was possible, I have been at this for about 7 months. I voted 151-200 yards. However, I might say that the last two rounds that I played, I had 7 out of 18 holes where I got 'em out there in the 275 to 290 yard area. I have had some lessons from a very learned and helpful pro, from which I have concentrated on a reasonably consistent good swing. Have focused more on that than yardage. When I first started, I considered 175 yards a pretty fair drive for me. About the time I started lessons, I bought Ben Hogan's book about the 5 Fundamentals of Golf. This book has really helped me. Now, when on the range, most of the drives are in the 225-250 yard range, plus or minus a few on either side of that bell-curve type distribution. If I relax, an action very hard for me, I get pretty decent drives. When I try too hard or try to kill it, I get in trouble. FYI, I am driving on the course mostly with a 3 wood. Get about 20-30 yards less, but I hit it more accurately. Best regards to all, Steve
  2. As a newbie, I started out with used regular length/lie angle graphite irons. Worked with my teacher, who is also a very experienced fitter. I am 6'2", with 37.25" wrist-to-floor measurement. Tried various demo clubs of different lengths and lie angle. We went with: +1" length; +1 lie angle. Has made all the difference in the world. Cannot recommend fitting highly enough. Regards, Steve
  3. Hello! Thanks to all who posted to share their expertise. An update: I bought a used Callaway Big Bertha 2004 6 iron, 2 up, +1/2" longer for $38 including $10 shipping. Went out to the range and hit a very much larger percentage of shots than before. For me, that was a red letter day in golf. In another red letter day, my wife and I had our first lessons since last summer, yesterday, from the new pro at a nearby course. Great teacher! Great lesson! He figured, given my wrist to floor of 37" and watching me hit, that even +1.0" might be in order. For the next lesson, he said we will get a Cobra S9 demo club and use some tape to make some judgments about the lie angle. So far, the +2" seems to work pretty good. After we zero in on this, I can then go on ahead and make some choices. One is to continue on the Callaway used lineup, where I could trade the 6 iron back in, if I wish. As for my older clubs, as it turned out, they were exactly the same Cobra clubs the pro used about 8 years ago. But, they are in average condition, at best and I will look around to some of the area high school golf teachers and see if they could use them for kids who cannot afford to get clubs. I might get a whopping $50 for them as a trade --- and I would rather give them to a needy young man just starting out. Again, thanks! As I proceed more, will share. Regards, Steve
  4. Hi Dave. Both Callaway and Ping demo clubs hit and felt better than my current 10+ year old Cobra cavity back clubs that I got off of Ebay. Maybe slight edge to Callaway. My next lesson from a local golf pro is Tuesday. Will learn more! Yea! If my plans work out ok, will go to a Golfsmith in a few weeks. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! Regards, Steve
  5. Thanks for the suggestion! So far I have demo'd the Callaway BB06 and the Ping G10 both on two different days. Have not tried the Cobra S9 yet. Both the BB06 and the G10 were standard length, steel shafts,. Hit the BB06 about the same as the G10, but both were standard length. Again, thanks!
  6. Great idea! I will look into that! Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone! Older guy here who started playing golf last summer. Bought 10 year old used Cobra cavity backed clubs (graphite, regular shaft, standard length and lie) off of Ebay to get started and now I should like to hear what you think about some new irons for me. As a matter of background, I shoot embarrasingly high scores, probably a 40+ handicap. I have been taking lessons and my teaching pro says to check in to getting some clubs fitted. Right now, I hit a driver about 175 - 200 yards. Iron shots are an adventure! Went in to a Golfsmith and talked to a fitting pro who suggested that because of my height and wrist-to-floor measure (I'm 6'2", 37" wrist-to-floor) a longer length iron is highly suggested, such as 1/2". Lie angle to be determined, probably 2 up or 3 up. I have gone through the various online charts like the one for Ping and also Callaway... Both my teacher and my low-handicap friends say I am crouching down too much, out of posture, and then coming back to posture and hitting bad, thin, shots more than I should. Plus my back hurts. I really have learned a lot from cruising these forums and would value your thoughts on some different clubs. Before I take the plunge, I have spent countless hours searching forums, reading magazine articles, and talking to folks. Hence: I am contemplating getting some new "game improvement" irons, probably 5-9, PW, SW. So far, I have narrowed my choices to: Callaway Big Bertha 08 new Callaway Big Bertha 06 (used from Callaway used site) Ping G10 new King Cobra S9 new What do you think? Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts! Regards, Steve
  8. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    As great as Jack is, Tiger is even better.
  9. Your Home Course Website.

    My course that I visit the most in my area is the Cree Meadows Golf Course in Ruidoso, NM. www.creemeadows.com
  10. What Do You Do for a Living?

    As a Newbie, I am supposed to be retired, but my wife and I own and operate a B&B.;