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  1. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    Happy for the U.S., but disappointed that this thing is such a blowout. Makes it a bit unwatchable. It's too bad because the President's Cup plays a big second fiddle to the Ryder Cup and this isn't helping it any. Would like to see a Cup where you bring all 3 together--USA, Europe and International. Would have to come up with a format but I think it would be pretty cool.
  2. 2017 Player Of The Year

    The fact DJ doesn't have a major is HUGE. I give JT the edge over Jordan right now for POY because he has that one extra win. However, if DJ can win the TOUR Championship and Fed Ex Cup, then you can begin to make an argument for him winning POY. But as of now, JT and Jordan are a bit ahead of him.
  3. 2017 Northern Trust Discussion Thread

    Gotta think that Justin Thomas has a slim lead on Jordan Spieth for POY and the Playoffs could go a long way in determining who will win that honor. So these last 4 tourneys, starting with the Northern Trust, mean a lot for these two guys.
  4. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Especially putting. He's an awful putter. In fact, look at his major championships. They're all won on slow greens where putting is a little easier. It's why he's had troubles breaking through at Augusta. It's always the putter that fails him on those fast greens, and until he fixes it, he'll never win a green jacket. Rory will still win a major or two and more tournaments, but he's never going to be a dominant player if his putting continues to suck.
  5. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Both will win more. In fact, if there's a money on one of them winning a major in 2018, I'm all in. Now if the question is will either of them win one after 2024, I would vote no. I think both guys are going to struggle to win majors once they hit their mid-30s and beyond.
  6. Over the next 5 years - Who wins the most majors?

    Do you mean 2018-2022? Those would be the next 5 years. I voted for Spieth simply because he is the most consistent and still think he's got areas to improve his game. He's going to always contend in the Masters and could easily win 3 of those in the next 5 years. He very nearly won 3 in a row and then was also in contention through 3 rounds this past year. Outside of Spieth, it's anyone's guess. So many of those other young guys have talent and go on a run and get hot. But it's hard to guess who that guy would be. It could be a guy who's still in college right now.
  7. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    It doesn't surprise me to see that he had all those drugs in his system. When I saw the pictures and they said all he was taking was Xanax, I was like 'Bullshit.' Look at that man's eyes. Those are the eyes of a man who was seriously drugged up.
  8. Parity on tour

    Don't like Reed at all. And it's not just his top-5 comment from a few years ago. Saw an incident at a tournament where he was a complete ass and it's going to be hard for me to ever change my opinion on him. I've heard others also share similar experiences. As for the parity, I think there's nothing wrong with it. The guys who are winning these majors for the first time aren't nobodies. They're great players breaking through, most of them young talent with lots of promise. Of the three first-time winners this year, I wouldn't be surprised if all of them get a 2nd major at some point in their career....yes, even Sergio even though he's getting up there in age. I do think Spieth has the best chance of this generation to pile up a lot of majors. I'm not sure I see anyone else in this current generation right now that will win more than 3. Maybe Thomas, but I don't know. I think Rory's career will be shortened some, but I do think he'll win at least 1 or 2 more majors.
  9. Congrats to Louis Oosthuizen on completing the Grand Slam....the runner-up Grand Slam, that is. Finished 2nd place now in all four majors in his career.
  10. I have. Every year I say I'm going to pay attention to the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs, but once football starts, I find myself not watching much golf (especially when the Bucs are good...and they're supposed to be this year). Don't get me wrong....I'll tune in here and there and check to see what's going on, but it's nowhere near with the same interest as I have in the months of April, May and June.
  11. While there have been a lot of first time major winners since the '15 PGA, it's not like they're longshots. This isn't Micheel or Curtis winning. These have been great players without majors breaking through...Sergio, DJ, Day, Stenson, Thomas, Koepka. It just stinks now that we have to wait 8 more months for the next major. This is where my golf season ends and football season picks up. I'll tune in here and there for the Fed Ex Cup and Pres. Cup. Great season. Ready for 2018.
  12. Rickie Fowler was right there.....and then the Green Mile happened. And once again, in another major, Rickie Fowler is gonna come up empty again, but yet some people want to anoint him as one of the best players in the world. I like the kid and all, but from a golf perspective, let's please give up this dream that this kid is the next big thing. He is Andy Roddick Pt. 2.
  13. CBS...your coverage sucks. Not only is Gary McCord not funny and Ian Baker-Finch the most boring thing ever, but there's a commercial every friggin' two minutes. And someone may wanna tell CBS that Kevin Kisner is winning the golf tournament. They only have been showing a couple of his shots.
  14. Almost looks like Stroud is anchoring that putter. A couple times I could have sworn that putter was touching the stomach. I'm assuming that would be a penalty if he anchored?
  15. Spieth not looking like the same guy that was at the British. Looks like the Grand Slam will have to wait for another year.

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