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  1. If it was Tiger, you know you’d be on here saying it was one of the greatest. You only disagree bc you don’t like BDC. But everyone here knows for a fact if it was Tiger, you’d have said it was. And don’t lie. You know that’s true. And if you say otherwise, it’s bullshit. I’m not going to say it was the greatest but I will say it’s up there. Definitely top-10.
  2. Honest question...if Tiger shoots the 67 yesterday and not DeChambeau, how many are calling it the greatest final round in a US Open? I guarantee you many here and many experts would be clamoring saying it was. Without question. And anyone who disagrees is lying to themselves.
  3. Again disagree. Given how tough the scoring was today and him in the final group for him to shoot a 67 to me is more impressive than Miller’s 63. It just is. No one else on the course playing late shot anything close to him with the exception of perhaps English and his 72. I know you don’t like the guy and I don’t either but I call it as I see it.
  4. Sorry, should have prefaced it as final round performances "by a champion." That's what I was referring to. But conditions were tough as in course conditions, not so much weather, although breeze and cool weather added to those tough course conditions. But NOT ONE player broke par today (only two shot 70) except one who shot a 67--BDC. To me that's pretty damn good and one of the best final rounds by a champion. Even Paul Azinger said as much. To shoot a 67 on that course in the heat of the battle like that was one of the best final rounds by a champion I've ever seen.
  5. I disagree. A 67 in these conditions when no one else could even break 70? It's like the equivalent to a 61 compared to Johnny Miller's 63 at Oakmont. Like I said, I'm not a fan of the guy, but I've got to give him props. That was an incredible round today. Top 10, in my opinion.
  6. Not a DeChambeau fan but if he pars out it has to go down as one of the greatest final rounds ever in a major. No one under par all day and only two guys Even....and he’s -3. That’s incredible.
  7. Damn not one player under par today.
  8. I mean, I’ll still watch and I agree it’s not on the players themselves...they’re just trying to take advantage of the current day and age with getting bigger and stronger. I would just like to see the PGA combat that more, whether it be tweaking equipment or growing out rough to insane levels at over 300 yards. My concern is simply this: accuracy off the tee isn’t as big a deal anymore...hitting it 400 yards is. I’m just hoping that trend in the game doesn’t continue.
  9. Thank you to the USGA for cutting the rough just that little bit on Wednesday, Signed, DeChambeau and Wolff I know opinions are prolly mixed on this, but I just don’t like this new power game that BDC is bringing to golf. I don’t think it helps the game to be able to bomb and gauge and do away with accuracy off the tee. Accuracy off the tee is basically Non-existent now. It’s like the NBA. It used to be about shooting and now it’s about size and dunking which is part of the reason I don’t watch that league anymore.
  10. Wolff win would be good for golf. Wolff-Morikawa the perfect rivalry. Two such contrasting styles but yet so young and talented.
  11. Guess Wolff saw Morikawa win and said I need to get going. I always said a Morikawa-Wolff rivalry is the next thing in golf. Two very contrasting styles but similarly great games.
  12. I think there will be some separation today. I think a couple of the guys at the top will hang around -2 or -3 while most of the others go south. Tends to happen on tough courses.
  13. Wind is supposed to die down throughout the day but not sure it matters. Greens are getting brown and very fast. Gonna be a battle today regardless of wind.
  14. Not sure anyone watched the coverage until the very end, but it was pretty cool to see the lights on at Winged Foot last night and guys finishing in the dark. Reminded me of the Battle at Bighorn. The three guys probably wouldn't have finished if they were a little closer to the cut. Was cool to see, though.
  15. Not surprised. Put $10 on him at 33-1. Also put $10 on Todd, $10 on Fleetwood and $10 on Berger so at least I may have hit gold with one. I would prefer Todd to win since I have him at 80-1 and Reed at 33-1.
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