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  1. 1 and 6 at Bethpage? They were short. He bombed it down there to have pitch shots for his second. Same with 11. He basically took driver on every hole, regardless.
  2. Well he hit driver on a lot of holes others were hitting iron or 3-wood at Bethpage, like 1 and 6. And with his high ball flight he can take them over trees. He will try to probably drive 4 and 15. I think 3 he will go iron. Not sure how he will play 11.
  3. Is famousdavis entering? If so, BK is toast. In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to the US Open. I think Tiger will come in ready and Brooks is trying to make incredible history. No offense to Harrington or Strange, but he’s got a legit shot at a 3-peat just like Tiger did a few times in his attempts, although I don’t think Tiger ever really contended in any of his 3-peat tries. I’m just curious what Brooks’ strategy will be. Will he try to bomb it through some of the short doglegs like 3 and 11 or play it safe.
  4. Exactly. I just hate when people say “Tiger always made a putt when he needed to.” No he didn’t. He missed his fair share of key putts, too. Like the MJ example above, that guy missed more than 9000 shots in his career and a lot of game winning ones but he’s still regarded as the best to play the game. Even the great ones fail, but it’s those failures that make them the best because it pushes them to try harder.
  5. The ‘07 US Open is another example. He actually led for a stretch there on that Sunday and was in the final pair with Baddeley, but missed some big putts. I remember a clutch one he missed on 13 on Sunday. Tiger may be the GOAT, but even he’s not perfect. Neither was Jack.
  6. Yeah the biggest misconception is “Tiger ALWAYS made those putts”. He made a lot of great clutch putts, yes, but he missed some big ones, too. He missed some big ones in the 2009 PGA Champ. He missed some putts in the Masters when he contended in 07, 08 and other years. He missed some key putts at the Open in ‘13 when he contended. It’s a testament to just how often he contended in majors, but while he won his fair share by making big putts, he also missed his fair share in critical moments, too. Everyone misses clutch putts at times. It happens.
  7. Did you win your club championships using PlayStation or XBox?
  8. Sounds like he should be doing commercials for Dos Equis with that famousdavis guy who wins club championships without even having to play them.
  9. A little like Angel Cabrera. He was non-existent in regular events but he won two majors and competed in a heck of a lot more. Cabrera could have won like 6. I think Brooks will win more regular tour events as time goes on, but he could be one of those guys who just doesn’t take them as seriously and just gears up for the majors. And there’s nothing wrong with that. He can do what he pleases.
  10. He has a much better chance than Strange did going in. Pebble Beach is not a long course and it will be interesting to see if he plays aggressive and tries to bomb it through the dog legs. There are five par-4s there he can probably get it within 50 yards if he takes driver. And he can birdie all the par-5s easy. They didn’t have that long of rough in 2010. Not sure if they’re going to keep it down again. Weather is obviously the curve ball in all of this, but as of now, I wouldn’t bet against him.
  11. Early odds out for US Open. Here’s lowest odds: Koepka 5/1 Johnson 9/1 Tiger 10/1 Rory 14/1 Spieth 14/1 Rose 16/1 By the way, I do think you'll see a different Tiger at Pebble. He'll have his game face back on. You could feel the letdown coming this past week. I think he'll be hungry again come June.
  12. Exactly why I’m not jumping the gun yet on him. I do think he’s mentally stronger than those two guys in majors so if I had money, I’d bet on him winning a few more. But we’ll see. The door is open for him now. He can do some special things this year if he stays hot. But nothing is gaurantee.
  13. I don’t think it’s that premature. I mean he has four majors at 29. Two back-to-backs now. That’s HOF stuff, stuff only the greats did. He’s nowhere near the GOAT discussion, but he can go on a tear here the next couple years and maybe get to 8 or 9 majors. Not saying it’s going to happen, but would you be surprised if he did it? I sure as hell wouldn’t. But we’ll see what happens. The game is in a good place right now, that’s for sure.
  14. Great win. Legendary stuff. On to Pebbe Beach. Can’t wait.
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