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  1. Hence, why I said calendar year. Not taking away what Tiger did holding all four at one time. Just talking same calendar year. Yes, you could say Tiger was closest in terms of wins. Spieth was closest in that if three or four more putts go down, he has all four. Depends how you look at it.
  2. I’m talking in a calendar year. Tiger didn’t really contend at that 2000 Masters. Spieth was close in that he won two and came just shy of winning two more in the same calendar year. Same with Brooks should he win this week.
  3. Somewhat off-topic, but I wonder if a calendar grand slam will ever happen. Tiger obviously got three in a year and has the "Tiger Slam". But Spieth came close in 2015, and if Koepka wins the Open, you could make the argument he came closer than anyone in history. And Greg Norman would have the calendar slam if a golf tournament was 54 holes. I feel like it may happen one year, maybe not while I'm alive, though. Back on topic, I think if Seve didn't lose his game in the 90s, he could have easily done it. He had such a great game for the British Open and I thought after he won in '88, he'd top Watson. But sadly, Seve started to lose his game after that '88 win.
  4. Will be interesting to see if Tiger keeps going. He looked in a bit of pain at times. Hate to see him play in pain.
  5. Sunday appears to be the only other day where the wind will be a factor. Next two days look scorable.
  6. It could be 70, sunny, with not a breath of wind and Tiger would still be several shots over par.
  7. The way Tiger picked up the ball from the cup on 8 makes me think the back may be a little bit sore. That was a “cautious” pick up. Same way I pick it up when my back is sore.
  8. He keeps playing like this, he'll be there with Duval.
  9. This looks like 2015 Tiger. Was hoping I’d never see that Tiger again.
  10. Nope. Watson came super close though. Could easily have 6+. Had chances in 84 and 09. But I don’t really see anyone out there right now capable of doing it and the fields are only going to get stronger and deeper with time.
  11. Tiger not looking good thus far. And he hasn’t gotten to the tough holes yet.
  12. David Duval shoots 90. Yikes. I’ve seen all four seasons already about 10 times in the last hour. Crazy. One minute it’s raining, then it’s rain and wind, two minutes later it’s sunny and calm, then the rain comes back in a few minutes.
  13. Yeah he “appears” hurt. Hope it’s not the back.
  14. If Koepka were to win, it would probably be the closest thing we’ve ever seen to the calendar GS. Yeah I know Tiger won 3 in 2000 but never really contended at Masters. Spieth came close in 2015. Greg Norman, by the way, owns the 54-hole calendar slam in 1986. Led all 4 majors after three rounds. Pretty cool. Sad he only won one of those.
  15. Good to see him playing well. Hope he can keep it up. At first I thought you were talking about Duval haha
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