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  1. I like his chances at Augusta. The course sets up well for him. I know he doesn't have the greatest track record there but hes playing at a different level than he ever has and his shirt game, which has been his Achilles heel in past Masters, isn't an Achilles anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if both DJ and Rahm are in contention on the back 9 on Sunday.
  2. Jesus, DJ is just rolling through everyone.
  3. Would love to see a Match Play at St Andrews one time. With all the potential drivable par-4s, would make for some interesting strategy and would be cool to watch. Everytime I see Kevin Chappell it's as if I see a mini Dustin Johnson.
  4. People call him a "short hitter" because they compare him to DJ, Day and McIlroy. Those are the Big 4 the media talks about and three of those guys are bombers. So while Spieth may hit it longer than the average guy, when compared to the other big boys that have dominated the game most along with Jordan the last couple years, he is considered short. He plays a different game than those other three.
  5. I wouldn't say they get "destroyed." The longer you hit it and the straighter you hit it, the better your chances of beating them up. But a lot of guys struggle to position it well, particularly on 13 and 15 where hitting the fairway (or in 15s case, putting it in a spot where the trees don't get in your way) are a challenge.
  6. First post here in 6 months :) Good to be back. I do think Tiger desperately wants to play since it's the 20-year anniversary of that first major, but I am highly doubtful he will play. The guy's gotten all the treatments in the world, he's taken all the rest in the world and he's still having problems with his back. That's an indication it's just never going to come together for him. I feel for the guy because he wants so bad to win again and just can't play without pain no matter what he does. As for the Masters, if Dustin Johnson is on his game that weekend, I'll take $50 to Vegas and won't think twice about putting it on anyone else. He's the best in the world right now, hands down. He has the ability to destroy the par-5s there. It's just a matter of whether he can continue to stay sharp with his short game which has been his downfall at Augusta in the past. I think Rory will contend, but once again, his putter will prevent him from winning a green jacket just like his putter has prevented him from winning a lot more majors than what he has. Oh Rory, if ye could only putt.
  7. Great match...conduct a little childish but great match.
  8. Disagree. I am not a Reed fan, and this weekend is making me hate him more. He needs to stop acting like a friggin 3-year old. And like it's been mentioned, he's not the only one.
  9. Rory hasnt been as bad as Reed. Plus I think Rory's stems from anger at the crowd. Reeds celebrations look too fake to me. It just looks bad.
  10. I'm rooting for Rory in the first match over 6-year old Patrick Reed. I'll root for USA in the other 11. One final note...it's fine to get fired up and excited after a putt or shot, but it's another thing to act like Patrick Reed has. I can't stand it.
  11. Can't believe Westwood today. Its a shame because I like Lee but that was a disaster at the end.
  12. And this is why I'm worried that Masters scarred him pretty bad and he may not be able to truly get over it. He's a very mental guy. He thinks too much. And when you think too much, you allow bad things to creep into your head. Like I said, I hope he can overcome that Masters. He's a good kid, a very classy and mature kid and I'm pulling for him. I hope he can return to where he was in 2015. He's good for the game.
  13. Very sad. You could see it coming. He was looking more and more frail in his latest appearances. He's in a better place now. He will definitely be missed. A true gentleman and legend of the game that helped shape this sport.
  14. It's happened a few times with Tiger, but Tiger usually won 5 or 6 times that season. Jason hasn't won that many times this year. Is 3 victories enough? I didn't realize DJ has 3 wins, too. I thought he only had two. So my guess is DJ is probably the likely POY with a major, a Fed Ex win and a WGC.
  15. I guess Jason Day? Maybe DJ? If DJ had won the Fed Ex Cup I think he would have had it won, but I guess Day now has the edge even though he hasn't really done much since the Players and has no majors. Tough call. No clear winner.