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  1. I live about five minutes from course. I usually go every year but I’m not going this year. Last year was pretty cool to see Tiger Woods up close.
  2. Would have loved to hear a reporter follow up and say “Here’s 10 balls. We’ll all go out to 11 right now with you.”
  3. Not sure Langer is the best example. That dude can still win a green jacket. He’s ageless.
  4. Neither have had much experience lately in that department. Rory grabbed the lead last year on Sunday at Augusta and then did a disappearing act. DJ melted at the US Open last year. Other than that, they really haven’t been factors in majors the last few years.
  5. Rahm and DeChambeau both just seem like the biggest pricks on Tour. Not sure if anyone has any insiders on these guys but from the outside, I just want to punch them. Oh, and Reed doesn’t seem the most pleasant either. Those three make for a good grouping.
  6. He and DJ are definitely the two best in the world right now. No question in my mind. To me, though, DJ can keep it together longer. I just don't know if Rory can keep this going for a long period of time. We'll see how he does in the majors this year. This is the first time I remember him this hot in the beginning of the year. He usually gets hot in the summertime. I don't think he's gone into Augusta brimming with more confidence with the exception of maybe 2015 after he won the Match Play.
  7. Koepka has a strut, too, I’ve noticed. Kind of the same strut I’ve seen guys at the gym have that think they’re better looking and stronger than everyone else. Koepka has a resume though where he can pull it off.
  8. Glad he did. Was rooting for Jim. McIlroy just seems to be the guy right now in golf.
  9. Long way to go but I like Rory’s chances here. Furyk always chokes on the big stage and Rahm and Fleetwood don’t seem to have it today.
  10. They’re teeing off a little earlier for a couple reasons: 1) Players does a 3-hole playoff so in case they need extra time for that. 2) The NCAA selection show is at 6 and they don’t want to go up against that.
  11. But Fleetwood was first in Friday. Don’t think they go by scores, just first in. I’m with you, though. I thought it was first one to hole out. Maybe it was part of the rule changes this past year, I dunno.
  12. I always wondered the tiebreaker on pairings if they’re in the same group. Is it the first one to hole out on 18 (which was McIlroy) or do they go back to the day before and go by first one to finish (which was Fleetwood). Guess it’s the latter.
  13. Should be interesting tomorrow and if they get the full round in. Supposed to be windy, rainy and temps in the mid-50s. Quarter-to-half inch of rain expected. After what started off to be a "Who are these guys" championship, it's turned into a pretty star-studded leaderboard.
  14. Better fix that by Augusta. If you can’t take advantage of the par-5s there and if he putts like this, he’ll be back in Florida for the weekend. Tough part is this is his last stroke play event before the Masters.
  15. I can see being aggressive more on the drop shot because you want to minimize the damage and go for the 4, but that first shot was bad. Especially the way he was swinging his irons.
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