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  1. I hope you're right. I like Rory. I am a Rory fan....I think Rory and Jordan are great for the game and a rivalry between those two would elevate the game a lot. But we're not there right now. I think Jordan is more consistent, just not in how often he contends, but his overall game. Is there a weakness in Jordan's game? Maybe his driver can get a little erratic, but nowadays, what tournaments have penal rough where you can't advance it to the green? If he misses it, he knows where to miss it (i.e. the British Open). And when he gets it on or around the green, he's good at getting it in the hole. I would argue the only time he doesn't play well is when he has a big lead, and even then, as soon as he loses that lead, he turns it on. The PGA has the potential to be great, though, because if there's any major where Rory can find his best game, it's Quail Hollow, a course he's had a lot of success on. And with DJ starting to play better, it's a course Fowler's had good success on and Jordan's play right now, we could have a great PGA Championship.
  2. He hasn't had "one of those runs" in almost three years now. You have to go back to the 2014 PGA Championship to find the last time Rory contended on Sunday in a major. He's had some backdoor top-5s when he was out of contention, but Rory has not sniffed a major in a long time. All this talk about "When Rory has his A-game." His present day A-game is what it is. He's a great ball striker and an average putter at best, and therefore, what we see is what we get. His "A-game from 2014" is in the past.
  3. On a ship right now. Kinda hard to do that when's there's not a street anywhere around here haha.
  4. Here's Jordan's lady friend. Not bad at all. Ugh I should have worked harder to be a pro golfer.
  5. I think he's been dating a pretty hot number since he's been in high school. Last I checked they're still together. So whatever it is, she has had as a good influence on him.
  6. I would say he is animated and acts like a 23-year old that hates to lose. I think he's a little over the top at times and once in a while will have the case of the "Keegan Bradley jitters", but at the same time, I've never heard the guy curse and have never once seen him throw his club. The people that complain about his whining never mention that part. If you ask me if I'd rather see him act the way he does or act the way DJ does and not show any emotion, I'll take the Jordan Spieth way. I think it's entertaining for the game. I have always liked a guy who isn't afraid to show his emotion. It is good for the game.
  7. Even if he didn't make both those putts, he still would have won, so not sure what your point is? He wasn't lucky....he was just better than everyone last week. End of story. And last I checked, making putts isn't's talent. If putting was all about luck, then they would just play tee to green and not which case Spieth still would have won.
  8. But was it slow play or was it the rules officials walking him through the options? I've watched it five times now and most of the time he was taking to play the shot, he was either searching for the ball or it was the rules official was with him explaining his options to him. Even the rules official himself said he had to radio the R&A to see the options of playing on the practice grounds, so that took time. After the shot, I thought it was more Jordan's fault for slow play and a penalty should be considered. But after listening to the rules officials and even Roger Maltbie who was there and said it wasn't Jordan's fault...he was just trying to see what his options were so he could hit the right shot.......I changed my view on it. It's unfortunate what happened and for Kuchar, but it was what it was.
  9. Mickelson has a fighting chance at the U.S. Open next year so I'm not going to count his career grand slam chances out yet. Shinnecock is as good a course for him as any in the U.S. Open rota. He nearly won it there in both 1995 and 2004. It's not overly long and plays to his strengths. You know Phil knows this and is going to put everything he has to winning that U.S. Open next year. If he doesn't succeed at Shinnecock, then I think his window will be all but closed. But I do think Phil will give it everything he's got and then some next June. Then again, without Bones, I'm not so sure. He sure didn't look good without him this past weekend.
  10. Does Rory really have more talent? Maybe in 2014 he did, but when in the last 3 years has he really looked like that guy in 2014? We're talking three years now almost since that PGA win at Valhalla. He has not contended in a major once since then....11 straight majors he's been a non-factor. And I know there's a lot of reasons....getting married, switching clubs, getting hurt...but one thing stays consistent: he can't putt. And putting is a big part of the game. You just can't say, "Well Rory is the most talented player out there but he just can't make any putts. If he could only putt." Well, that's part of being talented! If you can't putt, that lowers your talent. I love Rory. He's one of my favorite players. But I've moved to the belief that he's a really good player, but the Rory we saw in 2014 is probably not going to return anymore for any length of time. Maybe a tournament here or there where his putter gets hot, but not in a consistent fashion. Jordan, on the other hand, seems to stay great for longer periods of time.
  11. When was the last time Rory really played great in a major? Hes had a couple final round strong finishes to get some back door top5s, but I am struggling to think of a major since his 2014 PGA win when he was really in the thick of it in the final round.
  12. With all the balls we saw go into the rough this week and get good lies, imagine if the rough was high like it was 2008 when every missed fairway was basically a layup? No one would have finished under par this week. Spieth definitely benefited from the thinner rough because he missed a lot of fairways today.
  13. I have a hard time seeing McIlroy winning a Masters anytime soon. It's going to have to be an Augusta that is soft and easier to putt on because Rory's putter is just not made for fast greens. His US Open was won on a soft track. He had a shot in 2011 at Augusta until his putter deflated on the last day. It wouldn't surprise me to see Jordan take care of the GS next month at Quail Hollow. A lot of guys that win the British do well at the PGA as well because it's only 3 weeks after so they stay hot. Tiger won both in '06, Paddy both in '08 and Rory both in '14.
  14. I used to think this but I'm not so sure anymore. Jordan's ball striking has been improving. I actually feel like his game is better now than it was 2015. Meanwhile Rory's A-game hasn't been around for awhile since really 2014. It showed up a little at the end of last year but hasn't come back.
  15. I think next year is Phils best last chance. He's got a good history at Shinnecock and it's not an overly long course. If he's ever gonna do it, it's gonna be next year.