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  1. Thank God. I couldn’t stand McCord. I don’t mind Kostis except he’s so boring. IBF needs to go, too. Also bores the heck out of me and adds nothing.
  2. I’m a Notre Dame fan and they’re making me turn to golf tonight and drink extra shots.
  3. Haha it’s football season for me. Usually stay quiet from Aug-Feb, but I have been following. It’s been impressive. Guess the rest has done him well. He looks like he did at Augusta. Would be great to see him get 82 here and 83 at either Torrey or Bay Hill.
  4. How’d the rest of that season go for him after that major? 🧐
  5. It depends what you put emphasis on. I’m big on majors, so Koepka’s majors performances outweighs Rory’s Players win and Fed Ex win, in my mind. But if I’m a player and don’t weigh majors in much and look at all the body of work, then yes, I would prilly lean Rory. It’s all on what how big majors weigh. Rory really did nothing in them but did a lot in everything else.
  6. I get that. I’m just saying I disagree with their voting, that’s all. I personally thought Brooks should have won it, and this coming from a McIlroy fan in myself.
  7. Major wins + performance > Consistency That’s just my opinion.
  8. Calling it now...Koepka wins all four majors next year. Surprised. Koepka won a major and WGC and finished top-5 in all the majors. Rory won zero majors. Hell, he didn’t even contend in a major.
  9. Yeah I’ve always said when Rory is on, he is as close to Tiger in his prime as you will get. It’s just not a lot, unfortunately. It comes and goes. And it usually has to do with the putter. That’s usually the club that kills him. When it’s on, watch out.
  10. McIlroy won at Liverpool, not St.George’s. I will actually go with Spieth as I think he recovers next year and wins the Masters where I think he’s comfortable. Just my prediction. McIlroy will have a good shot at PGA though where he won the Match Play a few years back (Harding Park).
  11. Wonder if Koepka caught TGC last night. If so, he would have heard Chamblee say he didn’t think Koepka could beat McIlroy this week.
  12. Wish they would have started the leader at Even instead of -10 so it felt more like a US Open instead of a Canadian Open. But all jokes aside, I like the format so far.
  13. He seems to at least be expanding his horizons now to try and win WGCs and FedEx Cups...not just majors. Maybe one day he’ll take the 3M Championship seriousl....ehhh...maybe not.
  14. He finished 2nd. That’s not laying an egg. Again, didn’t say he “always wins” when he wants to win, but he seems to either win or come damn close.
  15. It’s almost like when Koepka wants to win, he wins. And if he doesn’t win, he’s damn close. When was the last time he played a tournament where he probably wanted to win really bad and laid an egg? I guess the ‘18 Open but even then he rebounded after an awful start. 15 million reasons to motivate him this week so yoI know he’s all in.
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