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  1. Would love to see an event at Streamsong. Now that’s a Florida course that would look glorious on TV. Played it a few months ago and it’s one of the best I’ve ever played and I’ve played some beauties.
  2. ChrisP

    2020 Masters

    I’m still skeptical of it given these new reports from the CDC of COVID-19 2.0 coming in the fall and that it could be much worse than this outbreak. We can talk about how we’re more ready the second time around, but until there’s a vaccine, I don’t see much you can do except lockdown. We’ll see. Hopefully the experts are wrong and we can see Augusta in November and get a football season.
  3. No way it will be contained. Once there’s a treatment for those who get it, life will go back to normal. But until then, it’s going to be a social distanced world with very few fans allowed into sporting events and athletes tested daily.
  4. I think they’ll allow family and friends of the players in, and writers as well, but that’s about it.
  5. ChrisP

    2020 Masters

    If they would have played today, they would likely have had to move up tee times again bc of weather.
  6. ChrisP

    2020 Masters

    Poor Bubba and Scott got shoved under the carpet by marketing. They’re showing 2012 and 2013, too.
  7. Postponement vs Cancellation is a big deal. Cancel means no make-up. If this is the case, then the dominos may begin to fall for no golf season 😒. Im still holding out hope of a fall major season. But it’s not looking good as of now if these projections of millions of cases are true.
  8. I think regular tournaments are likely done (ie RBC Canadian, Travelers) but the majors and Fed Ex Cup are still in play. I could see a scenario, as CBS Sports wrote up the other day, where you play all the big tournaments and the playoffs between the end of July and October. The Open will kick off the major season instead of the other way around, and then you go to San Fran in mid-August, NYC Labor Day and Augusta early October with the WGC St Jude in between there somewhere. Then you close out with the playoffs the rest of the month. It’s going to allow creativity and something different and unique, but it can work. You can also hold smaller tournaments simultaneously for players who don’t qualify for the majors so they can earn paychecks just like they do the WGCs.
  9. Of all years to have the majors in San Francisco and just outside of New York City. It's no surprise the PGA was postponed, and I suspect the U.S. Open is going to be a no-go as well unless New York City undergoes a fast and speedy recovery. And then there's the Open. The UK is just starting to see the worst of it hit them. Within the last day they've had 128 deaths. All the majors will likely be a no-go through July. The only scenario they could put in place is the possibility in September and October of doing the four majors and FedEx Cup if things dramatically improve. Not sure they would do that, but nothing's off the table, I guess. I would honestly just rather them call it a year and hope we're ready to go again next year. The way I see it, the NHL and NBA are likely finished. MLB will play a shortened season and NFL is still a distance away. And that's probably best case scenario for MLB.
  10. You're right, I don't a PhD in the medical field. I'm not an expert on the Coronavirus. I have a friend who is pretty damn highly qualified and he told me a little bit about it and I form my opinion based off what he's told me. Just a guess, but I am pretty sure based on his doctorate degrees he knows more about the virus than anyone here. Your President? Ahhh...now I see what this is all about. You're one of those political guys who believes this is the President's fault and he's to blame. I got better things to do with my time than argue politics with an Anti-Trump whack job who complains and whines about everything they do. Have a nice weekend.
  11. Oh geez, lefty. Stop with these stupid posts where you mock everyone for their opinions on a matter and try and be the internet tough guy. There's underreaction and overreaction to this, and you're part of the overreaction problem. As I've said, I think they're doing the right thing around the nation. I thought they could have gotten the Players in and done by Saturday. Same with NCAA and an abbreviated tourney. I don't think it would have caused a nationwide panic if they would have played those two events this past weekend with no audience. That's my opinion. Obviously, you think otherwise and think armageddon is taking place in the United States.
  12. No, to crown a champion in a really big event and have an actual tournament.
  13. CNN, NBC, and a lot of the mainstream media. They are the kings and queens of blowing things up. Depends how many people are actually infected. Read a story yesterday the number could be well in the hundreds of thousands, even millions, right now in the U.S. Just most people aren't getting tested. I probably wouldn't, either, if I just had some small flu symptoms. I would just quarantine myself, which unfortunately, I have to do next week. My two-month vacation is over and I have to return back to the ship next week and basically live on it while on dry dock as a quarantine measure until this blows over. It stinks I may not see my wife for over a year because in two months we're headed out to sea anyways. So no, I'm not happy with COVID-19 right now and am not in a good mood. I just disagree. Sorry. I think they could have played Friday, 36 on Saturday and end it early. I understand the family aspect of it, which is why I'm not arguing against future tourneys being cancelled, but I thought they could have gotten the Players in and done by Saturday night and at least crowned a champion. And yes, they could have gotten the NCAA Tourney in as well with an abbreviated schedule. It was proposed and supported by some of the committee, but they never finalized it and just ended up scrapping it. My wife being a Dayton grad and turning me into a Dayton fan and never maybe getting this opportunity to them win a national championship again, yes, I'm kind of sad.
  14. Haha true. But at least you could have crowned a champion.
  15. I think the part that’s overblown is this thing is going to kill you. That’s kind of my anger with this. The media is almost portraying this as “You get this, you’re going to die.” That’s not anywhere near true. In fact, there’s probably a lot more cases out there right now than the official number, and if you include those and the number of deaths, you’re probably talking about a mortality rate somewhere between 1 and 1.5%. I think they did the right thing with sports in pulling the spectators out of the arenas. I thought too many sports played copycat to the NBA. I thought they could have done the Players without crowds and finished it with no problem and then re-assess the situation. I thought NCAA could have done a 16-team field with no spectators and finished the tourney quick like was actually proposed by one of the committee members. I think there was some overreaction to certain things, not everything.
  16. Of course they could, but with all the other majors going on and the Olympics and Fed Ex Cup, it’s doubtful. Plus it thunderstorms every day in the South and is 100+ degrees. They’d wait til October.
  17. It’s the only time they can play it. They close the course from May through September. Jack said yesterday on ESPN he thinks they’ll just cancel it. I think it will all depend on how long this lasts. If we get into the PGA Championship being cancelled, then possibly the US Open, then we begin to get into a situation of basically shutting down the season with no make-ups for majors. And I do think the PGA Champ. will be cancelled being it’s in California, a state where the number of cases will prolly be skyrocketing.
  18. ChrisP

    2020 Masters

    Jack Nicklaus said he thinks they will cancel it altogether. I also think the PGA Championship and US Open are also in doubt given both are in California and New York, two big states that already have a lot of people with the virus. But I think Nicklaus is right in that it will likely just be cancelled.
  19. I feel so bad for workers losing jobs over this. It’s gotta be hell. One of my best friends was doing so great in his business and in two weeks time it’s just collapsed and may have to shut down. Unfortunately, we had record unemployment and I think you’re going to see it skyrocket in a month. Tough times are ahead. I hate getting political, but like or hate the President, the country was doing pretty well. A majority of people were happy with their lives. It’s amazing how things can change so fast. It really is going to be a challenge but I think if this moves through quickly, we can recover fast. The longer it lingers, the worse.
  20. True. Didn’t think of that aspect. There’s a lot of players out there, though, particularly at the Korn Ferry level, who live paycheck to paycheck. We think of the big guys and how money isn’t an issue, but for some players who depend on their winnings to keep them going, you just hope and pray this doesn’t last long. Same with players in tennis and other individual sports who are trying to make a living with their tournaments.
  21. I didn’t find anything wrong playing with no fans. Just seems to me they want to copy all the other sports and just postpone everything. Damn, I get two months of reprieve before heading back out to sea. Was looking forward to coming home, relaxing, and watching March Madness, the NHL, Players and Masters. Crap.
  22. Players Championship is cancelled. Everything cancelled until Masters.
  23. 20,000 are not going to be dying per week in a state? Come on. Infected? Perhaps. But not dying. You’re making this sound like the Bubonic Plague. It’s bad, don’t get me wrong, but people can survive it if they get it. You’re making it sound like everyone who gets it is dead. But it is the right thing to be cautious with it.
  24. Haha same here. I don’t know. Maybe I look at things different because I’ve been through war and was on deaths doorstep before so I’m not so concerned with getting it. But I am messaging my parents every 10 minutes telling them to wash their hands and not go out. They can’t afford to get it at their age.
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