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  1. I broke 90 a good amount of times last year but usually kept it low 90s. I have a terrible drive with a disgusting slice but my irons are decent and short game I would say is pretty amazing.... This year I can't do anything!! Driver goes about 175 yards 6i 130 and my P goes about 15 yards. Every single thing in my swing is messed up and never hit anything solid anymore!! I've been playing for almost 10 years now but about 2 years where I go more than 2 times a month. Never took lessons but finally bought a book to read. I'm desperate for help!
  2. I know I'm not qualified but that pro has done nothing to help him.
  3. Hey guys, a buddy of mine started playing about 3.5 months ago. He has taken 2 lessons from a golf pro but hasn't improved at ALL!! He shoots a consistant 140 range! N never wants to change anything because the "pro said he's doing it right" I'm a high 80s low 90s player. My short game is above avg I would say, every else could be a lot better. Been playing on and off for about 10 years but these past 2 years I have taken it more serious. I don't have interlocking grip (former baseball player) just learned the in n outs from my grandfather. Enough about me. I try and help him out with chipping (us leftys like Phil are all good I guess ;-) ) besides that I try n tell him to move his hips more, bend the knees a little, slow his swing down. But he just doesn't want to take advice from me!! It's to the point I want him to ask for his $$ back from the pro and start from scratch and for me to teach him at the range n smaller courses. HOW do I get it through his head that he stinks and isn't fun to play with when I have to have for 4 shots before I hit my 2nd one. I want him to do well, more friends that play golf the better but he just doesn't want to listen to me!!
  4. Nothing makes me more angry than a lying/cheating/who*e!! Friend of a friend plays usually once a week. They're all in the 25+ handicap but this one guy always somehow ends up for 1 stroke better or worse than everyone. When I'm there playing with them (19 cap) I call him out on some stuff to make sure he remembers he lost a ball or dribbled one up. BUT he just went the other day with out his friends n says he shot an 86!!!!! I've never seen him break a 115 before! AHHHHH it drives me nuts!!
  5. Have been using the 20s I hit those so much more solid than the 24s
  6. I can't remember where I got them. I have been
  7. I had recently purchased the callaway x24 hot but can't him them as solid as my x20s I had. I can't remember where I bought them but my uncle who has been golfing for years with a 5 handicap says he thinks they're fake. On the back on my x20 the X feels to be engraved Ito the club. The 24s seem to be plastic and feels like you can take it off. Was wondering if all 24s are like that or I got screwed n they're fake
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