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  1. Holding steady between 13 - 14. This year, I dipped below 13 (12,2!) for the 1st time due to two exceptionally good rounds in short period.
  2. What's a warm up? I don't need no stinking warm up. Life is short, too short to waste time in the range. 🤪
  3. Wow! So many good golfers in this forum. 87 is a good score for me. 84 if I play from "senior" tee.
  4. I did it. After 9 and a half years of nonstop playing golf, I finally made a hole in one. I can die without a regret now. 😃
  5. >>>> My 2019 golf goal is to finish the year with 11+ HI. I've failed spectacularly. My HI came down to 13.0 a few times but never below it. Instead, I've ended the year with 13.2 HI. The main reason for the failure is that I've got lazy and never put in the time to improve. That laziness is going to continue into my 5th year of early retirement. I will set my 2020 golf goal accordingly.
  6. I had 3 "double-par" holes, a par 3, 4, and 5 holes. The total on the three holes was 24. And yet, I still escaped with an ESC score of 88, and net of 93. That was a maddening round, one that makes me suicidal. Sigh.
  7. IMO, that's the big elephant in the room. My course sends someone out when they notice a group falling behind 4.5 hour pace. That usually does the trick. The only time this does not work with when there is a large tournament. This is one reason (there are others but that's for another thread) why I stopped playing in tournaments. It takes up the whole day - get to the course by 7:20, the last group ends around 2:00, we hang around for drinks and score tally afterward, get home in the late afternoon, and I am too tired to do anything else. The whole day is gone, just like that. Play
  8. Not villains but the follow golfers annoys me for one reason or the other: Sergio Garcia, Patrick Reed, Bubba Watson, Phil Nickelson, John Daly, Kevin Na, Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Rory McKilroy, and Jason Day. ... and anyone else who hits 360 yard drive and grabs an iron to reach par 5 hole in two. Let them play on a 9000 yard course when they get to hell (or heaven). 😁
  9. When you wait on every hole regardless of the actual pace (it could be 4 hour or 6 hour), the time actually slows down. 10 mins mysteriously stretches into 15 mins. It cannot be explained scientifically but we have all experienced this. One time, I asked a marshal to check the pace and it was 4.5 hour round. I thought it was a 5 hour pace. ☹️😑 Having said that, a 6 hour round is very rare unless you play on a congested golf course on Saturday with large tournament group in front. 6 hour round golf is more exhausting than running a half marathon, at least, mentally.
  10. I Give him the silent treatment he asked for. Perhaps, he does not like any comments from anyone and that's what he is - an odd ball (I am being nice here). You got to respect the oddity and don't let that bother you. If that bothers you, just find another foursome without him. In my club, I have one guy who barely says anything during a round. It's awkward. Another guy constantly talks, mostly about himself, sometimes politics. I actually prefers to play with the silent type in this case. It helps me to focus on golf more. My 2 cents.
  11. 95 yards, pitching wedge with less than full swing (3/4, 7/8, 5/8, whatever makes sense given the situation)
  12. I think he must up his game if he wants to play at Korean or Asian tour. I knew a guy with +5 HI and he could not even make it to Web.com tour. Actually, he was no way near making it.
  13. Took a day off from golf today but my last 6 rounds have been 87, 86, 87, 86, 85, and 85. That's consistency! I am doing most things OK except occasional bad swing (OB, lost ball).
  14. We have all seen this kind of 1st timer post. Even the replies are repeating themselves. To the OP: Enjoy golf. If you can make a career out of it, more power to you. Becoming a tour pro? You need to have God given talent, a team of supporters (connections - good coaches, parents with $$$ to finance your career, etc.), must have started out early, and have a good work ethic/discipline (training 8 hours a day, every day). If not, go back to enjoying golf.
  15. At my HI of 13, I don't need to be creative. I need to be consistent with what I try to do. Keep things simple and be good at them is what I need to master.
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