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  1. rkim291968

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    85 albeit from shorter tee - it's wet here in California so the ball is not rolling. Nothing stood out, good or bad. Just a routine round for a median score.
  2. rkim291968

    Practicing Weeks (Months) Hitting Just One/Few Clubs?

    I usually play with full set, and practice with about 1/2 the set. This year, due to various injuries, the only thing I can do were chip and putt. Since I am retired and have a club membership, I went to the course and played full round only putting and chipping. I practiced putting off the green, something I don't do well. I always chipped off of green. Anyway, the injuries were blessing in disguise as I finally feel comfortable putting off of green.
  3. I play about 160 rounds and lose 2+ balls per round. That means I go through about 320+ golf balls per year. But I pick up enough balls per round to be self sufficient.
  4. rkim291968

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Carded 90 which one stroke higher than my average. Considering I yanked most of my short iron shots, it's a decent score. As some point in the round, I resorted half swing shots rather than risking yanks. I will have to use more of those half swing shots as it's more accurate.
  5. rkim291968

    Relationship Issues Messing with Game?

    I'd block the spouse out totally and just keep focusing on golf, one shot at a time.
  6. rkim291968

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    89 with two triples caused by two drives going OB. I tried to hit Puig like home run on those drives but the balls darted to far right instead. Other than the two tripled holes, I had strings of par and bogeys. I
  7. I've seen many who hit 300+ yards but they were one off as the golfer was aided by wind, extra lucky rolls, down hill, etc.. Heck, I hit 300 yarders a few times although I can only carry 220 yards. However, I've only seen one dude who can "average" 300+ yards and he wasn't even a good golfer. He was young, big, and has a fast swing. Why people lie? I always thought that they are quoting their best shot (what they can hit) instead of average in a round. For example, if I "solidly" hit all my drives, I will average 240+ yards. I know this b/c this happened once, recently, in my golf career. On all other rounds, I "average" about 220 yards with some solid drives mixed with off center shots. Individual distances on the drives will range 180 - 280 yards. On a round which I hit a few shanks, my average will even be lower - about 200 yards. Then, I think there are those few who lies to make them better golfer than they actually are.
  8. rkim291968

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Stayed at 13.0 as my personal best score stayed "in" the list. It will go off in the next reporting. But things are looking good. 13.0 is my best ever official HI and is giving me hope that I can get down to single digit if I keep at it.
  9. rkim291968

    41 inch 3 wood, anyone?

    I've done it with. I also tried gripping down. There isn't much difference between the two methods so take your pick. Cutting it down though will force you to hit with a shorter club. Gripping down sometimes does not work for me for various reasons.
  10. rkim291968

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    Like a fool, I keep playing through it as if my driver is just fine. I have less of a choice b/c my 3-wood is the most inaccurate club, driver included.
  11. rkim291968

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    82 ESC which happened to be my 2nd best score on the course/tee. I wanted to played the remaining two holes but it was getting dark and cold, not to mention that we were starving.
  12. I take the flag out when it windy and the flag is swaying. I am afraid that my putt/chip will bounce off the swaying flag stick instead of going in.
  13. I agree. When I play, I see more difference between Callaway Warbird and SuperSoft but not so much between Pro V1 & TP5. However, recently, I switched my wife's ball from Bridgestone E6 to Callaway Supersoft. This was done as an experiment after a few studies showed Callaway Supersoft as one of the best balls for women golfers. Although she also thinks that golf balls don't make much difference, she is hitting longer with the Supersofts off tee. The carry is about the same but the SS seems to roll more. Given that she is just averaging about 150 yards off tee, the extra few yard of rolls are more significant than if I gained those few yards.
  14. I have about 90+ swing speed and played with many different balls. Currently, I have 13 HI. In my experience, different well known brand (Titleist, Taylormade, etc) balls don't make *too* much difference. Some will go a few yards shorter, roll more on green, etc.. But at the end of the round, by far the biggest factor on how I did comes down to everything but "brand" type of ball. Having said that, there are balls which I won't play with. They are balls which are worn out, have deep cuts & scratches, hard balls (example - old cheap balls like Topflite 3000), too cheap to be good balls (Walmart's Nitro special), refurbished (I don't trust what was painted over), ancient (more than 10 years old - ball tech has changed since then) ... There have been experiments done on balls which have been in the water. It turns out there is negligent amount of different between new & balls out of water. I believe the result. So, until I can consistently hit my ball, I will play with Titleist Next Tour one day and Taylormade TP5 the next day.
  15. rkim291968

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Soon, you will be joining Web.com tour if you keep scoring 69s. Awesome! I played to 91 which is 2 strokes worse than my average. One blow up hole, 7 on a par 3 hole, was the difference.

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