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  1. Managed to get some better footage, same problems still exist. Have not had much chance to practice in last few months due to family and work but got some time for next few months to go at it hard. So any other pointers are greatly recieved :D
  2. Does anyone know which adidas golf shoes justin rose was wearing yesterday (sunday)???
  3. cheers for replys think i will give the bio cell hybrid a try is pretty cheap now
  4. hi guys i am looking at purchasing a new 19/20 hybrid, i am currently using a 913h and cant really get away with it, plus its starting to look a bit scabby so i want to treat myself. i am looking for something which is very forgiving and good from the tee. i was thinking about a ping g30 or bio cell hybrid as i like my driver and 3w from cobra. any thoughts? thanks Anthony
  5. My goals this year are to spend more time practising putting. 2nd goal get more consistent with the driver and 3 wood.
  6. Having a look through the howdidido order of merit (http://www.howdidido.com/oom.aspx#/MainPage.xaml) I noticed you can check your friend list like a mini league. For those that dont know how it works. Titleist sponsers the event, which uses your 5 best medal qualifying scores and gives you points based on the results combined these points to give you a total. Was thinking it would be pretty cool if we could get a Sandtrap order of merit for some fun??
  7. If i start of bad or I am playing bad I just adjust my aims for the round. I play alot of stableford games in casual rounds. So if I get 1/3 through round and i am like +5/6 I just try. I just aim for 28-30 points and try not to play so bad for rest of round.
  8. Thanks for the reply, i had a good read of the thread this morning before going to play and tried it out on the course and just making a few small adjustments in my setup helped alot in getting the ball alot more airbourne. Just need to square it up a touch as i was pulling a few.
  9. Hey Guys, As part of my on-going battle with my driving I am back seeking more advice. The issues i am tackling at the minute is getting the ball airbourne, My drives are like low stingers which land like 200 yards and roll out like 50 yards. They go about as height as the roof of a 2 story house as a rough guideline. Here is a picture of my setup just in case there is which might need adjusting. I went for a lesson with my local golf coach and he was trying to get me to open my clubface more in the backswing as I was closing it at the top position (25 degrees a
  10. Matt Kuchar or Justin Rose both top guys you would have a drink with
  11. driving is the thorn in my side always, i've only been playing 18 months so hopefully it will get better over time
  12. [QUOTE name="iacas" url="/t/76448/strong-grip-ball-position#post_1037645"] Do you understand the ball flight laws? Do you understand how ball position affects path? You were probably hitting pull draws. Now pull cuts. I'd work toward eliminating either of those not a quick fix. On a phone but do you have a My Swing thread?[/QUOTE] I am not too sure how much I understand the ball flight laws to be honest :( I do have a swing thread although my videos are not the greatest. I am still working on key 1. [URL=http://thesandtrap.com/t/74213/my-swing-royster1984#post_1026423]http://thesandtra
  13. Hello all, I am having a little bit of trouble with my ball flight. I was hitting a draw / hook and over the last 2 weeks It's changed into fade/slice. So i am trying to work out why and fix the flight change. My grip is naturally quite strong but even with a strong grip I am still often hitting a slice with my woods/long irons. I do swing a little bit from out to in, which i am trying to correct but this was the same when i was hitting draw/hook before. With regards to a strong grip and hitting a fade could it be that i have the ball positioned to far back in my stance??
  14. ah right thats awesome thought i was going to have to convert to it somehow but can stick with my own style
  15. I am having some issues with putting alignment using the marked line on ball technique. When ever i try to use this alignment technique I tend to take to long to get it lined up and then not trust my alignment. Watching the pro's it seems 99.99999% of them use a line to aid alignment, so I was wondering if anyone had any secrets to making it faster and more successful?? Thanks Anthony
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