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  1. These are cool,plus I like the way the guy drove to the tee and pulled driver and hit straight away with a great swing.
  2. Joined,missed out last year.
  3. Sounds like ball is to far forward in your stance,If you play it beyond your lead foot then tee it higher.
  4. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver! Rory mcllroy -1 Patrick Reed +1 Graeme McDowell +1
  5. Does anybody know what year wedge this is and what model?I would appreciate it thanks.
  6. Rory mcllroy -12 justin rose -12 adam scott -12
  7. celebs,bunch of ceo's e.t.c.Advertise this like its hollywood stars, hhhmmmm i think i might know him,who is he? :-)
  8. You should have paired up with the two women and played as a foursome.
  9. I wouldn't be to pushed on playing mare island,Its got only one par five and most holes you don't need driver off.Its a cheap round though and hard to find it once you leave San Fran.
  10. I'm with you,not to fond of the way he carries himself and i would probably give him a kick in the ass and tell him to quit his whining lol
  11. I'm with you,not to fond of the way he carries himself
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