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  1. Outstanding play by Woods,what a finish.
  2. Harding and presido are a must,agree about crystal springs. Lincoln,sharp park and glen eagles i would'nt waste my time with them.
  3. Craigslist,most people sell there 3 and 4 iron to replace them with hybrids.
  4. I had a pair of $160 nike shoes,i found them very uncomfortable and plus with any nike shoe if you lose a stud the stud holder gets damaged and you can't put a stud in,its made of to soft of material.Ask any golfer who wears nike's to look at his shoe sole and he will be missing at least 2 studs.About three weeks ago i came in from a round with a sore right side of the sole of my right foot,that's it i said,threw the shoes in the garbage and went out and bought a pair of footjoys for $139,the difference is unbelievable,its like walking on air.Just pure comfort.Sorry about the rant,but nike sho
  5. I definitely agree with ks8829's post,number 2 and 5.Tempo again is the key and no declaration.Putting to me is the same as pitching and chipping,if you decelerate the shot is lost.
  6. Why would someone take a ball of a green,crazy.
  7. Take a few days break from hitting balls and you will be fine.
  8. Get in his head,don't give him a single putt no matter how close,this can p@*s a lot of golfers off.Even if he looks at you expecting you to give it,don't,play him at his game and still be cheerful.
  9. 6 months ago it was 105,not sure about now,maybe the same.
  10. You could try out the titleist dt roll.
  11. When i play a low hybrid i play it from the middle of my stance and take a normal swing and just cut off the follow through,i play it into the wind instead of my 3 wood.My hybrid is also 19*.
  12. Let me know how that works out,sounds like a good idea.
  13. I have mine set to neutral,You got heavier weights?
  14. I think one of the main reasons to getting down too low digits in a handicap is understanding the golf swing and not assuming what it is,It was definitely a big factor with me,i had a friend boss who was going to turn pro in Australia but decided to come to America instead,I played golf with him on a regular basis and he explained what golf is and how to do it,he brought my game on leaps and bounds.I know my handicap now is at 3.9 but i have not renewed my yearly subscription in a while but i am definitely lower now.Arm lift is a huge thing,erase this and coil properly and ball striking and
  15. I don't know whether it was me or the new shaft but the difference is unbelievable,i was at the range and working hard on turning my shoulders and coiling and unleashing with my hips,the trajectory was exactly what i was always looking for,i am definitely carrying the ball a lot further,i mean a lot further.Getting fitted for a driver is the only way to go. Playing in a tournament tomorrow and i will definitely have a chance at the longest drive,can't wait to get out on the course.Sorry about raving a bit folks but I'm slightly elated
  16. I have the R7 CGB max 9.5 in the stiff shaft 45gram.While playing lately i noticed i get absolutely no run on the fairway after a drive,even on hard fairways.On a wet fairway i noticed plug marks 3 feet in front of my ball.I carry the ball a long way though.So anyway i went to golfmart today and asked for a new shaft,they put me on the launch monitor and after 4 swings he was able to tell me i get no run on the fairway,unbelievable,he said shaft was to light for me e.t.c so he is fitting it with a heavier shaft,i think its a pro-force V2.He said it will make a big difference.First time i eve
  17. Great stuff,congrats man
  18. Check your grip tension,could be gripping with a death grip.
  19. Your starting the downswing by swinging your upper body first instead of starting with your lower,plus you need to work on finding a good tempo which should come easy when you start swinging from the bottom up.Let the lower pull the arms down through the ball.
  20. I went out Monday and bought a pair of new footjoys for $140,I've had footjoys before but these are so comfortable i cannot believe it.I never had a pair of shoes of any description as comfortable.I had nike shoes before them that i bought 6 months ago for $160 and these were the most uncomfortable,horrible shoes i ever wore,if you lost a stud out the nikes forget about putting one back in as the stud holders are so soft they just deteriorate. So after all this i definitely recommend that you buy a pair of footjoy shoes.I had four birdies today and i put it down to the shoes
  21. I just started to play the tp black and i love them,I have'nt tried the tp red yet though.
  22. I would put that down as one of mine also,the green is a must hit or your down in a deep bunker.A guy has got a hole in one on that hole though,he went as the crow flys across all the trees,they looked for his ball could'nt find it and walked to the green and it was in the hole.
  23. On a par 5 waiting for the green to clear for our second shot,walk over towards the other player and see his ball sitting up on a tee waiting to hit a 3 wood.I say w.t.f dude is that e.t.c,i could'nt believe it.
  24. The rain gloves is a must,you don't have to worry about wet grips because they work better the wetter the grip.You have to wet them before you start playing with them.Get them,its like playing in the dry.Footjoy makes them,there like $20 but will last a long time.
  25. I tried one of these as a demo,wasn't expecting much,i though they were class,i preferred them over my irons,nike's and callaway forged.I thought the callaway tour x22's were class also.I would swap mine for a set instantly.
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