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  1. Thats a great deal,mine cost nearly $400 when i got it.Great device,i love mine.
  2. If you can go on the course when its quiet in the evening,just go directly to the long par 3's and just keep hitting tee shots on them,it will build your confidence immensely on them and they will become easy.Just resist the temptation to play the other holes,bring only the irons you need for the par 3's.
  3. The rain gloves are a must,unbelievable grip with them,you must wet them though before playing with them.No need for dry grips with them,the wetter the better.I enjoy playing in the rain.
  4. When i'm going to play a round and the course has a range i use them instead of paying for range balls.
  5. I personally prefer the taylormade tp black over the nike,i play all the top balls as i have about 500 of them at home,i just tried the taylormade this week and i am very impressed.Its very good around the green for chipping,pitching and putting.
  6. Just bring a 7 iron,wedge and a putter with you.
  7. Definitely a stiff shaft,9.5 draw sounds fine if you have a slight fade.
  8. I always use the line,i know exactly where i am aiming once i square up to it.
  9. Your buddy should have tried it and see if he could outdrive the owner of the ping,the ping owner using his driver.Might'nt have been the driver at all.
  10. My wife is class,she never complains when i play golf,even though she does'nt play she loves watching it and knows all the players.If i am not there she will still watch it.Probably does'nt help that i have the whole family completely brainwashed about golf
  11. One day a month ago i was at the range hitting good shots with my seven iron,all of a sudden i shanked 6 shots in a row,i was mortified,i went and sat on the bench for a minute to calm down and relalised that after the first one or two i was gripping the club with a death grip(really tight)so i went back hitting and i was fine.So any time now i hit a few bad shots i take a break for a few minutes and think happy thoughts
  12. I was in golfmart last week and i asked one of the guys that work there about drivers cracking,he said its pretty common,told me to bring my driver to the front desk and they would send it to taylormade,i said i did'nt buy it here,don't matter he said.I brought it in on friday and no problem they took it, today i got a call too pick up my new driver,brand new driver with headcover and tool kit,i did'nt give them my headcover e.t.c.I was expecting to wait at least a month for a reply and maybe a negative one.Class stuff by golfmart,they did me a good turn,i had already e-mailed taylormade a
  13. I use my 56* for every shot around the green,chips,pitches,flops e.t.c.I have so much confidence in this club if it was female i would marry it
  14. Just curious to know which driver you have and where it cracked,i have the taylor made cgb and it is cracked on the sole,it starts from the face and goes an inch and a half long.If your driver has cracked post here and we will see which one is the most common to crack.I noticed the noise from mine got real shrill weeks ago,probably was cracked then and i did'nt notice.
  15. 1. Rory McIlroy 2. Camilo Villegas 3. Danny Lee 4. Ryo Ishikawa 5. Anthony Kim
  16. Tempo is created with a proper downswing started with hips and shoulders,it feels slow but there is a lot of club head speed because timing is correct,if you try to swing slow with an all arm downswing you won't have any club head speed or power or try to create tempo with an arm swing the same result.
  17. Check that your not straighting your right leg on the backswing as this will slightly raise your body.
  18. I missed a short putt a month ago and picked the ball up and hit it away like a baseball hit with my putter,i hit it real good only the connection was on the shaft above the head,bent the shaft so i had to get it re-shafted.
  19. Man those look sweet,i never even heard of that make.Look class
  20. I would go with a set of callaway x-20's or talyormade r7's,not the tour models,tour models are fine if you want to work the ball but if your just hitting straight shots or your regular shot is a fade e.t.c go with non tour models.People grab tour irons a little to hasty.
  21. It sounds to me that your not turning your shoulders,it sounds like an all arm swing,you may think your turning them but i bet your not.When your at the range on your backswing don't let your left arm pass your heart,this will force you too turn your shoulders,it will feel weird at first because it will be new for you and point that left shoulder at the ball also on the backswing,brace off the back leg and presto welcome to power.Make sure on the backswing when you finish your turn you do not lift your arms.You should have plenty of power and your weak slice should be gone completely.Also don'
  22. Look up the irish pound coin,its big and very thin, its silver though.The old irish penny is good also.I use the pound coin and its class,you can actually put across it.I have some old pennys on the way.
  23. I'm looking forward to it,should be good and might pick up a few tips myself
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