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  1. Its going to be a mixed batch dude,titleist,nike,callaway,pinnacle.I threw in a few dt roll and dt carry,i have never played these so let me know what they are like.I will send them next week.Should be 50 to a 100.Enjoy,you wash them though i am too lazy
  2. Thats what i am working on at the moment,i am swinging slower and creating more lag,i am trying to keep my left wrist straight at impact while sending my hands towards my target.My ball flight just cuts through the air and the power i have created is class,besides from that regular 8 iron 150 yard shot that just goes up and comes down with out any zing to it.I can see my handicap dropping a lot in the next month with this change.Actually my swing is more smooth than slower,with the lag at impact i bet my swing speed would read higher even though i feel like i am swinging slower,hard to explai
  3. Now and again my buddy and i go looking on this golf course for balls,every month and a half to be precise.We only play the prov-1 or the good callaway. I keep the nxt,extreme and tour,the rest we hit away into the water e.t.c on courses that don't have ranges,p.m me your address and i will send you the d.t.s solo's e.t.c as i feel guilty sometimes hitting away perfect balls.
  4. Thanks very much,i appericate it.
  5. I am looking for a f2 46 degree wedge,i know they are out there as the f2 irons come with it,i love these wedge's, i can see the leading edge and i hit them so good. If anybody knows anyone with one or has one for sale i will gladly buy it,i looked online and can't find them anywhere. Thanks chaps.
  6. I think Sergio Garcia is going to win.
  7. Great stuff,he will be a strong player fairly soon,each win will build his confidence.
  8. Without a doubt there is way to many polls.
  9. Don't play the ball too far forward and loose moving your body back with the club,(no body sway)Try practising in the back yard with somebody holding your head stationary in the back swing,like not moving it back towards your right heel,if you body sway you are going to hit fat shots with anything.
  10. Pretend there is something in front of your ball a foot and a half out and too the right.As your swinging down send your hands towards that target and not too be to quick to pull your arms around your body.
  11. A slow backswing is perfect,i find myself sometimes out of sync and its usually related to whipping the club back to quick.Everytime i stand over a ball now i say to myself "you have plenty of club to get there" and it helps me to swing smooth besides trying force it there.
  12. If its deep rough i will take an iron or just regular rough i definitely will take a hybrid.
  13. On a par 5 in windy condition's wind is blowing towards me i will hit my 19* hybrid instead of my 3 Wood i can play the hybrid shot much lower than the 3 wood.
  14. I tell you what dude,i got top flites,pinnacles and maxi flie's that i will gladly swap out two to one for your high spin balls,honestly no problem
  15. Class reply dude but anyway i live in pacifica California and i play golf all year round,plenty of courses in a 30 mile radius.
  16. Just say "yeah it was,but its a pity it was'nt on the fairway". Remember they probably don't get to see a low handicap golfer play that often and 9 out of ten of your shots are probably good so when they see you hit a bad one its probably still looks half decent to them,plus there probably trying to make you feel good.
  17. I drink mickeys,fine malt liquor,its made in Milwaukee only started drinking it in the last 6 months,i have all my buddies converted to it,great beer but you can't get it in the bars,so if we go out we drink corona or miller which is weak piss.I think mickeys should send me some money for promoting there beer
  18. I am also looking for the same,i was thinking about callaway pro x 20 tours or the taylor made tp's.
  19. I use an irish pound coin,its big but very skinny.
  20. bruce

    From 9 to 5

    Understanding the golf swing and how it works properly,and mastering the short game.
  21. I'm with you on this one,i have to play a different course every week.I also am from pacifica and i don't find sharp park special at all,the greens are a mess and brutal slow and the fairways its nearly like playing out of the rough if you can find your ball with all the daisys on them.No offence meant dude,i'm just saying what i think of it,it has a great layout though and its a pity its in bad shape.I am actually playing there tomorrow evening but i won't be doing any putting there.
  22. If it was only the one time it should'nt matter,but two or three times i would be pissed.
  23. bruce

    SPF Golf Hats

    I've got two of those,class hat,great quality.
  24. bruce

    Buick Open

    I'm the opposite,i don't take sides,most of the players i like and it kills me to see any player getting a bogey on the 17th or 18th on the sunday putting them out of contention,i felt sorry for Bubba today,a great second shot and missed the putt,i also was hoping he would make it,so i guess i'm usually neutral in the tournaments.
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